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The End Is nigh

What you have read is a snippet, of the place I dreamed of being & a place I ended up at & loved. In between these two wonderful experiences loads of stuff went on, I'd done a lot of resident work which I either loved or loathed, too many parties & weddings to mention, but the most important single thing for me was the music.From the Beatles to Bowie, The Punk, Rock & Roll, New Romantics, yes I've played the lot & enjoyed it, but always lurking in the background was the Northern Soul & the Motown, that was me, my music, I owned it. I was fortunate to complete the full circle three quarters of the way through my DJ career. Looking back I suppose three quarters of the way through my career, as a DJ, was the most memorable part of it. For the first time ever I was playing what I wanted to play, I more or less chose what gigs I wanted to do, but the main thing for me 1980 to about 1986 was a happy time for me.....I served a long apprenticeship up to that point.

When I look back I realise what a crazy life I was living. I was doing two full time jobs, plumbing by day, DJ by night, living on adrenalin & booze.

My life as a DJ was never destined to go out in a blaze of glory, just a slow, long, drawn out drift towards settling in to some sort of normal life [if you can call my life normal]. As I said before, the Book & Candle was possibly the most enjoyable residency of my career. I connected with the punters, the music, even the gaffer 'Bob'. When I left Redditch I'd more or less grinded to a halt on the DJ front, my personal life was in turmoil & I needed some sort of new direction to follow. I briefly resurrected my career, I called in a few outstanding favours, done a couple of small residencies, a few private parties but that was it, my enthusiasm had gone. Nothing I was doing could compare to the past, the atmosphere had either changed or was clouded over, or had I just dried up? I never DJ'd for the money, I just enjoyed the scene, the people & most of all the music. In the end I just honoured my last few gigs, no big party or anything, & then I shut the door.

In reality ,from where i'm at now, that time was the last days of disco....the scene literally slowly dwindled from that point onwards.From 1968 to 1985 I kinder lived in a dream world, then I woke up & done a bit more, but it wasn't the same as in that dream world.

I've still got the music, I've still got the memories & I still remember all of them people I met along the way. People are what make stories so special. Not many people get the chance to write about a special moment in their life, I've been fortunate to be able to write about a huge chunk of mine.

Thank You

Bob [Mr 15 minutes] King

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