Tsunami……When Food Gets Sprouty….

by Bernie Bell - 08:26 on 03 September 2022


In the most recent of his ‘Earthlogs’ series Steve Drury writes of the possibility of major earthquakes in the Western Mediterranean causing tsunami and mentions the ‘quake and tsunami of 1755 which battered the coasts of Portugal, Spain and NW Africa.


In Orkney, a section of the cliff at Yesnaby  was important for the production of millstones at one time as the rocks there are particularly hard. 

In 1755, the same earthquake and tsunami that caused damage in Portugal created a tsunami which nearly caused a disaster at Yesnaby – washing away tools, equipment, and millstones, but, thankfully not people…….  https://theorkneynews.scot/2018/05/11/orkney-walks-yesnaby-tother-way/

When the earth moves – the effects can be far-reaching……..  https://theorkneynews.scot/2017/03/06/robert-burns-the-laki-volcano-of-1783/


Fraiku: Kitchen Considerations

‘The cheese is growing
a respectable green beard.
Fridge must be broken.’

by  https://bartbarkerpoet.com/

And my response was………..

‘We found a potato in the back of the cupboard which had gone shrivelled and sprouted a luxuriant 'top knot'.  We called her Spudulika and left her by our neighbours door – to have a visit.

Some years ago Mike was harvesting the spuds when he dug up a potato which looked exactly like a little pair of bollocks!  It was one potato, but had divided and formed in such a way as to be the shape of…..bollocks!  So I put it in a box and sent it to me old mate, Philip, who I knew would appreciate the humour, with a piece of paper with one word on it – ‘Bollocks!’.

Time passed and some months later the box arrived back. I opened it to find that…the bollocks had each produced a little sprout on the end and Philip had enclosed a piece of paper with one word on it ‘Knockers!’   

This became The Tale of the Bollock-Knockers which I sent, with the evidence, to friend Marie who being a thrifty Northern sort, planted it in the hope of getting some edible spuds.  Not that the bollock/knockers weren’t edible, but – well – we didn’t like to!’

And…when carrots…get amorous….


Fun with Food.


Here’s one Mike made earlier…. https://theorkneynews.scot/2020/05/19/whats-in-a-name/



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