An Egg…...Political Ads……Bloody – Bloody – Bloody…..

by Bernie Bell - 09:26 on 16 October 2022

An Egg...

Jackie Morris sees….and expresses…..


Here’s her letter to the future…..

Dear future generations,

In these times it is so hard to hold to a positive vision of a future for humans. And still I try. If it is true that images were created to celebrate the sacred, but writing was invented to account for wealth, then using writing to tell stories to subvert those who would, through their greed, their avarice, bring us to an edge of destruction and despair seems like an act of sabotage and subversion. I paint, to celebrate the sacred. I write because humans are hard wired to learn through stories. I write and paint with a hopeful heart. Perhaps all art is ritual. For now, this is my letter to the future:

In her hand she holds an egg.
So small, fragile,
its weight belies its size.
Past, present, future,
the palm of a hand.

Past is filled with mistakes.
Present is filled with fear.
Future needs to be hope.

To the past she simply says, ‘sorry’.
To the present she says, ‘courage’.
To the future she says, ‘?’

She can speak only for herself
and she knows these days
she finds more wisdom in
the movement and language of birds,
more comfort in the shade of trees,
more beauty in the shape of clouds.

And she knows her part in how
humanity has taken the
beautiful canvas of the planet
and scarred and scoured and scorched
with concrete and asphalt,
in mining and quarry,
blighting dark skies with light,
poisoning rivers,
destroying life,
and it does not sit well on her soul.

She looks at the egg
nested in the open palm,
feels the weight,
seeks the answer.
Future, present, past,
held always in balance,
finding answers in
the language of birds,
the wisdom of trees,
the flow of oceans,
the journeys of whales,
the shape of clouds,
the cycles of moon,
the pathways of stars,
the changing of seasons,
the colours of moths,
the movement of butterflies,
the dance of the cranes,
the tenderness of elephants,
the charm of finches,
the mystery of birth,
the beauty of death,
the woven web of connection,
of every living thing.

In her hand she holds an egg.”

© Jackie Morris 2022


Short – not sweet – not meant to be….

Political Ads

Like the sexy assistant
they distract from the magician
picking your pocket”


Get ready for the smoke and mirrors of the  - it has to happen soon – election.


Bloody – Bloody – Bloody

I don’t know how many, or few, folk read my blog – but I sincerely hope it’s quite a lot as I want to get this message out to as many as possible…..



For a long time Medics have been trying to get people to either finish any course of medication that they have been prescribed, or,  if they don’t finish them to dispose of them responsibly – preferably by returning them to the Pharmacy.  

Any kind of prescription medication SHOULD NOT be shared.

What do I know?   Two sisters and a cousin (from Ireland) who spent their working lives as nurses. Also, as someone who needed medication for years and who  was constantly being lectured about how to manage it.

I’m angry – this bloody Coffin woman – this bloody Government….


Wasn’t that part of what the Brexit Bollocks was about? Not letting ‘foreigners’ in to ‘take our jobs’? 

And meanwhile her colleague is trying to send people who come here hoping to find work, to Rwanda for ‘processing’.

Why are there so many folk from other nations  working in the NHS? Because they came to Britain when they were needed!

I’ve written of this previously….



“Sometimes direct, non-violent action is the only way….

I received this from ‘Freedom From Torture’….. https://www.freedomfromtorture.org/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1vSZBhDuARIsAKZlijQhplI2dkNsAeBmqJwUMr_4jIXN_FBjdMKNExp5JKkgviE4PqhFbxEaApWtEALw_wcB


“Bernie, we just ran on to the stage at the world's biggest aviation conference to say: don’t trade human beings for cash.

Yesterday our new Home Secretary said it’s “her dream” to see refugees on a plane to Rwanda by Christmas. Today we took action. 

Hundreds of airlines at the World Aviation Festival in Amsterdam. Sat around tables schmoozing. Then something they didn’t expect happened, torture survivors disrupted it!  Take a look - and share it now.


Privilege Style airline won’t answer thousands of you who’ve asked them to do the right thing on social media and email. They even blocked Freedom From Torture. That’s why we had to expose them on the world stage in front of their competitors and peers. 

With your help, everyone will be talking about them for all the wrong reasons – and all airlines will see what the world thinks about companies that do cash for humans deals.

The more people that see this video, the more Privilege Style will see flying refugees to Rwanda is a threat to their PR and profits. Then we can stop the flights for good, no matter what Suella Braverman’s “dream” is.  

Our dream is different - a country that always welcomes people seeking safety – and we won’t stop until we win it. 

Kolbassia Haoussou

Director of Survivor Empowerment

P.S. If you don’t have Twitter, don’t worry. You can also watch it on Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok, or here if you don’t have social media.”


‘An Interesting Scenario’ – re-visited…. http://www.spanglefish.com/berniesblog/blog.asp?blogid=15820  …..just change the name to…’Suella, Suella Deville……”



Can't resist it....



Here’s one I made earlier… a good way to calm down is to go for a walk…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2018/12/27/orkney-walks-with-stories-a-south-ronaldsay-west-coast-walk/


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