‘Homecoming’…….Flamin’ Nora!!!.... Machinery….

by Bernie Bell - 08:31 on 27 March 2023


Homecoming (a green coloured cosmic)


Life is a lichen, Life is a hive

Life is a network of all things alive

Joined by mycelium on the great forest floor

Neither one nor divisible, all so much more


The bugs in my gut sing in the same choir

As the cells I call human, it’s a song born of fire

In the ringing aurora, and music of spheres

The crystalline harmony of salt in my tears


Life is collective, I swim with the swarm

Of stars in the night sky, where atoms are born

Life is the ocean, Life is a wave

Life is the fire that lights up the cave


25 March 2023

(Lines inspired by algae on the garage window.)

Painting by McB


Flamin’ Nora!!!....

Mike saw this, and thought I'd be interested - he was right….


When I read it and watched the video,  I said “Flamin’ Nora - Mr Escher would have had a field-day!”.  A fine example of ‘regular division of the plane.’

I’m reminded of a television programme which we watched a few years ago.  It was about M.C. Escher, and was presented by Professor Roger Penrose……


Near the beginning of the programme Mr Penrose says........

“Scientific concepts can be best expressed in concise images.”

And, at the time,  I thought....."As with carved stone balls"….

Imagine what Mr. Escher, would make of them? Imagine giving him the Extra-Ordinary-A-Symmetrical-Six-Knobber to play with?... 


He'd turn it in his hands and he'd 'see' the lines in it, and working round it.  He'd then be able to extrapolate that out into images expressing those shapes and then, possibly, turn those shapes into birds and fish and angels....and devils!


I'm seeing Mr. Escher, and Mr. Penrose, as successors to the ancient peoples who carved the stone balls and produced other images which have left us with complex concepts, in those images. 

And the not-so ancient peoples too - the patterns on Islamic tiles are mentioned, and there’s also a mention of the diagrams which are used to show the chemical structure of some crystals -  the images of which looked, to me, very like some ancient carvings!

So, there's a thought.  Imagine giving M.C. Escher the carved stone balls to play with.  Imagine.

More of Mr. Escher, by Mr. Penrose….



And, Mr. Penrose considers tiles….


‘Oh – and it makes me wonder….’



Even an old Luddite like me can appreciate these images….


Luddite? … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Luddite


Here’s one I made earlier….. https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/12/04/rose-ness-on-a-sunny-sunday/



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