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Thanks to all who have contributed to this page, which is no longer accepting further tributes.


Brian Sharp
I have only just heard the sad news of our dear Brian's passing. I am so sad as he really was the Maestro of the organ world.

I used to go every Easter to Lewisham to hear him play every Easter and the evenings were wonderful. I later moved to Dorset and had the pleasure of going to see him every Sunday night as it was not far from where I live now. My friend and I got to know him very well.
My favourite organist of all times and loved his Conquest of Paradise and Sweet Georgia Brown. My condolences to his family. He was very much loved, by all in the organ world.
Bless you, Brian for all the pleasure you gave to so many people over so many years RIP. xx
Posted by Maureen Hemming on 14 August 2018
I was saddened to see Brian had died when I was watching him on YouTube. I met the great man around 1979/80 when he came to Middlesbrough to promote the magnificent Riha Orchestra organ. I had my photo taken with him and got his autograph. I was so inspired that I bought the organ for my 21st birthday.As they say,his music will live on.
Posted by Arthur plews on 21 December 2017
brian sharp
he was the best,i seen and met brian at sandford park on the christie organ(i was lucky enough to have a tour around the back of the organ and to have my photo taken with him,which i will treasure forever.)A real legend whom ill never forget as he gave me so much inspiration to play the organ.
Posted by andrew matthews on 07 August 2017
sad news
so sad to here that Brian sharp has passed away a very clever man who entertained many and will be sadly missed I remember him as a little girl when I watched him at sandford park for many years such sad news

so sad only just found out that Brian has passed away in Robert him when I was only a little girl at sandford park playing his organ he was a lovely man will need sadly missed
Posted by Lucy on 29 June 2017
Brian Sharp
I am sad that He is gone! Great memories of working together in Japan! First time that I ever Heard the theme from the Adagio of Concerto of Aranjuez was Bryan on a live concert in Japan. Since all I knew of electronic organs was Conn and a Hammond X-66, I can say very firmly that He show me first the art of playing orchestral organ by using those beautiful Strings on the Kawai T-30 !!! As I had so many concerts in Japan with the T-30 and Dx-900...I often think of him...I hope to see you again Bryan...
Posted by Hector Olivera on 27 April 2017
Brian Sharp
I remember Brian in the early sixties playing for dancing on the bandstand in Southport's Lord Street. A Riegg organ was the one he performed on if my memory serves. Many evenings of enjoyment were provided. A very sad loss.
Posted by Ian Smith on 15 March 2017
So Sad
I've just read this sad news that Brian passed away last year. My condolences to family and friends.
I first heard Brian at the Foxlydiate in Redditch Worcs on a Technics G 7. From the moment he opened with Opus 1 it was clear he was a special talent.
A highlight for me was when my Dad lent Brian a Yamaha FS70 to play.
We have many happy memories of Brian as a friend and musician.
Posted by Steve Hassell on 16 January 2017
A good friend over the years. Did many shows with him in the sixties. A player of genius,sad to have lost him but proud to have known him as a fellow Black Country man.
Posted by trevorbolshaw on 08 October 2016
Brian Sharp - Mr Music!
I was very saddened to learn of the passing of, in my opinion, this country's greatest organist Brian Sharp.
I was very fortunate to meet Brian in the early 60s and as a cabaret singer spent many years working at La Reserve, Sutton Coldfield with brilliant backing from the genius musician.
My work with Brian at La Reserve led to hundreds of weekend club appearances with him. He was a singers dream. You just couldn't fail to succeed when B# was backing you.
Very happy memories and R.I.P. my dear friend.
Loving thoughts and condolences to Stella and the family.

Steve Adams x

Posted by Steve Adams on 05 August 2016
Brian Sharp
WE had the pleasure of knowing Brian when we had our holidays at Sandford Park. We were very upset after the park changed hands and the organ was removed, we know how upset Brian was and we stopped going there as there was nothing to keep us there. I have two of Brian,s Sandford videos, a cd and several cassettes, all of which are now on my computer. Sleep well Brian
Posted by Colin Haslett on 04 June 2016
Brian Sharp - a great musician
I've only just heard of Brian's passing. I would just like to say he was a great inspiration to me when I was a child, I met him only on a few occasions. I was also privileged to have a good tutor like Brian a musical master by the name of Phil Pharrell who gave organ tuition in Aldridge organ studios. Part of my childhood was Brian and a great musician.
Posted by Ian Simpson on 04 May 2016
In loving memory of the master, thank you Brian
Dear Brian, Thank you so much for years of demoralising inspiration! It wasn’t so much that you astonished with technique, although you did. It was that your technique didn’t exist before. The exquisite phrasing, the use of registration, and on electronic instruments the application of features that nobody else had imagined, including the manufacturers.

You embraced such a wide range of music, but you had such a masterful understanding of the classics. For me, that set you apart from the pack. You transcribed orchestral pieces sensitively, because you understood how an orchestra works, and you had an empathy with musicians. You understood what moves an audience to tears, and of course not to forget Gladys the soprano, you understood what amuses too.

I listened, I practiced, and if I ever had the audacity to imagine I was getting close, I would hear you play and realise how far off a dream that was.

Personally, you treated me as a friend, from my early teens watching you play at the Connaught Rooms Trade fairs (I’m sure most players thought ‘Oh no…. Alec’s boy is here AGAIN…’ If you did, you never showed that). And later on sharing a stage with you many times, you were always encouraging and generous.

I hope you’re playing some duets now with my Dad, and second Glyn's wish that there's a bar, ready to serve a cup of Tea-chers. With love, respect and gratitude always, Phil Leader
Posted by Phil Leader on 08 April 2016
A privilege to have known Brian
We have known Brian and loved his wonderful music for over 30 years. During that time we became closely involved with him both when he performed for our local organ society and at festivals at Morecambe, Blackpool, Sandford Park, Skegness, Caister and others.
He was always a pleasure to work with, a real gentleman and a true professional.

We feel honoured and privileged to have known Brian and to have been personally involved with him.

Thank you for the music Brian.
Posted by Darrell and Jean Lomas on 22 March 2016
Sad News Just Discovered
I have only just seen the sad news of Brians death, i will always remember him for the excellent concerts and festivals at Sandford Park and he was an inspiration to so many, myself included.
His rendition of the Vienna March will always be one of his favourite pieces to me. He will be sadly missed and probably never equalled.
Posted by John Drake on 04 March 2016
In memory of Brian
Since 1972 You have given us so much enjoyment with you wonderful talent and unique sound and remembered with affection. So, thank you for the music Brian ..... Great memories to last us a lifetime
Posted by Pat & Peter Rice, Orpington Organ Club on 23 February 2016
My tribute to Brian
I would like to join my organist colleagues in paying tribute to Brian. He was a true musician who raised the bar taking the electronic organ to new dimensions that often left us mere mortals looking on in awe.He will be sadly missed by his many friends and fans.
Posted by Keith Beckingham on 14 February 2016
Dear Brian...
Dear Brian, thank you for your music. Thank you for the hours of pleasure it gave me, as I was growing up, to check out the local record shops each week to see if there was a new album - and, when there was, for the excitement of playing it for the first time. Thank you for the frustration (and inspiration) I happily endured as I tried to copy the pieces you'd recorded.

Thank you for all the concerts I was able to attend as a teenager. These were always something of an adventure because you could be relied on to play something new and inspiring, do something controversial and produce something with the inevitable 'wow' factor.

Later, as I entered my 20s and began to play alongside you, you were always so generous - both with your time and your encouragement... Thanks. To players of my generation you were a musical star and you'll never know how nervous I was.

Thanks for all the memories from my life that have a 'Brian Sharp soundtrack' running through them. There are far too many to count.

Basically Brian, thanks for all of it! This old world is a bit duller without you... but, I hope that wherever you are now they've got a really well stocked bar.
Posted by Glyn Madden on 09 February 2016
I am sad to hear that Brian Sharp has died.  He was a paradigm of excellence for so many of us. I prefer to remember him not just as an inventive and creative organist but rather more as a wonderful all round musician. His assured technique was founded on being a fine pianist.
I shared the bill with Brian for ten years at Sandford Park. His musicianship and influence are indelibly etched in my musical memories.  He shared my delight in caricature and making impressions of people - holiday makers, organ enthusiasts and Sandford Park management  - no one was exempt.
Finally, I will remember his masterful orchestrations when we performed full concertos together. I was the piano soloist and Brian provided a magnificent surrogate symphony orchestra with his hands and feet.
Farewell Brian. B #!
Posted by Paul Roberts on 08 February 2016
My memory of Brian Sharp
There is no doubt about it that Brian Sharp inspired many organists and keyboard players for many years, even before instruments became digitally orchestral, Brian was way ahead of many with his innovative ideas by adding synthesisers and various keyboards in addition to whatever instrument he was playing at the time.

Upon hearing Brian for the first time way back in 1975, demonstrating a Gulbransen Theatrum with a 710 Leslie speaker, I was simply astounded with what I heard. Following that first awe inspiring concert, I saw him numerous times with the addition of an ARP pro soloist that he employed for many years in succession. Like many other players he certainly was an inspiration to me, and I was privileged to share the same stage with him in quite a few organ festivals and shows some years later.

With a vast amount of LP records (vinyls) cassettes and CD's that Brian has recorded over the years, we will never forget the pleasure that he has given to us all, not only with his music on the aforementioned recordings but his wit and humour for those of us who were so fortunate to see him in concert live.

Rest in peace Brian, your music will live forever.
Posted by Ian Griffin on 05 February 2016
My old mate
Brian was a truly gifted musician. We often did concerts together ending in a jam session which lasted nearly ten minutes, he knew where we were both going with the harmonies etc and again a masterpiece was created. Brian was a maestro who lived for his music and I'm privileged to have know him for 40 years . His music will live on. My thoughts and prayers go to Stella and family at this sad time.
Posted by Jean Martyn on 02 February 2016
Brian Sharp
It was with great sadness I learned of the passing of a true great in the music world. I only knew Brian for about 5/6 years but got to love and appreciate his talent for music and his sense of humour. I know you will be missed by many and that your recordings will continue to be an inspiration to many young players for many years to come.
Posted by Andy Oakley on 01 February 2016
Memories of Brian Sharp
When Brian was a child he was asked what he wanted to be when he grew up and he replied "I want to be an orchestra". His wish was certainly granted in 1983 when he and I shared a 3 and a half hour concert on the stage at the Fairfield Hall, Croydon, the highlight of which was a performance of the first movement of Greig's piano concerto. I was the solo pianist and Brian was..... the orchestra ! The compère, incidentally was Pete Murray.

Oh one other thing .... as a teenager during the war Brian (like me) used to play piano in one of the big bands in Wolverhampton, which partly explains his use of the brass and sax instrumentation in his playing. It wasn't just the sound .... Brian noted the phrasing etc. of each section. That's why he became the ultimate "orchestral" organist that he was.
Posted by Harold Rich on 01 February 2016
Dear Harold
Thank you so much for your lovely tribute to my dad. He would be so proud to hear you say these words as he truly thought you to be the most talented pianist ever. He held you in such high regard.
I hope you are keeping well - love to you and all your family
Posted by gaynor sharp on 09 October 2016
Brian Sharp
We first met Brian at a performance at Kingswinford & District Organ Society back in 1979, he was always one of the favourites at Kingswinford, having performed there well over twenty times, always to a capacity crowd. Being a 'local lad' his Black Country humour was always well accepted and his musical expertise was second to none.
We had the opportunity to work with him on numerous occasions since including many festivals with the AOE at Sandford Park, Morecambe and other venues, and in more recent times at the 'Brian Sharp Musical Breaks' at Bewdley which we co-presented with him. In fact Brian's last public performance was at Bewdley on Wednesday 1st October 2014, where he demonstrated that he was still the greatest and received a rapturous standing ovation.
Brian's playing was a marvellous inspiration to all the organists that followed him and he was always willing to offer help and guidance.
It was always a pleasure to work with him and we became true friends over the years, we shall never forget you Brian.
Posted by George, Diane & David Ingley on 01 February 2016
Brian Sharp
I think everyone has said it all really about the Maestro. I have many fond memories of Brian going back to when I was starting out as a child. He was a true inspiration to myself and so many other players. He had his own style which was copied by many but never perfected. His arrangements and technical ability to enhance his performance will never be matched. Personally, I enjoyed the times we spent together both on stage and off. So, I say farewell to a top gentleman. Never shall you be forgotten.
Posted by Andrew Nix on 31 January 2016
Brian Sharp
I was saddened to hear of Brian's passing last week. I had the great pleasure of working with Brian many times during the period when we were both playing for Kawai organs. To me, he was the undisputed master of the orchestral electronic organ and he had a great influence on the way I approached the instrument. I think his music always will have some effect on what I do when playing in that style.

Like many of my colleagues, I could tell a lot of tales about working with Brian, like the evening when he wound the ‘wick’ up too high on his final number and destroyed the bass speaker cones in the Leslie cabinets, or the evening when he remembered, halfway through his ‘headline’ spot in the show, that he had to be at Pebble Mill for the BBC first thing the next day, sheepishly apologised to the audience for having to leave to catch a train back to Birmingham, said that ‘Andrew will finish the show for me!’ and promptly left in a cab for Euston Station! Or maybe that first time when we had an organ and piano on stage, and he threw the handwritten dots to some of his arrangements to me and said ‘Let’s do these!’ I got the organ parts while he played the piano solos – these then became regular parts of the shows we did together. They were often impromptu, without music, but great fun to do.

RIP Brian, your company, your friendship, your sense of humour and more will be sadly missed by me, but your legacy of wonderful music will live forever.
Posted by Andrew Gilbert on 31 January 2016
Brian Sharp
I was extremely saddened to hear of Brian's passing. The organ world has lost one of its finest musicians. My very first cameo appearance at a Lancastrian Theatre Organ Trust concert at the Gaumont, Manchester in the early 1970's was prior to the appearance of Brian and Hubert Selby. I admired Brian's total musicianship from that day forward and, of course, we met on so many occasions over the years, either at shared concerts or at recording sessions for The Organist Entertains. One unscheduled meeting took place when we were both returning from our own separate concerts one Sunday evening and my car ended up behind his in an M6 traffic jam. Brian was somewhat taken aback when I appeared at his window and we had quite a long chat standing on the carriageway waiting for the traffic to move!
For me, the outstanding characteristics of Brian's playing were his superb ability as a musical arranger, an enviable playing technique and his total reliability in terms of melodic and harmonic accuracy - all essential ingredients which have inspired so many aspiring keyboard musicians.
My sincere condolences to Brian's family.
Posted by Nigel Ogden on 30 January 2016
Brian Sharp
I first met Brian Sharp in the summer of 1970 at what was called The British Musical Instrument Trade Fair which back then was held in various hotels in the Bloomsbury area of London. It was in the Hotel Russell I heard some great organ music playing as we walked through the hotel corridors towards the Gulbransen organ exhibition room where Brian was demonstrating. Brian had a different approach to most players with his incredible arrangements and even back in the day when the orchestral sounds on electronic organs hadn't been fully developed he was still able to create the most breathtaking sound. I remember the people I was with on that day all those years ago asked me to play a number or two on a Gulbransen Paragon organ that was being exhibited...while I was playing Brian came over and when I had finished he was so enthusiastic about my playing and as I was just a young 16 years old player this meant so much to me and it was something I have remembered to this day. Indeed that first meeting with Brian was to lead to a long friendship.
I think we were all aware of his fantastic musical abilities and mindblowing arrangements and the inspiration he gave to so many young players in the organ and keyboard world but what made Brian so very special to me was how great a guy he was and to have the ability to be able to have a laugh and really talk to him.
Brian would ring me at home and would be so excited about a sound or an idea he had and often play the sound he was working on over the phone such was his enthusiasm for me to hear it. A call might often last well over an hour while we tried to work out a sound and he would often ask how to add a particular sound to the Orla organ he was playing. I recall one phone call when he rang me while I was on a day out in London and walking around near the London Eye. To hear Brian talking on the phone about an idea he had was always full of interest and I remember walking a vast distance in that area while we spoke about his new idea of a sound.
I will miss Brian as one of the most accomplished organ and keyboard players but will also miss him as a friend, a good friend. Thanks Brian for your music which was luckily recorded on many albums but also for your friendship.
Posted by Mike Hall on 30 January 2016
Brian Sharp
I was deeply saddened to hear of Brian's recent passing. Such a huge musical inspiration to so many - myself included.
He was the absolute master of orchestral, keyboard arrangements and in particular his recordings on the Sanford Park Christie - combined with the Yamaha HS8 - were out of this world! And how about those cassettes recorded on the Riha Orchestra - incredible!
You will not be forgotten Brian, your magnificent legacy of amazing recordings will see to that.
You can always gauge how wonderful a person was when their piers have nothing but praise to lavish upon them. You'll not hear anything but praise heaped upon Brian by all the leading players out there. He was a shining musical light that shone brighter than anyone else! R.I.P. Brian.....

Posted by Nicholas Martin B.E.M. on 29 January 2016
Sad to hear the passing of two of the finest players. In the 1960`s I had a record of Alan called `Live at Annie`s Room`

He was playing a Lowrey Heritage plus a Leslie 147 with Tony Crombie on Drums. This really started me on the road to playing electronic organ. Brian was resident for 10 years at a night club in Sutton Coldfield called `La Reserve`
While I was in Bermuda working for Geraldo I heard that Brian was leaving to do Demo`s, as my contract was coming to an end I made enquiries and secured the residency as Musical Director for the next 12 years and then recorded for Grosvenor Records.
I recall in the early days of organ festivals a meeting was held with many players on the stage. Somebody asked for
Sweet Georgia Brown so Brian and I played an instant duet with no rehearsal. That was fine however I played it in the key of Ab starting chord F7 and Brian played it in G starting chord E7. Too late for any changes so continued to the end. It must have sounded like a Schoenberg composition.
Posted by Brian Hazelby on 30 January 2016
Brian Sharp - Magic at his finger tips
Brian Sharp made many appearances at the electronic organ festivals I produced for Pontin's and Martyn Leisure Holidays between 1980 and 2010 - always topping the bill with his exclusive style of playing.

In 2004 I was proud to present Brian with a lifetime achievement award at the Lyme Bay Holiday Village, which was richly deserved.

Before the days of organ festivals, I was privileged when he came to the studios of Swansea Sound Radio to play on my keyboard programme - it was the start of a long friendship.

Most of all, Brian deserves to be remembered for the way he inspired many young players, many now star players following in his footsteps.

Although Brian is no longer with us, his music will live on with the many albums he recorded.

I extend my sympathy to his family and all those close to him.

Posted by Cled Griffin on 25 January 2016
I met Brian and Stella at Barton Hall where Cled Griffin was the producer.
Over the years Brian and I worked together dozen of times at the Sand Bay Music For All with Tenor Allun Davies .
I played organ and Brian on piano.
Brian had a unique piano style and always a pleasure to work with him.
As we know it was all his own work with brilliant arrangements.
He was an inspiration to a lot of players .
He will be sadly missed. I always say Brian Sharp was the first of the great orchestral players.
It was a honour and pleasure to know and work with Brian Sharp.
Ian Griffin and I are going to put a memorial show on for the local Hospice - Stella Sharp have asked for this.
Posted by Byron Jones on 29 January 2016
I would just like to add to all those wonderful tributes to Brian my own thoughts to this great musician. Yes a master in the field of orchestration and made the world of electronic organ standards way above everyone else. He lived a very full life as we all know and it finally caught up with him. I worked with him many many times and it was always a riot as he was not only a musician but a personality as well. He was the first to play the Eminent organ before I joined the company, and we shared concerts and demonstrations together. We shall miss his extraordinary contribution to the organ world, sadly missed but never forgotten.
Posted by John Mann on 06 February 2016
It was really sad for me to hear of the passing of my friend and colleague Brian Sharp. Over the years we worked on numerous organ events together,& I will always remember when he was playing the huge four manual Kawai T30.I had to follow him on this beast at Bromley theatre.He was so much in control and producing wonderful orchestral arrangements I was spellbound.A true original musician who inspired all of us in the organ world.God bless you Brian.
Posted by Howard Beaumont on 02 March 2016
A superb musician and such a joker too !

His arrangements and technical know how were just amazing . My first LP of Brian's was of him playing a Wersi Saturn .

Sleep well Brian and thanks for the inspiration
Posted by Alex Mcallister on 27 August 2016
What a terrible shock to read of Brian Sharp's passing. Our family regularly had our holidays at Sandford Park and I remember being absolutely spellbound when Brian, playing that superb white Christie organ, rose from the stage. On one occasion we were allowed to go down to the rear of the stage and watch "the workings" of that wonderful organ whilst Brian played. I had the good fortune to meet Brian at Sandford Park a few times and remember talking about my Conn 650 theatre organ. He had been genuinely interested to hear what I thought of the organ. We were very dissapointed on our last visit to Sandford Park, to find out that Brian was no longer there and the Christie had been removed. I complained to the management and was told that "times change as do the customers".Rest in peace Brian. Our family thankyou for all the fabulous shows you gave us at Sandford.
You will not be forgotten.
Posted by Eddie Strong on 17 September 2016
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