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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Is Neighbourhood watch part of the police?

A. No, we are part of the team which include the Police, Fire Service, Local Authority Safety Initiatives, Age Concern and a whole range of organisations whose objectives are to make lives better and safer.  We have an office based in the Police Stations which allows us to work with a range of organisations that are also based there, and to make sure your voice, as a member of the population, is heard where it matters.


Q. Will I be a target if I have a Neighbourhood Watch sticker in my window?

A. If there is an anti social element in your area everyone is at risk, but if the majority of the area is seen to be a Neighbourhood Watch, anti social elements will keep away as there is a chance they will be spotted and the appropriate authorities informed.  Remember, together communities are strong and that is the best defence.


Q.  How much work will I have to do if I became a organiser/co-ordinator?

A. It depends on the area and the amount of time you have available.  In some areas where there are well developed Watches problems are minimised and it just ticks along.  In some new areas there is some time commitment, but the rewards are that you get to know your neighbours, have some localised social activity, and enjoy living in a better community.  We are always looking for people who can spare time or lend their expertise to make communities better.


Q. How do we get information?

A. With the advent of Internet (we have our first Internet site and e-mail facility) we can now get to those who are registered on our database information and warnings of scams to protect you.   
Use our CONTACT US form (see menu) for any further information you may want.


Q. Do I have to attend meetings?

A.  Co-ordinators of the various area scemes currently hold meetings on a quarterly basis usually at the Civic Centre at  Neath.  We are currently reviewing the format of those meetings to make them more informative and interesting.


Q. If I set up a new watch can somebody help me?

A. Certainly, we are currently looking at how we can have localised experienced people who have run watches mentor new watches until they are confident they can manage on their own.


Q. What will it cost?

A. Currently the central office is working on a funding scheme that will allow us to fund the initial signs and materials to set up the watch, and hopefully in the future a small grant to get you going.  After that you are expected to raise any cash you need to meet your plans.


Q. Who controls what we do?

A. We have a constitution under whose rules we must operate.  As a courtesy keep the main office informed, but we trust you to work with all the organisations that are able to help you have a better quality of life.



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