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by Bernie Bell - 07:45 on 26 September 2022


An article about fracking by a geo-scientist who really does know what he’s talking about…..


As Steve says – what does Rees-Mogg know about it?

My tuppence-worth…… https://theorkneynews.scot/2019/05/07/deep-down-fracking/


The Orkney Bird Report 2021…..

Exactly what it says it is. 

I’m not ‘A Birder’.  I like to see birds - I particularly like to see certain birds – Linnets on the Self-heal in the gravel….

Six Linnets

This morning

Six Linnets.

Feeding on seeds.

Feeding on the seeds of Self-heal.

Feeding, Healing me

While watching them.


That’s what happens

If you let life, live

In your gravel.

BB August 2019

Thrushes bathing in the Hedgehog’s water dish ….

Mr or Mrs Harrier swooping over the garden – never at the same time. The squabbling Sparrers and Starlings. Rookie….. http://www.spanglefish.com/berniesblog/blog.asp?blogid=15868.  Goldfinches being Charming.   And Kraak the Heron….. https://theorkneynews.scot/?s=Kraak - the birds who choose to visit our garden.

As ‘Friends of…’ North Ronaldsay Bird Observatory… https://www.nrbo.org.uk/  we receive their Annual Bird Report, and we also receive The Orkney Bird Report each year.  The 2021 edition arrived and it really is packed with facts and tables and charts and recordings – which, as a non-‘birder’,  is where I was pleased to have received it.  Under the heading of ‘Rarity finder accounts’ there is a Varied Thrush which was seen in Papa Westray – what a lovely creature - and seeing one would make anyone’s day.  David Roche tells the tale and there are photos by various people all showing the beautiful, varied colouring.   An absolute corker.

I remember seeing reports of the wintering Glossy Ibises in Westray – a strange sight indeed in these Northern climes.  Rightly or wrongly I associate the Ibis with Egypt, yet there they were – Glossy Ibises in Westray – reported on and photographed by Steve P. Dudley, who was alerted to their presence last year by the Westray Postie who told him that she’d seen birds that looked like “….big black Whaups” - which they do - Whaups being Curlews. 

At the front of the Report we’re warned not to quote from it…..but I like her description…..I am of a lawless breed…..so……

Other, random pics which appeal to me as a bird-loving non-‘birder’ are…… A Surf Scoter – who thought up that beak?  Slavonian Grebe – a personal favourite of mine.  Jackdaws – more glossy-ness. And a Rock Pipit doing a passable impression of Road Runner - nemesis of Wile E.  Cayote.

If you‘d like a copy of The Orkney Bird Report – email  orkneybirdreport@hestily.co.uk


Re. wildlife……NOTA BENE…


And…. https://twitter.com/WWF_UK_Politics

Independence for Scotland ASAP !!!!!!



I received this from the Stonehenge Alliance…..

“National Highways has commented on UNESCO's  Advisory Mission's report following their visit in April.  The Mission advised that a less damaging scheme, such as a southern bypass, should be sought and indicated that, at the very least, any tunnel should be extended to the western WHS boundary. National Highways insists that its current scheme would bring benefits to the WHS and that a longer tunnel would not be worth the expense.

Last week, the new Transport Secretary invited Interested Parties to respond to National Highway’s comments by 28 September.   Despite this tight deadline we hope you will be able to send a comment.  The Stonehenge Alliance will send a response to the Secretary of State and share it in due course.

If you wish to respond we have listed some points you might like to make with links here.

As you will have heard in the Chancellor’s Statement, the pressure for road building is high and included the A303 Stonehenge scheme.  Planning for growth should not be at the expenses of a World Heritage Site.

Your continued support has been vital and hugely appreciated.

With best wishes,

The Stonehenge Alliance”


These days, with this Government, it’s all about money.


What Might Happen To Putin?…

I’ve been thinking about Putin – he’s ripe for assassination. People are taking to the streets to demonstrate – even with all the risks that entails in such a repressive regime.   The citizens are also leaving Russia rather than fight in the war that isn’t a war.  Defending your country is one thing, randomly bashing your neighbour is another.

I wonder if someone might decide to ’take him out’ – or maybe a group of high-ups would consider it as an option – his closest cronies maybe?  I was thinking about Julius Caesar – though I’m not entirely sure that he really deserved what happened to him.  Surrounded by ambitious people  …..the rest is history…… and a good play by Mr Shakespeare.

Back to The Putin.  As with Caesar’s assassins, maybe they would feel that there would be safety in numbers.   If one person assassinates someone they are immediately pounced on and punished. If a group – in particular a group of high-ups - join together to do the deed – not so likely to be summarily wiped out. 

For that matter if a group of high-ups assassinates someone, and then are taken out themselves - who is left to keep things going and run the country?

So, I’m wondering – a group of high-ups seeing that his reign is very bad for Russia – that the people are dis-satisfied, that basically he is A BAD THING as well as being obviously nuts - decide to rid their country of a menace and…..take him out.

I believe that much that is amiss with Russia hinges on him and his megalomania.  For example, those people leaving - he won’t wonder why – he’ll call them traitors and would have them all shot if he could. 

So with him out of the way – maybe, just maybe, whoever took charge would call off the war which isn’t a war – and maybe, just maybe try to get Russia on track as a nation which has some respect in the world.  Maybe. 

I should mention that I believe in democratic process and don’t usually believe assassination to be a reasonable or reasoned solution to bad leadership but, every now and then, it would help the world to get one individual out of the way.  I needn’t name the obvious contenders!


Here’s one I made earlier…..  https://theorkneynews.scot/2018/08/09/living-mountain-living/


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