Italian Chapels – plural…...The Teulfelsberg…….From ‘Right To Roam’…..BBC Pics of Scotland…

by Bernie Bell - 08:27 on 16 June 2024


Italian Chapels – plural…

I shared this notice to my FB page….

….with a link to a piece I wrote which mentions Orkney’s Italian Chapel…


….and an old pal who lives in Wales commented….



We have a camp nearby with a splendid chapel created by Italian POWs.



To which I replied….

“Your comment got me interested, so I Googled and found this.... https://henrymorris.org/.../Italian-POWs-in-Britain-and... .... which I'm going to add to the original notice. I love it when things connect up!”



The Teufelsberg….

The next part of Simon’s holiday in Germany – I won’t witter on about the Teufelsberg – I’ll leave the reader to discover an extra-ordinary….edifice?  Structure?  Mixture of concepts?...


And…a bit of peace and quiet in a hurly-burly world.  Always A GOOD THING.


From ‘Right to Roam’….

“Restore Nature Now and RTR Day of Action

Dear Roamers,

2 ways to take action this month. 

Restore Nature Now 22nd June

On the 22nd of June, with our crow flying proudly on our banners, we will be taking to the streets of London, to join thousands of others to demand urgent political action on the nature and climate emergencies. We want you to join us. This march is shaping up to be the biggest gathering of people for nature and climate that the UK has ever seen. Only by standing together will we be able to make enough noise to make a difference, which is why we need you there. Pledge to march whether you are marching to give a voice to your polluted local river, the loss of yet another species or our increasing disconnect from nature. 

Pledge to march with us. 

Join us at the WOODS Block on Park Lane at 12.00. We will share more information about meeting points on our instagram and twitter, so make sure you are following us to stay in the loop. For more information check out this link. 

Right to Roam Day of Action 30th June 

Before the election rolls around we want to demonstrate once again, just how ridiculous our current system of access is. It is a system built on Inequity. Access to the 8% of England that we’re allowed on resembles a postcode lottery rather than a well thought out structure of access. For example, 72% of the Peak District is access land (CRoW land) compared to 0.6% of Kent. This matters, because the most important nature to people has always been that which is local, it's the green spaces closest to our front door that matters the most, yet it is often the areas we can not legally explore and get to know.

This is why our network of local groups are staging a national day of action, where they are encouraging everyone to either join their events, or embark on their own adventure to explore these areas of nature which are integral and local to us. Just make sure you're being responsible.

Trespass is more than just hopping a fence to prove a point. It's necessary to access places we love, it’s a hurdle that we’ve been forced to cross so we can connect with the nature around us and undertake the necessary work of reconnection, and to relearn what was once everyone's collective responsibility, to be a guardian and practice reciprocity. They call it trespass, we’re just doing something that is the most natural thing in the world.


Our local groups in Manchester, Bristol, Norwich, Wiltshire, Oxford and London are organising events. If you want to join them, please get in touch directly by using this map to get the relevant contact details.


If you're at the march in London, I look forward to meeting you there,

From Nadia

P.S. Another big thank you to those who keep donating each month, we quite literally couldn't do it without you. And if you've been thinking about donating, please do, the majority of the campaign is funded by supporters.

To follow us on social media:

Twitter: @Right_2Roam
Instagram: right.2roam

Facebook: right2roam

To donate to the campaign:

Click the button below or visit:


BBC Pics of Scotland…

7th- 14th of June 2024…


Orkney wildflowers from Sophie Blanchard!  Could be our meadow…

Mike Lawton’s ‘Beware Midges’ sign – ‘Skin-so-soft’ does deter midges.  Unlikely as it may seem, this was recommend to me by a farmer who wasn’t bothered about having soft skin, but was very bothered by midges!

Garrick Collier’s pic. from South Uist brought back good memories…






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