Selkie Lore….The Wild Inside….BBC Pics Of Scotland…..

by Bernie Bell - 09:21 on 23 September 2023


Selkie Lore….

This looks very interesting…..


…and a huge subject to cover…..



….which echoes through into recent writing - such as in ‘ISS’ by Fiona MacInnes….


…where the human attitude to seals made me wince – but that was the approach until very recently – and some still resent them for ‘stealing’ fish. 


The Wild Inside…

Mr. Mac has been going wild on a river….


Once again I was wondering what it is that drives people to put themselves in danger.

Presently, there is a renewal of interest in people looking to connect with the Wild  - often seeing the Wild as something not touched by people.  

Some can see it as being right next to them.

How much or how often do people connect  with the Wild within themselves?

I’m having a strange and uncomfortable way of being at the present time.  Part of this has been a realization that I need something to occupy my mind. Due to physical restrictions I can’t be very active - so – I’m thrown very much on using my mind – parts of which are ‘playing up’. 

I’m not academic by nature. I did my degree, enjoyed what it introduced me to, but doing it taught me that I’m not academic.

My thoughts turned to how people occupy their minds and time.

Carl Jung had something of the – let’s say developments - which I’m experiencing – but he had occupation for his mind to stop it straying too far.  He studied, and studied  - I’m not naturally studious.

Look at the back of any of Mr. Mac’s books and there is a lengthy reading/reference list.

Immersing my-self in his book will occupy me – for a time.


BBC Pics Of Scotland…..

15th – 22nd of September 2023…



Here’s one I made earlier…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2019/10/16/the-knowes-and-thens-of-trotty/



This article was first published in 2019 – since then the preferred access route has changed…….


And – more info. from the ever-informative Ness of Brodgar Trust blog…..


It really is an ace, place.


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