Light.…..‘Don’t Go Near The Water’ - The Beach Boys…..Spring……C.A.A.T…….Thought for today….

by Bernie Bell - 07:47 on 24 March 2023




Last night

Northern Lights

Too tired

Had to sleep

Took them with me

In my dreams


Shifting, shimmering green

With points of light

Shining stars

The Dark Night

Held no fear

For me


BB - March 2023


Post Script...

I watched them for a while through the window, but I really had to get to bed – had been gardening a bit in the day.  Mike went out to see – and said they had become a lot stronger and more ‘lively’. 

Today - neighbour Steve sent us images and a wee film of the Aurora across the hill behind his house.….


 ......cosy, domestic light - while the sky is filled with cosmic light!


‘Don’t Go Near The Water’ - The Beach Boys….

I received this email – and signed the petition….


“Could UK Water Companies Start Hiding Data?

20 MAR 2023 — 

The Retained EU Law Bill threatens to revoke the majority of EU law in this country by the end of 2023.

One such piece of legislation that could disappear is the Environment Information Regulations (EIR) 2004. This, in conjunction with a landmark legal case won by independent charity group WildFish in 2015, ensures that we, the public, have a right to environmental information from privately owned water companies.

If the Retained EU Law Bill passes and the government does not preserve this right, by next year we could be in the unfathomable situation where water companies are able to withhold data on sewage spills, which obviously would be a huge blow for water quality campaigners trying to hold them to account.

Whilst I am reluctant to ask you to sign yet another petition while we're still campaigning for this one, this does feel very important.

There is a petition live on this issue on the official government petition website which desperately needs signatures. You can access it by clicking here and we would be very grateful if you would.

Best regards,

Ed Acteson



In the garden - we noticed two Robins and wondered if they are a pair – then Mike saw a Robin with a bit of old Montbretia leaf in its beak – nesting material?   It looks like there’s also a pair of Rooks – and there’s one female Blackbird to two males!  Quite a lot of quarrelling going on.

There’s always a pair of Hoodies – Crows that is.

And more and more frogspawn in the pond.

On his after-work-walk Mike came across a puddle with three big clumps of frogspawn in it.  It’s OK now, but if the puddle dried up….

So he came home, got a bucket and scoop and transferred the spawn to the pond.

Every little helps to help the wild things to survive

And in our neighbour’s field – the turkey cock walks round and round the hen – tail raised and spread out, wings down, head up.  We call him Mr. Boombastic…



From C.A.A.T………

We have some great upcoming events, and a news round up of recent protests and cheeky actions saying no to the arms trade!

Coming up this week!

Online, International:  Rally for Yemen - 25th March

Join a range of noted international speakers from Yemen, the US and UK, including from CAAT as they mark 9 nine years of war and blockade in the country. From 4pm UK time (12pm Eastern US)

Register free: Webinar Registration - Zoom

In person, London: Vigil for Yemen 26th March 

Join London CAAT and invited speakers outside Downing Street from 12 Midday on Sunday 26 March, to remember those lost in the Yemen conflict, and to show solidarity with all those affected by UK weapons in the conflict.

Find more info via the CAAT Events page: CAAT - Yemen War – 8th Anniversary Vigil

In person, UK multiple locations:: Barclays Stop Arming Apartheid, 25th March

Join campaigners from Palestine Solidarity Campaign, War on Want and CAAT as they tell Barclays to stop funding Israeli arms companies profiting from the occupation.

Find a list of actions near you: Barclays: Don't Bank on Apartheid - Day of Action! - Palestine Solidarity Campaign (palestinecampaign.org)

News round up

“Refugees Welcome Here!” Protests greet Security and Policing arms fair

Campaigners from CAAT and Greater Rushmoor Action for Peace met delegates arriving at Security and Policing Arms Fair last week, telling them not to sell surveillance technologies to repressive regimes and Refugees Welcome Here!

You can find pics from the protest via CAAT’s Twitter page

Download our report on militarised policing, “A Very British Problem” here:

CAAT - A Very British Problem: the Evolution of Britain’s Militarised Policing Industrial Complex

DSEI Japan 2023: Network Against Japan Arms Trade (NAJAT) says no

Also last week, protesters in Japan said no to the DSEI Japan 2023 arms fair, telling the UK Defence Secretary among others that Japan must not be an easy mark for the “Merchants of Death”. Watch the clip from Japanese TV

You can join the resistance to DSEI 2023 in London in September by contacting Stop the Arms FairresistDSEI@protonmail.com

London CAAT: no to BAE Systems ads on London Underground

And finally: watch what happened when “Death” paid a visit to Westminster Tube Station, with the leaders of Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Bahrain.

Watch the video

London CAAT and Bahrain and Egypt pro-democracy campaigners were saying no to the BAE System advertisement which "graces" - or more precisely, disgraces - Westminster Tube.

Find out more and sign the petition!

So, lots happening! To support CAAT's work, you may wish to donate or set up a direct debit via CAAT's Donate page.

Thank you for your ongoing support!

Kirsten Bayes
Campaign Against Arms Trade”


Thought for Today….

Boris Johnson swore on a Bible that he would tell the truth during his ‘trial’….


He then said all sorts of muddled things, including claiming that he didn’t ‘intentionally‘ mislead the Government.  If the Committee find that he did so - he’s perjured himself.  Which is also a criminal offence.

There’s a thought.


Here’s one I made earlier… https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/08/13/masks-ancient-modern/



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