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Chairman’s Annual Report 2021 – 2022

We have had another very challenging year coming through Covid, hopefully things are beginning to improve now going forwards. However, due to lots of people still working from home particularly at Newcastle City Council we are still experiencing difficulties obtaining information and getting things done.

At the moment we still have a number of vacancies for new Parish Councillors and if anyone is interested in joining please contact the Parish Clerk.

Discontinuation of 42 Bus Service

We were very disappointed to learn of Nexus’ decision to discontinue the 42 bus service through the village. We were not able to influence their decision as the consultation was done confidentially and we did not find out any sooner than the rest of the village. The reason given was that the service was very underused and a government grant subsidising the route was withdrawn. We will of course take steps to argue the case for the route to be made available again, however it will probably not be for at least another 6 months until their next review. It would help the case if people complained to Nexus on an individual basis, by writing to Nexus at Nexus House, St James' Boulevard, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4AX

or via email: customerrelations@nexus.org.uk

Neighbourhood Plan

During the year we finalised our Draft Neighbourhood Plan and Newcastle City Council completed the appropriate health-checking of the document, along with their own screening assessment. This has allowed us to embark on an 8 week formal public consultation to invite comments and feedback upon it from local residents, statutory bodies and other stakeholders in the community, which will end on Friday 10th June 2022.

All feedback will be considered by the Parish Council’s Steering Group and used to produce a ‘Submission’ version of the Neighbourhood Plan. Once this is completed, it will be subject to a final round of consultation led this time by Newcastle City Council, followed by an independent Examination to ensure the Plan meets Statutory requirements.

The final step of the Neighbourhood Plan process is for the Plan to proceed to a referendum open to all residents of Dinnington Parish. If this results in a majority support for the Plan, it will then be adopted and be used by Newcastle City Council as a statutory document in the determination of planning applications in the Parish.

Xmas lights Competition

The Xmas lights competition was quite tough to judge, because there were a large number of very good displays. The eventual winners were 47 Horton Crescent, 2nd place 11 Bracken Close, with 12 Poplar Avenue and 30 Cochrane Terrace the runners up.

New Allotments

We are working with Newcastle City Council who are progressing with S106 money provided from the new housing developments, with the Design, obtaining planning permission and eventually construction of new allotments in the field adjacent to the existing allotments. Potentially there will be 19 new allotments, a car park, a new fence and central water point. They will be managed by the existing Allotments Committee. Soil testing has been carried out and results have been returned and there are no problems. A Topographical survey has been completed and the Ecology survey will be carried out in June. If all goes well they should be available early 2023.

Persimmon Homes (Augusta Park)

They have now sold 153 dwellings, 18 plots are currently reserved and 3 are currently released for sale. They are continuing to progress further plots eventually totalling 206.


Village Projects


Recreation Ground Improvements

We are continuing to work with Newcastle City Council to get the park updated and generally improved. NCC have confirmed they intend to replace the play equipment and have set up a design team to take the project forward. They are going to go away over the next few weeks and look at a few other local parks and then come up with 3 initial designs. They will then consult with the community for feedback, before coming up with a final design, which will then be signed off by NCC.

They have also agreed to fill in the potholes in the main track through the park and erect more dog fouling signs. We have purchased an additional litter bin to be placed near the Sheraton Park entrance with a dog fouling notice adjacent. We are going to extend the path from the school gate to Sycamore Ave entrance and will purchase another litter bin, complete with dog fouling notice adjacent at this entrance, when this is complete.

New Tree Planting in the Village

We have been liaising with Newcastle City Council over a number of dead or missing trees in various locations around the village which needed replacing. During the year we purchased 9 new trees for the village. 5 were planted as replacements for dead trees along Mitford Way, 1 on Main Road and 3 in a new location on the left as you enter the village from the south. We intend to purchase more in the autumn as further replacements for gaps left by dead trees in various locations throughout the village.

New Public Seats in the Village

During the year we have installed 3 seats, one near Quarry Cottage on Front Street, the other adjacent the bus stop coming into the village from Kingston Park direction and one at the south west corner of the T junction between Main Road and Front Street. We have ordered a further seat to replace the one destroyed by a car at the Brunswick corner turnoff, which we hope will be installed shortly.

Driver Feedback Signs on Prestwick Road

The Parish Council sign has been up and running now since before Xmas. We have been in discussion with Newcastle City Council and they are installing 2 additional Driver feedback signs in the next few months on Front Street near the east end of Rede Place. One facing west and the other east towards the village centre.

Additional Projects we are pursuing. Additional tree replacements, a new village map beside the Post Office to replace the out of date existing one, additional litterbins and possible additional grass cuts, if the need arises.

We would welcome other suggestions from the community, remembering that the S106 and Cil money can only be spent on infrastructure improvements.

Adopt-a-Planter and Northumbria in Bloom 2022

Although the competition has not progressed again this year due to covid it would be remiss of us not to thank our team of hard working volunteers for continuing to keep our planters and main flower bed displays well maintained and looking attractive and lifting the appearance of the village.

Summer Front Garden Competition – we are once again going to hold a best front garden competition this year. This will be judged by a walk around the village during week commencing 18 July and a prize of £100 will be awarded to the winner, £50 for second place and £25 for third place.


From our monthly discussions with the police we know that Dinnington continues to have very low reported incidents of crime or anti-social behaviour. However, can we encourage residents to report any concerns they have to the police. This is the only way they are aware of problems and will increase their presence to counteract it.

Doctors Surgery

Now that we are beginning to come out of covid the Doctors have resumed their plans to construct a new surgery in the village. They are currently producing a Project Initiation Document (PID) to secure the funding. The plan is to construct the new Doctors surgery immediately behind the current building and when complete decant from the current building into the new and then demolish the old building, level the area and construct a car park and entrance at the front. The programme is to obtain planning permission in the next couple of months and hopefully complete the works by the end of 2023.


Raymond Thompson,


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