Brexit…..Archaeological Mysticism…..An Autumn Recipe….

by Bernie Bell - 11:44 on 17 August 2022


We have a Dyson vacuum cleaner which we’ve had for a long time and it’s worked very well. We took out a service agreement when we got it, and that has worked well too. If anything went wrong or we needed a replacement part I contacted Dyson Aftercare and they sent the required part - no quibble, no problem.

Recently I noticed that one of the filters is looking very tired so I emailed Dyson to ask for a replacement – three times – no response.

It turned out that the Aftercare had been handed over to Curry’s (where we bought the machine originally).

Mike then ‘phoned Curry’s Customer Service and spoke with a very shirty young man who insisted that we had to send the whole machine to be checked out. Mike pointed out that the only problem is a worn-out filter - a small part which could easily be posted.

Shirty young man was having none of it and insisted on arranging for the machine to be collected.  Absolute non-sense - but we had no alternative. So we got the machine ready for collection yesterday – and nothing happened.

Mike then had a message saying that someone had gone to collect the machine – from the house where we lived when we bought it …seven hundred miles away!

Mike called the branch of Curry’s where we bought the machine and this time, fortunately, got a very helpful woman who suggested that either we called Customer Service again, or we take the machine to the nearest branch of Curry’s. Mike explained that we are very reluctant to call Customer Dis-service again after his experience with the shirty young man, and also that we now live in Orkney and don’t even know where the nearest Curry’s is.

So, we decided to leave it at that. We’ve ordered a filter on-line from a supplier and are cancelling the Aftercare agreement which is now obviously a waste of money.

In my view, this has happened because Dyson moved their Aftercare service to the supplier when they left Britain due to Brexit.  The system for getting replacements – even to Orkney! - used to work perfectly well – now -  it doesn’t.

The Brexit Effect.

Mike observed how much difference it can make whether you have to deal with a helpful person or an awkward person.  Every little inter-action in our daily lives can make a difference, negative or positive. 

That's why I didn't make the phone call - generally fragile state of mind - I know my limitations and work with them.


On a much more edifying subject…I’m going to re-post this, as I think what Peter Breingan writes about is very interesting and his pic of the West Kennet Avenue is…..the biz…..


We’re heading to Autumn and while we’re in Wiltshire…..



Here’s one Mike made earlier……. https://theorkneynews.scot/2018/03/06/black-isle/


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