Pics Of Scotland…. The Aurora…. Free Tibet….Thought For The Day…

by Bernie Bell - 10:30 on 26 March 2023

Pics Of Scotland...17th to 24th March 2023….


I’d seen the pic. taken by Heather Hartley of a frog - with spawn - in her garden pond in Edinburgh, when Postie delivered our copy of the ‘Historic Scotland’ magazine which includes an item about toads migrating to mate in Holyrood Park – and I thought I’d bring together the two signs of Spring…..



The Aurora….

After watching the Northern Lights on Thursday….  http://www.spanglefish.com/berniesblog/blog.asp?blogid=16209 , we were discussing how their electrical charge might be picked up on by various critters - to a greater or lesser degree.  Some humans will, maybe, still pick up on it - I bet horses do. 

Mike then mentioned the birds with - whatever it is - in them which enables them travel long distances without losing their way.

And I thought of bees and their homing instinct.

And the marine life such as whales, who follow their own track-ways through the seas.

Imagine, when there’s a strong Aurora – how much it stirs the life of this planet – and at this time of year, when life is stirring so much anyway.

Can ya’ feel it?


Free Tibet….

I received the following from ‘Free Tibet’…. https://freetibet.org/

"It has been one month since we sent our open letter to Thermo Fisher CEO Marc Casper, calling for the immediate end of the supply of Thermo Fisher DNA kits in occupied Tibet. DNA kits that are being bought by Chinese police involved in the systematic and dangerous collection of DNA samples from over a million Tibetans, tightening China’s surveillance state in Tibet. 

We have reached out to Thermo Fisher’s leadership and presented them with evidence of the dire human rights situation in Tibet at their offices around the world. We have highlighted their complicity publicly through social media campaigns and even a digital ad van running throughout central London. Thousands of supporters have signed our petition and hundreds have sent emails directly to Marc Casper. Still, they have not responded with any meaningful action.

Tibetans in occupied Tibet cannot tell Thermo Fisher to cut the supply of their equipment to the police. But Tibetans with the freedom to speak out can. And we need your help to share their message.


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This video is a powerful message that the Tibetans’ resolve for justice will never fade and they will not be treated like criminals based on their ethnic identity. 

Tibetans are speaking out, and we must amplify their voices. We call on Thermo Fisher to listen to the voices of the Tibetan people and take immediate steps to end their involvement in the repression of their rights.

We urge you to share this video with your friends, families, colleagues and networks and continue to amplify Tibetan voices. Thermo Fisher cannot continue to ignore us and the universal message of human rights. Together, we can hold them accountable and end their supply of DNA test kits to Tibet.

Thank you,

John Jones
Campaigns, Policy and Research Manager”


Thought For The Day…

It’s worth watching the film ….



Here’s one I made earlier….. https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/09/07/tings-at-tingwall/



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