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De CORE TT - Carnival 2015

(De CORE TT - WINNER 3RD place – Medium Band 2014)

Condolences to the family of our  2014 DJ Conquering Lion of New York, Preto, who passed recently and The family of Ovita who passed after a period of illness.
“Symbolic imagery of East Africa”

ICONOLGY addresses the regions of Ethiopia, Somalia, Kenya and Tanzania. The presentation will showcase iconic symbols of the people of these regions. Basically the major indigenous groups are the Oromos in Ethiopia, the Bantu who moved east from South Eastern Nigeria into Kenya and Tanzania and further south into South Africa, the Nilotic people (from the Nile) and Kushites. The Maasai originated from the Nilotic people a group of nomadic people who moved from the Nile Rift Valley south into Kenya and Tanzania. The Kushites who settled in the area prior to the arrival of the Nilotic people, eventually assimilated into the Maasai society. 

Ethiopia or Abyssinia is an ancient country and is often mentioned to in the holy Bible. Candace Makeda, the Queen of Sheba (Seba) had a son with King Solomon, King David II also known as Menelik I, who eventually took the Ark of the Covenant to Ethiopia. It is the only country in Africa that was not colonised by the Europeans, although the Italians invaded twice (1895-1896; 1935 - 1936), they were not successful in capturing the country. The history of the Ethopian people is very interesting and resonates throughout the Diaspora (Rastafari), especially in terms of religion, kingdoms and monarchy 

De CORE defines Carnival Arts as an experimental, interactive, creative, and educational process, which encompasses a wide range of artforms including design, construction, costume, couture, music, movement, theatre and dance. Ideas and Thoughts therefore is our approach to ‘Mas’ Edutainment’.
Mas Camp: 17 Altorf Street, Belmont, near St Margaret's Anglican Church below the post office.

Payment by Paypal is in US$ only (Inclusive of charges)

Food not included

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Method to register

Go to the library page, print and fill in the registration form then scan and return via the email address below: documents/2015/decore-registration-form.docx

De CORE Trinidad and Tobago


Email:  decorettbiz@gmail.com

17Altorf Street, Belmont, near St Margaret's Church, below the Post Office.

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 5pm to 8pm

Earl Thompson - Vice Chair
868 682 8599

Winston Julien - Band Leader
868 682 8298

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