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by Bernie Bell - 09:46 on 19 March 2023

The Call Of The Wild…..

This morning when Mike went out to feed the birds in our garden he stood and watched a huge skein of geese flying over - possibly a hundred or more - and listened to them - honking away.

When they’d passed he could still hear honking and realised that it was our neighbour’s domestic geese, who have a good life – outdoors, well cared for - but we wondered if, when their wild cousins flew over, honking, at this time of year when the life in all things is stirring, do they feel stirrings they don’t usually feel? 

I’ve mentioned this idea before….


Then we were thinking about dogs and wolves.  Imagine a domestic dog - perfectly happy, well fed, regular walks,  blanket to sleep on etc – but then, sometimes in the nearby hills – hears a wild wolf calling….

And we humans respond to it too – the call of the wild…..

‘We Be Of One Blood, Thou And I…’ – ‘The Jungle Book’ – Rudyard Kipling


I received the following from ‘Whale & Dolphin Conservation’…. https://uk.whales.org/ ….

Welcome to your whale and dolphin news

Planet Earth needs whales. You need whales. These climate giants play an enormous role in fighting the climate and biodiversity crises, so we're joining The Big One in London on 21st April. Organisations and individuals will gather throughout Westminster and at the Houses of Parliament to send a united message to government that we need to protect our planet. 

Did you know that this month marks 30 years since the last dolphinarium closed in the UK? We're going to be celebrating 30 years captivity free with you throughout 2023, whilst urging the government to end it forever by making it illegal. Watch this space.

As always, thank you so much for your support, however you choose to give it.

30 years captivity free

This poor dolphin was held at Windsor Safari Park. Although it's been three decades since the last dolphin show closed in the UK, it's not illegal to hold captive whales and dolphins here and UK holidaymakers still visit these cruel attractions abroad.


Swim free Kiska

"I'm so sad to tell you that the orca described as 'the world's loneliest whale' has died at Marineland, Canada. She spent four decades in captivity having been taken from her family when she was just three."


Great products just in

"We've got fabulous new items waiting for you in our online shop, including some great books for the whale and dolphin fans in your life or just as a treat to yourself."


Porpoises and people

"Your support has enabled us to fund a project in Hong Kong that’s working with fishing communities to help save the vulnerable finless porpoises who share the sea with them."


Talking whales

"We're thrilled to have Hannah Gold supporting whales and dolphins as our new ambassador. Get yourself a cuppa and enjoy her conversation with fellow author and WDC director Chris Vick."


High Seas Treaty

"The high seas are the vast areas of ocean that are outside any national borders and you may have seen in the news that United Nations members have finally agreed a treaty that will help protect them."


Walking for whales

"Our Climate Giants team Vicki and Ed believe in their work so passionately they are walking 127 miles to raise money. Will you sponsor them? You'll fund brilliant projects proving the enormous role whales play in fighting the climate crisis."


Collectable cards

"Philanthropy cards startup philropy, and environmentalist photographer Prince Hussain Aga Khan have joined forces to create the official collectible card featuring Whale and Dolphin Conservation. Get yours now."


Please consider making a donation today



Skara Brae….

A very thorough look at Skara Brae by Sigurd Towrie….


…..and, as usual, I’ll add my tuppenceworths….




Pics of Scotland …….

10th to 17th March 2023….


My lord – those Red Kites in Rebecca McLennan’s photo!

The purple & golden crocuses snapped by Raymond Carstairs – that’s the effect we were hoping for!  Some years ago I bought packets of what were labelled as purple crocuses and golden crocuses, imagining a similar combination of rich colours in a flower-bed in our garden.  Turned out that the ‘golden’ ones were pale blue – not as striking, but still lovely to see and very cheering as the year moves on and they are some of the first flowers to bloom in the garden.


Here’s one I made earlier…… https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/01/30/it-wouldnt-do-we-were-all-the-same/



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