‘Shifting Landscapes’…… Music In The Land….Clestrain Drains!...

by Bernie Bell - 08:54 on 12 May 2023

‘Shifting Landscapes’……

From ‘Emergence’ magazine…. https://emergencemagazine.org/ …..

Stories Written in the Land

Songlines Paintings

“Crisscrossing the Australian continent run the deep grooves of Aboriginal songlines: corridors of knowledge that trace the pathways traveled by ancestral beings as they created the land. In the Seven Sisters Songline, a nimble group of sisters are chased west to east by a shapeshifting male pursuer. The songline they leave in their steps is embedded with knowledge for survival: where to find food and water, where to avoid danger, where it’s safe to rest, how to sustain life.

In this gallery, ten artworks from the Aboriginal-led exhibition Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters invite us into the Seven Sisters’ Dreaming track: an epic journey both ancient and ongoing. Largely made in community, these paintings conjure movement, living memory, the ranging terrain of Australia’s vast landscapes—a breathtaking glimpse of the vast, enduring knowledge they represent”. 


A Universal Lesson of the Seven Sisters Story

by Alexis Wright

“The Seven Sisters sacred songline, the depth of which is known only by the traditional land owners, is a mighty story, linked with the night sky, that has lived forever and can be read in its sacred places over thousands of kilometers.”

“In a companion essay, Waanyi writer Alexis Wright recalls an early memory of the Seven Sisters star cluster and reflects on the sisters’ journey across land and sky. Chronicling their flight from danger, this timeless creation story holds deep, sacred knowledge of specific sites in the Australian deserts—but it also stretches into infinite time and space, offering universal laws that keep the world together. Can we read the story as a warning, Alexis wonders, about what happens when those laws are broken?”



Some musings of my own re. the Australian landscape and what it holds…….



Music In The Land…

People have made music by playing stones….


These people make music from the sounds which the stones themselves make.....


‘Oh – and it makes me wonder….’


Clestrain Drains!...





Here’s one I made earlier… https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/03/05/white-light/


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