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Lovely Lively
This is Lovely Lively Sindy from the early 1970's wearing her original funky flared jumpsuit.  Her original hair was in poor condition and so I rerooted her with saran doll hair.

Pinny Party
This is a Trendy Girl Sindy from 1971 wearing an outfit called Pinny Party.  She also has been rerooted.

Trendy Girl wearing wrapover dress and repro hairband.
Another Trendy Girl Sindy, also rerooted, wearing Wrapover dress.

Rerooted Funtime wearing Springtime
This Trendy Girl is also rerooted and wears a dress called Springtime.

Gauntlet Lovely Lively wearing Bib Skirt
Rerooted Lovely Lively wearing Bib Skirt.
Many of the dolls that have survived from this era were given haircuts by the previous owners or their hair which was very fragile went frizzy and dry which is why they have been restored by rerooting the heads with new hair.


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