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What will I receive?

You will receive an equal share of everything that is harvested over your 12-month subscription. Obviously, because we grow everything ourselves, the type and quantity of produce will vary during the seasons. You won't find tomatoes in December or parsnips in August!

There are 2 types of subscription:

• standard: which provides enough produce for a family of four,

• small: which provides enough produce for two people sharing the same kitchen.

The small and standard boxes receive the same produce, but in different quantities. Over the course of a year, small boxes receive half as much as standard boxes.There may not be enough of one particular veg to go in all the boxes in one week, so we may only put it in small boxes one week, then standard boxes the following week; or we may only put it in boxes at the Forres pickup point one week, then only in the Findhorn pickup point the following week. We do keep very detailed records of what goes in to the boxes each week so we can ensure that over the course of a year everything is shared out evenly. 

Example 1: Standard Box, summer (July)

500g calabrese/broccoli
1 cauliflower
2 kg potatoes
750g raspberries
500g blackcurrants
200g beetroot
750g broad beans
1 kg carrots
300g courgettes
1 cucumber
1 lettuce
400g peas/mange tout
100g rocket
1 turnip

Example 2: Standard Box, autumn (October)

100g herbs
500g oriental greens
500g beetroot
300g broad beans
1.5 kg carrots
400g kale
1.35 kg leeks
3.5 kg potatoes 

Example 3: Standard Box, winter (January)

1 green cabbage
2kg carrots
400g kale
1 kg Jerusalem artichokes
3kg potatoes
250g oriental greens 

Example 4: Standard Box, spring (“hungry gap” box) (May)

1 pak choi
100g rocket
1 green cabbage
400g kale
750g Jerusalem artichokes 

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