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Didn't Say A Word.....Ivonne Baker. One of the all time great northern soul tracks.

This is the bit I like, talking about my past, your past, the music, the old places you use to go to....this is all part of Brums social history.

Tell me your experiences, what music you like ?

Open The Door To Your Heart......''Darrell Banks. Another gem.

I almost forgot about all that old bluesey stuff around in the 60s, my brother mentioned Smokestack Lightning by John Lee Hooker. Great old track, never really got in to it myself, but that's part of his history.

Runnin' Back & Forth......Edwin Starr. Classic.

When I was on facebook [For 2 months only] an old mate of mine reminded me of us going to see the Average White Band way back in the 70s. I absolutely loved the AWB, infact I think I seen them live about five times in total. The first couple of times I watched them they were just doing pub gigs, how things changed.

Some of the bands Fewtrell booked at his clubs...Junior walker..what a killer of a night. Chairmen Of The Board...we raced around all his clubs that night & watched them three times. Most of the local bands were good as well.

A few people have asked me about the Judge lately. Well I haven't spoke to him for ages, but last thing I heard was that he was in Spain with a laptop full of music & a microphone [ keeping the faith alive ]. Alan King a true crazy legend of a DJ. Dave Keen still going strong, in his 60s, giging on a Saturday night at the Brasshouse in Broad Street [ I believe he's been at the Brass for 20 something years ] proper soul, R&B,oldie night as well. I've also spoken to Barry John a few times & he's still quite busy doing both DJ  & kareoke gigs. Myself, Mr 15 Minutes, still appearing live in the man cave most Friday & Saturday nights currently playing anything the mood takes [ even played Free & Pink Floyd last weekend ].

Sue from Coventry

Wow it was brilliant it really took me back, things i'd forgotten I have just remembered & briefly relived. We had such a great an exciting time, it was always go! go! go!. You were a great & crazy DJ & you can certainly play at my funeral!  Lots of love' Sue'.

 Jaqueline Hobson

Brilliant....what more can be said

Just been quized about bands around now. Need a good night out then google 'The Soul Survivors'. They do quite a few local Midland gigs & are possibly one of the premier live soul bands in the country.

And on the subject of music 'Mr Bang Bang Man'by Little Hank & 'Going To A Happening'  by Tommy Neal. Great Northern Classics. Currently big on my man cave play list is 'Last Tango In Paris' by Willie Mitchell...it has that late 60s early 70s definate film feel to it, cracking instrumental. Talking of instrumentals 'K Gee' by the Night-Liters. A 1972 gem of an almost forgotten track.


An funny story told to me about 10 years ago, by a mate of mine Tony, who one Saturday night was having a pint in the Polesworth Working Mans Club. The karaoke was in full swing & the DJ anounced some bloke on stage doing an Edwin Starr number. After 5 minutes of Stop  Her On Sight The DJ was having a rant about this bloke being a poor mans Edwin Starr. What he failed to realise was the bloke who had just sung was Edwin Starr & living down the road had just nipped in for a quick drink before taking his dogs home. Possibly one of the greatest live Motown performers i've seen.

A real testimonial is all about someones character, it's about people that help shape your life [ Mitchells & Butler shaped mine ]. My list is endless but it starts with my Dad [RIP ]. He'd take me anywhere...drop me off, pick me up & what do you do...just take them for granted like most kids do. Never too late to say thank you. Lenny Rew as well, good roadie for a couple of years, thanks Len [RIP ]. And all the others Sid, Dougy, Newey, Duke[RIP],Elton, The Judge, the two Steves[superstars], Dave Keen, Ron Peel, John Fewtrell, Don Fewtrell, Stuart Gargon, Bob & Jean at the Book, Paul the Irish Burger King, the Albatross, the Holy Family, oh & not forgetting Ginger Aldridge .......the list is endless. I could go on if I could remember peoples names, I've posibly done 30 + residencies over the years [ infact i know I've got a list of them somewhere ] & I might put them on this website one day. These are the people who helped shape 20 odd years of my life.

The man cave today !

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