My Friend Wendy…..Hedgehog Stories…… Mr. Potato Head….

by Bernie Bell - 09:27 on 05 May 2023


My Friend Wendy…

Writes poetry which catches the place, the feel – the LIFE…









Pass crusted lichen

stone walls,

balanced brokenly

over bluebells beneath,

marsh marigolds

swathe rough turf,

from sheep grazed field

to shore,

the glug and suck

of the sea,

softly pulls,

close by





just here




Step carefully


pink grey patterned


rich red drying



of the sea,

still waters

lap and gurgle,

around rock pools

rarely revealed



on a large stone


outstretched wide



all this






Wendy  Alford         2nd May 2023



Hedgehog Stories……

And a belated Happy Birthday to Chris Packham -  I received this yesterday from Hugh Warwick….

“Hedgehog Awareness - and a Happy Birthday

As you well know by now, it is Hedgehog Awareness Week - a great opportunity to help hedgehogs (though I am sure you are all doing that all the time!) But this is an update to alert you to another bit of Hedgehog Awareness ....

…..In Bristol there is a garden room - in which is a great big bean bag - on top of which was another cushion. It is with good fortune that yesterday afternoon the person who was about to sit on the bean bag moved the other cushion first ... revealing a snoozing hedgehog! 

This is not the first story of a hedgehog making itself comfortable among the soft furnishings ... I met someone at an event a while back who showed me the photo of the hog who had woken him by knocking on his bedroom door (first floor) - it had been a hot day and he had left the backdoor open. He relocated his visitor - and when he went to his attic office the next morning he found the hog had made it up another flight of stairs, leaving a 'contribution' under his desk!

You know, this would have probably been a more popular update if I had used a photo of the birthday boy ... for today Chris Packham's day - and all he wants is some help ... 

The last time I visited his New Forest home the final touches to his new gates were being completed - as the last lot had been subject to a very dramatic arson attack - this was not the work of a random individual but someone who knew what they were doing. He has been in receipt of many threats - death threats and threats of violence that he has been advised to treat seriously. Though I got the feeling the threats to kill his beloved dogs Sid and Nancy were even more upsetting. 

With this as background, and in response to specific falsehoods, Chris has launched a defamation case against the editor and two contributors to Country Squire Magazine, now happening in the High Court in London. His friend and colleague, Ruth Tingay, has set up a fundraiser to help cover some of the costs of this action - and my birthday gift to Chris is to ask as many of you who are able to help him! The link to the fundraising page gives you far more details of the case. 

Wishing you all a lovely spring day (hopefully!)”

Nostalgia note from me – Sid & Nancy….



Mr. Potato Head….

I read this article in The Orkney News…


I had a Mr Potato head when I was a child - and I loved it.  It was one of the originals, containing just the bits & pieces, and I didn’t just stick the bits in potatoes – I stuck them in just about anything I thought might look funny.

Re- branded to be gender-neutral?   It’s a potato! 

Here's a thing...if you go to the Balfour hospital and walk round to the left of the main reception desk, and look down to your right through the windows of the office - there are three Mr. Potato Heads standing in a row.

Here they are….


Here’s one I made earlier… https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/06/03/the-misty-moisty-oyce-of-quindry/



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