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In Your Garden

HELP BIODIVERSITY by getting involved in your garden.  Here are a few suggestions how you can become active in helping the Local Biodiversity Action Plan (LBAP): 

  • Try wild life gardening.  It is very rewarding and you get the chance to watch wildlife up close in your own garden.


  • Use home-made compost instead of peat.  Peat bogs are amongst some of our most threatened habitats and are home to many rare and endangered species. Peat extraction threatens the future of these habitats.


  • Assemble bird and bat boxes either on a garden tree or on the outside of the house or garage to provide places for birds to nest and encourage climbing plants to grow up walls and fences.  


  • Leave some wild areas in your garden. Many plant and animal species will take advantage of this.


  • Join a local voluntary community group to help carry out practical conservation projects or record and monitor wildlife in your area.


  • Plant shrubs such as, buddleia, lavender and honeysuckle to attract butterflies, birds and bats


  • Build a pond, but don't forget to make sloping sides to protect wildlife


  • Plant a tree, choose a native species such as Rowan or Wild cherry



Simple bird box in a garden.


Bat box in a garden.


 A family converting waste into compost.




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