Bears Like Cupcakes….Freedom…. And Life…. Exactly What The Title Says It’s About…

by Bernie Bell - 09:17 on 02 June 2023

Bears Like Cupcakes…


I can vouch for it – being a bear…


The bakery could advertise them as being….. “Better than the average cupcake” – Yogi Bear reference….




From ‘Whale & Dolphin Conservation’….. 

"Will you help end captivity forever?

No whales or dolphins have been held captive in the UK for 30 years. But there's nothing to stop a new facility opening up.

Please sign our petition - urge the UK government to make whale and dolphin captivity illegal.


An orca named Ramu was taken from his family and his wild ocean home when he was four years old. He was held at the UK's Windsor Safari Park and then later at SeaWorld in the US where he died aged just 23. 

No whale or dolphin should suffer like Ramu did. But a company with enough money could open an orca or dolphin show in the UK tomorrow, because there are no laws to stop them. This is a massive risk.

Please sign the petition and ask the UK government to make it illegal to hold whales and dolphins captive.

Thank you, together we have a powerful voice.

Julia Pix WDC"



And Life….

Via 'Change.org'.....

Ban whaling in Iceland

We demand that Iceland’s government bans whaling once and for all.

Whales have taken as long as two hours to die during Icelandic hunts, according to a report by the Icelandic food and veterinary authority.

Last year, animal welfare officers were on board the hunting vessel from whaling company Hvalur ehf. and documented and filmed 58 of the 148 fin whales that were killed that season.

36 whales (24%) were shot more than once with explosive harpoons. Of these, five whales were shot three times and four whales were shot four times. 

To put this in perspective it takes about 8 minutes to reload the harpoon that then needs to hit a fast moving animal in the ocean more than once if it fails to kill.

One whale with a spear in its back was chased for 5 hours without success. 

The median time from the first shot to the death of the whales that did not die immediately was 11.5 minutes, and the agonising slow deaths lasted up to two hours. 

Three whales were shot but could not be caught and have fought long excruciating deaths. 

Horrific treatment of animals in this way is unacceptable. 

We demand a revocation of the whaling license and that these brutal killings be stopped and banned once and for all.”

Sign now with a click


Exactly What The Title Says It’s About…


I hope that UHI keep on posting developments as they happen – as they do with the Tombs of the Isles Project…



Here’s one I made earlier… https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/03/31/one-among-many/


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