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Hi Antony, found your site via your excellent review of the TLAPO906, which caught my eye because I've got one myself. Other than the reviews on the TS site, yours is the only one I've found for this scope. Seems to be a rarity so a coincidence that two of them are here in the Highlands (I'm not too far away in Aberdeenshire). Also interested to see your review of the Skywatcher 120 ED, might ask Santa for that one next year! Enjoying your site, impressive reports and reviews - cheers Paul
Posted by Paul on 30 March 2011
Hi Paul,

That is a coincidence! Great 'scope, isn't it! Mine has had a lot of use - it's probably my most-used one now, though the ED120 is pretty close. If Santa can fit an Equinox 120 in his sack you'll be very happy Xmas morn!
Posted by Antony on 30 March 2011
pentax j60
do you still have the pentax? i just bought one from astromart and can't wait to get it on my old polaris mount.
Posted by dennis r. on 04 September 2009

No, I sold the Pentax J60 on a while ago. It was a lovely historical telescope and worked really well, but I just kept on taking my ED80 out instead really. For a 60mm achro it was a very nice 'scope, and oozed quality! I hope you enjoy yours!

Posted by Antony on 11 September 2009
maksutov flocking
Hello, saw your post on SGL but it was some time ago. Thought I'd reply here so as not revive an old thread and you may have already flocked it.

I've got a skymax90 and flocked the baffle tube (great improvement on contrast) and also the secondary baffle tube. First thing I do with a scope is point it at the daytime sky and look for internal reflections. Anyway, if you havn't done it yet let me know, I might have some tips. The 127 should be easier. The 90 was a bit fiddly, but ok.

Alex (alexog on SGL)
Posted by alex ogilvie on 23 April 2009
Hi Alex,

Thanks for updating me on this. I'd given up on the idea, thinking perhaps that the effort to gain ratio would be too high. I'm quite happy with the views at the moment but I'll have a more critical look when it starts to get dark again, on some bright targets and see if there is excessive flaring, ghosting or reflections.

Thanks again!
Posted by Antony on 12 June 2009
Cromarty Vortex
Great job Antony, perhaps the vortex also extends to The Muir!
Posted by Ian D on 16 April 2009
Thanks Ian. Yes, it might well extend that far! Here's hoping...
Posted by Antony on 12 June 2009
Vixen GP Mount

Cromarty is a beautiful spot- had my summer holiday there last year.

I have a Vixen GP mount, do you think I would get away with putting an 8" Newtonian on it or would it be overloaded?


Posted by Alan Telford on 10 April 2009
Hi Alan,

Yes, Cromarty is a uniquely beautiful spot. Nowhere else like it. Yes, I think the GP would handle the 8" tube ok. I'd consider adding a wood tripod to reduce vibrations, and make sure the tube is balanced. I would think it might be at the limit but I'm sure with care and some attention to detail it would work out ok.

Good luck!
Posted by Antony on 12 June 2009
Posted on 21 August 2008
Site plus Giro mount
Posted on 19 August 2008
Posted on 18 June 2008
Vortex Theory
Posted on 26 May 2008

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