Places, People and Politics.....

by Bernie Bell - 14:56 on 14 July 2022

How Things, Places and People Connect

I previously posted a link to a day out in West Cork, and while I was at that site I looked at their piece about a visit to Knock……


Goodness me – that took me back to family visits to Ireland, and Knock… my family could be in the image from the ‘60’s – easily. 

The pictures of the souvenir shops – still selling the same kind of thing that they did back then – except that back then, when I was a child, there weren’t many shops  - there were stalls - rows of rickety stalls along the sides of the main street – all pretty much selling the same wares – but still doing a good trade, as Knock was such a popular place of pilgrimage.  I was given a glow-in-the-dark statue of the Virgin Mary, which gave me the heebie-jeebies so I painted her – blue, which stopped the eerie glow in my bedroom at night.

I wrote about Knock, briefly, here…..


… connecting the places of pilgrimage through the ages - and the people - and their beliefs.


Politics were bound to turn up sometime on my blog – to those who say they’re not interested in politics I say – OK, what if they took away your ‘free’ health treatment, pension and right to vote?  We’re heading that way.  The inverted commas round ‘free’ are because we do pay for it – folk appear to forget that our National Insurance payments pay for the NHS.  It is a right not a charity – and no government has a right to sell it.  So mind who we place in Government - for lots of reasons……

Anyway – here it is…….a bit of politics……..


An interesting Scenario?

We see Priti Patel sitting in her office where she  decides that, if you want a job done right, you have to do it yourself.

So she goes to the airport where the flight carrying refugees to Rwanda is due to take off. 

When she arrives, she finds herself being hustled onto the bus to go to the ‘plane and she exclaims “No! No!  I’m Priti Patel – the Home Secretary – I’m in charge of all this.  I’m not an immigrant – well my parents were, but I’m not.” 

The airport staff respond with “Yeh yeh sure thing - do yourself a favour and do what you’re told.” 

The bus sets off across the tarmac and one says to the other “Maybe it’s true?”  The other says “Who knows? They all look the same to me.  Anyway – she’s not our responsibility now.”

On the bus she continues to protest about who she is and the other people present look at her, know exactly who she is, and sit there, smiling quietly to themselves.

Next thing, she finds herself on the ‘plane, as all the airport staff ‘have their jobs to do’ and weren’t prepared to listen or ‘get involved’.

We see her sitting on the ‘plane – panic and hysteria in her eyes, as what she considered to be fine for the faceless refugees, won’t be fine for her – very important person that she is.

Then she arrives in Rwanda where she is just another unknown brown person - just another number.

What will happen to her? 

An interesting scenario.


And here’s one I  made earlier….. https://theorkneynews.scot/2017/07/09/circles-lines-tales-to-tell-and-roads-to-travel/


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