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Looking for a Basset

 When you set out to find a suitable breed for your lifestyle, if you think that a Basset Hound would fit into your family life, you then have the task of finding a suitable, reputable, caring breeder.   So, where to look?   The first port of call should be your local Breed Club Secretary.   The Club Secretary usually has their finger on the pulse about who is planning a litter or who has a litter in their area of operation.   You will probably be surprised by the amount of information you are asked for, but there is a very good reason for this.   YOUR lifestyle is very important to the owning of a Basset Hound.   If you have to change your lifestyle to accommodate a Basset Hound - would you.?  Could you?   Not just anyone can adjust to having a Basset around.   Bassets need a lot of patience and understanding.   A Basset owner has to be very tolerant and be prepared for a battle of wills !!   Bassets are loyal, forgiving and fun loving and will give you very many years of pleasure and companionship.

You will find details of all UK Breed Club Secretaries on our Links page.   Please give the right person a call before you commit to purchasing a Basset Hound.   It could save you from making a wrong decision and save a Basset from the distress and trauma of having to be rehomed.

Before you even consider buying a Basset Hound, it is a good idea to carry out some reserach by learning as much about the breed as you can.   There are some very informative books about Basset Hounds, which will, we hope, give you an insight to the character and needs of a Basset and what the new owner might expect.   Many books have been written by long established, experienced breeders in the UK and USA, who have been willing to share their knowledge with us.   The books are for pet owners and show enthusiasts alike and are full of useful information.   Some books may now be out of print, but with a little effort, may be sourced on internet auction sites.

For Scotland contact and for other areas see under the Links page on the left.

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