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Triplet Apo 90mm


In the beginning... (of September 2010) I felt the need to consolidate my telescope collection somewhat. These feelings often come to me and usually result in a little bout of selling and buying. The aim was to sell two and buy one. To read the story of how this all took place and to find out if I was happy with the end result, please visit the review over on the Highlands Astronomical Society website.

More can be read about it on Stargazerslounge forum.

In the end... of 2011, I sold this telescope. I had acquired a early 80's 90mm Celestron f14.4 achro with Vixen optics (some of the very best) and also needed to recoup some money from recent spending, so something had to go. Great telescope, very versatile and a surprisingly good planetary performer. I'll miss it on my solar white light sessions... although, I wonder when using my Celestron C100ED whether I'll miss it that much...?


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