The Blob Has Gone!.......The Meaning of Truss…….Rwanda Flights…..

by Bernie Bell - 11:23 on 05 September 2022

Ding Dong The Blob Has Gone!

 To the tune of ‘Ding-dong the Witch is Dead’ from ‘The Wizard of Oz’……

 “Ding-dong, the blob has gone!

Which old blob? The big blonde blob.

Ding-dong, the lying blob has gone.

He's gone, where all the liars go

Below, below, below

Let's sing - and ring the bells out

Hey-ho the merry-o sing it high, sing it low

Let them know the lying blob has GONE!!!”

And this Munchkin is dancing!  

Will his replacement follow the yellow brick road to take us out of the mess we’re in? I doot it.

Trouble is – we still have a Tory in control and, as ‘Nye Bevan said …’Why not trust the Tories?’ 

I looked up the meaning of the word ‘Truss’….  https://www.collinsdictionary.com/dictionary/english/truss  - mostly appears to be to do with supporting things….in this case I think not somehow.  More likely the first interpretation mentioned – to bind tightly. 


But…seriously……a message from 'Freedpm from Torture'.....

"The airline which was going to fly refugees to Rwanda hasn’t commented on whether they’ll do it when our new Prime Minister tries again. 

Thousands of us told them not to profit from the pain of refugees. They won’t listen.


So now it’s time to tell their celebrity customers - who they proudly brag about flying around the world - what they’re up to behind their backs.

Privilege Style has flown Real Madrid and other famous football teams - even putting their team logos on their planes. 

They rely on them to boost their public image and their profits, so let’s see how they feel when we expose the truth to these football players.  Will you sign our open letter calling on world famous football teams not to use Privilege Style airlines?

Take action now

Torture survivors have written this letter - now if thousands of  us add our names, we’ll get this into newspapers and make sure football teams can’t miss it. Far away in Spain - or touring the world with their team, right now football players and managers probably have no idea about what the airline is up to. But we can change that. 

Picture this. The CEO of Privilege Style is sitting at his desk when he gets a text to say famous footballers are talking about his company, for all the wrong reasons. He’s nervously calling his PR agency, wondering how he can wiggle out of this. There’s only one choice: stop profiting from the pain of torture survivors.

In the run up to the government’s much talked about first flight to Rwanda, people sprung into action. Hundreds of you called the airline. Meanwhile, activists blocked roads to stop the flights. And lawyers succeeded in forcing the government to back down at the last moment. When we come together, we are powerful - so let’s make sure these football teams hear us in our thousands.

Sign the open letter

In solidarity,

Jack Steadman

Head of Digital & Campaigns


Nothing to do with politics …just something I do at the end of my blog….here’s one I made earlier….


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