Time Flies….….A Prickly Subject…. Whale & Dolphin Conservation News…..

by Bernie Bell - 08:48 on 30 April 2023

Time Flies….

I was looking for something else…and I came across this….


….notice the waves hitting the window – Lorraine just kept on singing!

That was the rehearsal – we went to the gig….


……can’t believe it’s 14 years ago….where are they now?

We were at this one too….


I’m a big fan of Gene Vincent….




A Prickly Subject….

From Hugh Warwick…

“Prickles up close!

Often my google alerts just dump loads of 'sonic' content on my inbox, but yesterday they came up trumps with this!

University of Nottingham's Nanoscale and Microscale Research Centre (nmRC) have investigated hedgehog spines using a range of devices including X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy (XPS) and Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM).

Microscale images of the interior and exterior of the spines revealed support segments and hollow sections, similar to when a citrus fruit is cut in half which probably contribute to the strength and flexibility of the spines. The images also showed that the exterior had a ribbed surface texture and scaly microstructure.

I am lucky enough to have a taxidermy hedgehog that I take with me to many of the talks I give - in particular in schools. It is one of my most important props! It means that the children get to see a hedgehog - and more importantly, stroke the spines. It really gets their imagination going when they eventually work out that those prickles are just modified hair!

It would be cruel to take living hogs into schools, this is something about which a code of conduct has now been written between all the top rehabilitators.

So - what are you planning for Hedgehog Awareness Week? Leaping into life on Sunday - there follows seven days of activities around the country - will you use the Bank Holiday weekend to build a highway? Talk to your neighbour and get a 13 x13cm hole in the fence or wall between you! 

I have a favour to ask you - if you have bought any of my books it will have probably been through your local bookshop ... but ... when my Hedgehog book came out through Graffeg it got AMAZING love from you in reviews and ratings on Amazon. This pushes it up the lists and makes it more visible. So my ask is - could you go to Amazon and drop some love on my Beaver and Water Vole books ... you don't need to buy them through there, but a review or a few stars will make a difference! 

My next book - a very different subject - is going to be sent to my publishers today (all being well) so that I can relax for the weekend and get ready for the fun and frolics of May morning - Oxford celebrates Beltane in quite an extraordinary way ... follow me on twitter or instagram to see more!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend and see you next time in Hedgehog Awareness Week!”


Whale & Dolphin Conservation News…..

Latest update….

“Welcome to your e-news

We were so proud to represent you and the whales and dolphins at The Big One in London last Friday. We've put the best bits in a video for you.


We took a big, powerful message to parliament that whales are our enormous climate allies. We need to protect them so they can help us fight climate breakdown and biodiversity loss ... before it's too late.

We also wanted to say a massive 'thank you' to everyone who gave to the Big Give appeal. We smashed our target raising an enormous £21,980. There's still time to contribute to the Climate Giants Research Fund if you'd like to - you don't have to give a lot, even a couple of pounds, euros or dollars will make a big difference.


Cute clothing

We are proudly partnered with sustainable clothing company Big Wild Thought who have released a brand new pink river dolphin design. Head over to their website to see their cute designs! 10% of profits from each sale benefits the conservation of whales and dolphins. 


Saving whales from space

Satellite technology holds one of the keys to 21st century whale conservation, so we're exploring an incredible new project idea that will revolutionise saving whales.


Stop killing dolphins

Supporters of the dolphin hunts in Japan argue that killing a few hundred dolphins pales into insignificance compared with the millions of animals we slaughter for meat. We explore that argument and how we hope to end the hunts.  


Ocean of hope

In a jaw-dropping demonstration of global community, the nations of the world made history when they agreed The High Seas Treaty - to protect 95% of the habitable space on Earth. What happens next?


Road to freedom

The new owner of the Miami Seaquarium in the US has announced that it is exploring plans to release captive orca Tokitae, also known as Lolita, into a sea sanctuary in her home waters of the Pacific Northwest.


To the rescue

WDC Ambassador Maya Higa went live on Twitch last week with our North America team to showcase all the incredible work they do to protect whales and dolphins along the US East Coast.


WDC exclusive t-shirts

You can treat the young ocean enthusiast in your life to this WDC exclusive 'Save the Ocean' t-shirt. There are lots of other great products available online too, with 100% of profits going towards the protection of whales and dolphins”



Here’s one I made earlier….. https://theorkneynews.scot/2021/01/18/cup-marks-past-and-present/



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