Anniversaries…..The DNA Of Ancient People……Pics of Scotland….. Testing Cosmetics On Animals…

by Bernie Bell - 09:53 on 07 May 2023



It’s our 30th wedding anniversary today – Blimey!  Where did that time go?

For our ‘Tin’ anniversary, friend Pat gave us a tin of pineapple chunks – which we enjoyed!

Thirty years is Pearl – and I’m thinking of the Prince song ‘Diamonds & Pearls’…


“Love is the master plan”

I have a list of what are considered to be appropriate gifts for the different anniversaries, and thought I’d post it here…..

1 – Cotton

2 – Paper

3 – Leather

4 – Silk

5 – Wooden

6 – Iron

7 – Woollen

8 – Bronze

9 – Pottery

10 – Tin

11 – Steel

12 – Linen

13 – Lace

14 – Ivory

15 – Crystal

20 – China

25 – Silver

30 – Pearl

35 – Coral

40 – Ruby

45 – Sapphire

50 – Golden

55 – Emerald

60 - Diamond

For this year’s anniversary we’ve  ‘gifted’ ourselves two donations – one directly to the archaeology dig at Swandro….


…..and one to the dig at The Cairns …..


……which  can be done by donating on the Orkney Archaeology Society website, and leaving a message saying that you specifically want the donation to go to The Cairns….. 


I do wish the folk at The Cairns would set up their own website with its own donations link – but – it’s up to them what they do!


The DNA Of Ancient People…….

I wonder - did they celebrate anniversaries?  



Pics of Scotland…

28th of April to 5th of May 2023…


An exceptionally wonder-full selection.  Derek Brown’s pic of an old puffer on the Crinan Canal took me back to a memorable holiday…



Testing Cosmetics On Animals…

Cosmetics – not even anything that could be claimed to be necessary – but that’s a whole other discussion.


Another knock-on effect of Brexit – Britain, as a nation, really is going back in time instead of forward.

One way to combat this particular retrogressive step is – don’t buy those cosmetics – please – look for the ‘not tested on animals‘ labels.



Here’s one I made earlier…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/10/10/poetry-corner-the-fabric-of-our-lives/

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