What To Do With Plastic Bottles…Special Guest At The Cairns….From ‘Wild Justice’….

by Bernie Bell - 07:37 on 24 June 2024


What To Do With Plastic Bottles…

Another extract from Simon’s blog …


Anything that reduces plastic bottles being discarded carelessly is A GOOD THING!


Special Guest At The Cairns Dig…




From ‘Wild Justice’….


“This newsletter contains another guest blog from our friends at River Action. After climate change, it feels as though water quality and sewage pollution is a top priority issue for many voters in the general election. We think this is largely down to campaign work by organisations like River Action and others (including ourselves), who've raised awareness and brought the dire situation with our rivers to people's attention.

James Wallace, CEO of River Action, has assessed five manifestos for the policies and promises when it comes to the water pollution crisis. We think this is a very useful guide.

How do rivers fare in the manifestos? A review by River Action 

The water pollution crisis in our rivers, lakes and seas is one of the leading issues for the 2024 general election. River Action, joined by communities and organisations nationwide, has raised the alarm and called on voters to join the campaign. But are suggestions like The Charter for Rivers reflected in the manifestos?

Freshwater is the lifeblood of our land, enabling food and water security, underpinning our economy, literally sustaining lives. But our rivers and lakes are dying – only 14% of rivers in England are in good ecological condition and 83% of rivers are highly polluted by sewage and agriculture. 

Earlier this year, water quality testing from River Action revealed high levels of dangerous E.coli bacteria in the River Thames ahead of the famous Boat Race. With 3.6 million hours of raw sewage spilled in 2023 and water companies accruing £64 billion in debt since privatisation while rewarding shareholders with £78 billion of dividends, this is no surprise. Known by many of our neighbours as ‘The Dirty Man of Europe’, the UK has some of the worst water quality.

Meanwhile, we risk running out of clean freshwater with no joined-up national plan. Water companies leak 3 billion litres every day, and we are facing a shortfall of 5 billion litres a day in just a few years.

Now that we are clear on the scale of the crisis, let's look at how our rivers, lakes and seas could be protected and restored in the next government.


We’ll soon be publishing more guest blogs from voices across the sector, looking at the environmental policies of manifestos across the four countries. Watch this space!

Thank you

Wild Justice (Directors: Mark Avery, Chris Packham and Ruth Tingay).


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