You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Til It’s Gone……Collateral Damage…..Something A Bit More Cheery...

by Bernie Bell - 08:03 on 01 March 2023

You Don’t Know What You’ve Got ‘Til It’s Gone……

Yesterday, I had a hospital appointment to see a nurse to have blood taken. I arrived, checked in at Reception, waited hardly any time at all, went in, and the nurse I saw was a very pleasant, friendly and efficient young woman who made sure that I was comfortable about the whole situation. 

And I thought of all the reports there are these days of people being abusive to doctors and nurses - who are only trying to help. 

I appreciate that when you’re feeling unwell it’s harder to deal with life.  I can be very ‘prickly’ sometimes, but I try not to be - and stop myself when I notice, as feeling rough isn’t an excuse for being mean - especially to those who are trying to help you. 

I’m remembering when I was a child and there were no doctor’s appointments – you just went along and.....waited.  My Mum & Dad remembered when there was no NHS and if you didn’t have money you either got better, or you didn’t – doctors were a last resort. 

First resort was the old remedies, many of which are forgotten now.

I honestly think folk have had it too good for too long and are taking the NHS and the people who work in it for granted.

Most of those who would remember the situation pre-NHS are now gone - there aren’t many of them left to remind people of what they could lose and how very different life would be without the present Health Service.

Basically, I've written this to ask folk to think about it – remember - or if you’re too young to remember – find out about how it used to be – talk to older people who do remember – appreciate the people who are there to help you, and treat them accordingly.

Joni Mitchell was singing about the bees, but her words ring true for the NHS too – you don’t know what you’ve got ‘til it’s gone.

It’s also an appreciation of the nurse who loves bees, and all her colleagues.


Collateral Damage…..

There are many stories of folks lives being ‘de-railed’ by Long Covid which I describe as being ‘a hidden menace’, with not enough attention being paid to the long term effects of the initial infection and illness.

I came home from the hospital to find the following update to this petition, in my inbox… https://www.change.org/p/create-a-compensation-pension-scheme-for-key-workers-with-long-covid.  Note, these three key workers are nurses and a mid-wife.

Reminders and some Poetry

Morning everyone, thank you for your continued support and sharing the campaign. Plans for London continue, Cass is really struggling following the news that they ARE going to lose their home this year and the team generally has had a bad week. 

Gill Curwen published this INCREDIBLE original work on Facebook and kindly gave us permission to share. We felt it completely summed up how many of us feel.


I’m just collateral damage now. 
There’s a phrase I never thought I’d say. 
But in the eyes of most of the world
That’s all I am now today. 

A business, a life, a wife, a mother 
A friend, a helper, a sister ( no brother) 
All washed away, not quite sure how
I’m just collateral damage now. 

I never knew I’d be at risk, 
the thought never even occurred, 
but when it hit, it hit me hard, 
That bloody awful C word. 

So I’m just collateral damage now
It’s really been made quite clear
Even by those once thought a friend
Who are unconcerned if I meet my end. 

Because I’m just collateral damage now
a life that doesn’t matter anymore. 
And they never see or even care
About the pain trapped behind the front door. 

It’s not the same as having cancer
Or pushing a wheelchair down the street
It’s insidious and invisible 
And very much more discreet. 

It’s all collateral damage now
A wider acceptance has appeared somehow
That some lives just don’t matter anymore
As long as they’re hidden behind a door. 

You could be collateral damage too
When you least expect it could happen to you
Perhaps then you’ll understand once it’s too late
The damage done, the torment great.

Because you’re collateral damage now
And you’ll wonder how anyone could ever allow 
So many to simply disappear from living
With nobody showing the slightest misgiving. 

But that is where I am today
3yrs of hell and still not okay. 
The world carries on without a care
As if Long Covid is just not there. 

There, I’ve said the words you don’t want to know. 
Ignore it, dismiss it but it still won’t go. 
And when it’s too late, you’ll soon see how 
You’ve also become collateral damage now.

Gill, this is AMAZING. All we will do for today is remind you to share and complete the survey  and to share the petition, as we try and get to 150,000 before Mid March.”


Something A Bit More Cheery...

In the garden - The First of March....

First Primrose...

First Daffodil - Tete-a-Tete - near enough...

First Celandine...

First Cowslip Hybrid - first of this year's hybrid swarm..

In the pond...frogs making more frogs...


Here’s one I made earlier…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/11/14/rerwick-revisited/



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