by Bernie Bell - 09:22 on 10 April 2024



In cracks, in gaps, in the in-between

Survivors of the Anthropocene

Alive inside Pandora’s Box

Unseen amidst the barren rocks:

Life finds a way


Among the weeds and nettles rank

Across the summer’s tangled bank

Shape-shifters, weight-lifters

Airborne empty space-drifters:

They find their way


Alight through restless Earth and asteroid

Creation’s flame will fill the void

Aeons of change, adapt and strive

So countless living forms can thrive:

Life shows the way


And so it is for thee and me

The unbroken thread that sets us free

And teaches how to make a whole

From seeds of Joy within the soul:

Love is the way

McB 9th April 2024



Friend Fred’s response to Mike’s poem….

This is beautiful, Bernie! And it hints at something science is coming to realize—the inner universal drive toward emergence. This one of mine, which I put together for an eclipse viewing here in Texas, is, I hope, in the same spirit.”

Eclipse - April 8th, 2024

The unseen dragon eats the sun.

A shadow drowns the drowsing mind,

The self by Alzheimer's undone,

The nightmare of all humankind,


Paper reminders by the sink,

The winter's slow then sudden chill,

The inability to think,

The lost, lost footing of the will;


The last squeeze of the mother's hand,

The swift horizon-darkening,

The coming of the shadowland,

Where all the birds have ceased to sing:


All this we soon or late must know

As tokens of the kindling.

We are not things, but some bright flow;:

Promethean fire is not a thing.


If Kali swallows up the sun

She also gives him birth again.

By kindling is the world begun,

The green bud opening after rain,


Quick run of flame along the log;

The waked cat opening golden eyes,

The sudden clearing of the fog,

The mental spark of a surprise.


Our first awareness at the breast,

Our first smile when we knew we knew,

Were such a kindling, and the rest 

Is doing what our fire can do.



Bartholomew’s Eclipse

I usually post the poem, with a link to Bart’s blog – but this one needs the whole picture…..

The Right Place At The Right Time....





Thoughts While Traffic Is Slow

Approaching the side of a mountain,
at a few miles per hour,

I watch cumulus clouds
cast shadows on the land
which move like the spots
on a Harlequin Great Dane don’t.

The shadow of a hawk or eagle
swifts across the interstate.
I hunch inside my little hybrid
from some ancient instinct.

At last I see the entrance
to the tunnel and the cars
being swallowed up like sun
as I cross into darkness.

Bartholomew Barker

My response…

“It’s all there – planets moving – casting shadows on each other – on us – light to darkness – darkness to light. 

Concise – yet full of meaning – another Bartholomew Barker poem.

Was it written on your way to view the Eclipse?”


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