‘On Death and Love’…….Small Is Beautiful at The Ness…..Photos of Scotland 23-30th December 2022…..

by Bernie Bell - 10:49 on 31 December 2022

On Death and Love

by Melanie Challenger

As Melanie Challenger examines the belief in human exceptionalism that has devastated life on this planet, she wonders if our desire to outrun death is hindering our capacity to love.”



Small Is Beautiful…….

Ness of Brodgar Top 10 2022…..


It was straight-sided, complete and discolouration within might represent residue which can be analysed to see what it once held.”

There’s a thought.

And here’s another example of when good things come in small packages…..



Photos of Scotland 23-30th December 2022…..


Is Ailsa Craig floating?  That’s how myths are born….

And – ‘Low sunset at frozen Loch Garten’ prompts me to post this again….

“My family are originally Irish and I still have a large contingent of family in Ireland.   There’s a place in County Limerick called Lough Gur which I’ve liked a lot since we first went there when I was young.  It’s one of those lakes that people threw things into as offerings in times past.   I was talking about Lough Gur with the mother-in-law of one of my nephew’s, when she was an old lady, and she said that she hated the place – wouldn’t go near it if she could help it.  Naturally, I asked why, and this is the tale she told me……..

When she was a girl she used to help out at one of the farms across the Lough from where she lived.  One Winters day the Lough had frozen, solid, and Mary was crossing the lake on the ice.  She noticed a collie dog running back and forth along the opposite side of the lake, barking frantically – she  wondered why he was there on his own, and what was bothering him.  She looked down and saw……the face of a drowned man, under the ice. 

Very wisely, she went back rather than forward, on the basis that the ice which she had already crossed was safe whilst the ice ahead was an un-known.  She ran home and told her parents, and the local farmers went out to see what they could do.  The body was recovered.  It was thought that he must have been crossing the ice, his weight was too much for it, and he went through.  The trouble is, when you go through ice you don’t come up where you went down - you tend to come up under the ice and your way to the air is blocked.  Include panic in the equation and people rarely come back up through the hole which they went down through. 

It’s likely that Mary’s lighter weight was what saved her from going through as well.  The barking dog was the man’s collie, who was frantic at what had happened to his master.

Since then, Mary hated Lough Gur and refused to go near it.  Understandably.

The moral is - don’t walk on a frozen lough, loch or lake, however tempting it might look.”


Here’s one I made earlier…..   https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/06/05/the-last-first-of-brodgar/


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