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Lots of books by our visiting authors now available in the service point library. A selection to suit all tastes with some extremely thin volumes and many a weighty tome.
Please comment on any of the authors' work and get the conversation at the edge going.
Posted by Donald MacNeill on 12 March 2012
thanks Diane, that's a great haul of books you've managed to get - am already on the 5th (including a short story adn 2 books of verse) I've borrowed since last week and enjoying it!
Posted by Angela on 15 March 2012
Yes, thanks Diane. I'm halfway through 'The Gathering Night' by Margaret Elphinstone and I would definitely recommend it. Very easy to get into.
Posted by morna piper on 19 March 2012
Not read that one yet, but I enjoyed her 'Voyageurs' - very well written, an intriguing and often quite moving story, couldn't put it down. Scholarship lightly worn, and what seemed to be perceptive, sensitive insights into people of very various backgrounds - early 19th century Quaker communities, North American fur trappers and traders, the local military and business people, etc and the Indians too, wooed, used and betrayed by and betraying the complex politics of the area ... and none of those groups seemed to be over idealised or stereotyped. Most principal characters were complex and believable. Also fascinating descriptions of the natural wealth and beauty, and the hardships, of the Great Lakes area before it was settled everywhere by Europeans. Really good read.
Posted by Angela on 24 March 2012
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