knitted lace shawl


Lace Shawl

knitted using Rowan Kid Silk Haze

My Needlework and Lace


I have always done 'Stitchery' since I was about 6 years old.I love to Sew, Knit, Crochet,Tat and make Lace, both Needle Laceand Bobbin Lace. Crocheted , tatted and knitted lace are made now and then.I have designed a few pieces myself over the years and hope to put some here to share.

These include crochet mittens,  Needle Lace and Bobbin Lace  Patterns.I am getting back into it  all again and have just completed two new designs.In the meantime click onto My Rusytx~MyDesigns Icon on the left and visit there and see some of my pieces and find a few patterns.

Water Lily

Bobbin Lace & Quilting


 My Graphics

I used to make graphics available for anyone to use and many of these are still available on some websites on the internet.

Here you will find some of my PhotoArt Graphics and other stuff (Creations) turned into Web Graphics  - "Tags & Siggies" for use on the internet in Groups, Forums & Blogs etc. You can also add them to your e-mails!
A  good proportion of my work is from, or includes my own photography, My Photo Art.  What started as making pieces for myself and friends quickly grew into a new hobby. I used various software programs my favourites being PSP7, Daz3D and Serif DrawPlus.

  I liked to use ClipArt or draw using the mouse with the PC. I made the items for many years and enjoyed doing so.

If you see something you like just Right Click and Save to your PC or Laptop.

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