‘Tomorrow’………Beach Towers – Part Two…… Abandonment

by Bernie Bell - 07:43 on 06 September 2022



The cormorant flies on by, low over the bay

I feel myself regarded by her cold saurian eye

But, no.  That’s just my fancy

I’m an irrelevance

Always and forever an anachronism


Hard times, but she finds fish, engulfs

Spews into reaching gullets in a nest of stink

Me?  And my kind?

A brief iridescent bubble of consciousness

A scar.  Soon healed.  Assimilated


And is that all there is?

In truth, that’s paradise enough

To be joined to, and made by, our nearest star

Through a planet’s joyful pigment

Oh, the joy and the agony of it!

To have our time in the garden

Even carrying the seeds of authorship of our own destruction


Of course we should still strive

Strive for peace, our full humanity

To achieve that green transition

Be one with that will to become

Only inaction is futile


Cormorant, and what follows cormorant and us

Will continue the thread

Until one day this planet

One of countless billions of planets

Boils away into space in the fire of an exploding sun


McB 12th March 2022


Beach Towers – Part Two

You might remember this…. http://www.spanglefish.com/berniesblog/blog.asp?blogid=15899

We walked to the Bay on a windy, showery day to find that the mystery builder had raised another tower next to the first one, looking a bit like a giant, striding the beach…….


…..and something  of the Eiffel Tower about it too……


The old Rendall Parish Kirkyard https://theorkneynews.scot/2018/10/07/the-old-kirks-of-orkney-part-one/  framed between the two towers….

And at the opposite end of the Bay – the headland is framed…

I believe this person to be a wizard, who casts a spell to make the top-stones stay in place….’Lithica Petrifactium!’

And then…the tide came in….



Even wizards can't contol the tides....


A-ha!  Neighbour Steve was talking with the mystery builder/wizard - a mystery no more - he’s called Bradford Spencer…. https://bradfordspencer.myportfolio.com/home ..... here on holiday.



Visit & images by Steve Davey – words by BB

It’s one of those houses, on an island, where the people left - leaving something of their lives behind them……

The kitchen/living room still looks ‘lived in’  with an old armed-chair by the fire-place…..

One tap – the only source of water – still better than going out to the well in all weathers…..

Why a drum kit in the bed-room?   Orkney is known for musical talent – maybe there wasn’t much room to spare for such a big object?

Lives lived - memories – now standing empty.


Here’s one I made earlier………. https://theorkneynews.scot/2018/04/12/orkney-walks-yesnaby/


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