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So after all this time sadly Peverel Action has joined TTAS, much to the relief of Peverel. Unfortunate for Peverel then that About Peverel has been launched and as you will see is collecting information and comments to carry on ....

It took a bit of time to get up to speed, but as time has passed it is once more able to offer support for those afflicted by Peverel's management.

About Peverel wishes to thank those whose hard work has made this relaunch possible. [Thanks !]

For those that sent messages to Peverel Action before it caught a cold we have been unable to save those comments. The Add Comments side of things is working well, so for all the supporters "Don't give up! - Keep Posting"

21 January 2020Run Rabbit Run!

Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit Run Run Run,

If a child on a Firstport managed development wants to keep a rabbit, not only do you need a hutch, straw, food and water do not forget to send a payment of £60 to obtain permission to keep the rabbit, otherwise you will have been deemed to have breached your lease and liable for some very expensive payments to rectify the breach unless you could argue that the rabbit was not a pet but awaiting pastry?

08 January 2020A New Improved LKP

About Firstport are delighted with the real progress Leasehold Knowledge Partnership have made from relatively modest beginnings.

Since becoming a registered charity, they have evolved from a site that highlighted issues leaseholders face to one that actively campaigns on behalf of leaseholders.

They now have a comprehensive advice forum which is proving most helpful to hard pressed leaseholders.

We wish them well for the future and thank them for their efforts.

30 December 2019Firstport Watch

Recently a new website has been set up called Firstport Watch which About Firstport were happy to endorse.

Unfortunately the editor has chosen in his comments to write vile antisemetic abuse as part of his campaign.

We note the tenure of other comments which sail far too close to the wind for the site to retain any credibility. indered it does to appear no more than a rant concerning one development.

It is claimed that Firstport are preparing to sue the editor.

Where that to be the case, About Firstport would support any legal action.                 Normally this site encourages all comments, but one individual, posting as Deezie has been banned from this site.

Racism in any formwill not be tolerated.

19 December 2019Ouch! A £4,000,000 Bill for Firstport!

As part of their survival bid Firstport were forced to sell their leasehold interests for residential house manager's flats and lease them back from the company they sold the leases to.

The deal was for around £30,000,000 with £10,000,000 being held back from Firstport to cover future rental payments.

Due to the timing of the Firstport accounts against the finally published Estates & Management accounts  a previously undisclosed payment of £4,000,000 has been made by Firstport to Estates & Management.

According to notes to the Estates & Management accounts that show a one-off credit the explanation given is as thus:

The compensation income reprresents a one-off receipt to the company from a third party for waiving its rights under a contractual arrangement.

E&M Ltd had been entitled to receive remunaration for providing services in relation to a portfolio of house manager's flats owned by a third party.

During the year the third party divested their interest in this class of asset to a separate third party and as such E&M are no longer able to earn servicing income on these assets as it was contractually entitled to do so.

08 December 2019The Wind of Change in the Willows.

The wind of change in the Willows and this time the Toad has gone!

After a 4 year battle Stockport based The Willows have finally won their battle for a Right to Manage and given the toad (Firstport) their marching orders.

During the process their DM (a former Police officer) recruited by Stephen Cooper who left the Police in unexplained circumstances would sit in the corridor listening to and reporting back residents conversations that should have been private.

Having failed to retain the management of Willow Court and having not secured a transfer to another development the former Police Officer/Development Manager is believed to be now employed driving a Post Office van.

The new management contract has been awarded to Select and represents another "word and mouth" recommendation from other nearby former Firstport developments.

15 November 2019New Editor for Life & Style Magazine.

So Firstport Retirement's Life & Style Magazine has a new editor in the shape of Rosemary Conley. Rosemary is no stranger to Firstport as one of her companies was purchased by Firstport who were keen at the time to broaden out their money making opportunities.

Sadly for Firstport it didn't quite go according to plan and a few years later the company was disposed of for the princely sum of £1.

Firstport Retirement residents may be unaware that they are paying for the Life & Style Magazine through their service charges?

Those charges are hidden within the management fee.

Any money made from advertising is unfortunately not passed to residents and is retained by Firstport.

03 November 2019McCarthy & Stone: A Warning From History?

It appears that fears that McCarthy & Stone could be about to follow in the steps of the utterly discredited Peverel/ Firstport are coming closer to fruition.

As the Tchenguiz freeholding companies began to struggle financially pressure was exerted on their connected management company(Peverel/Firstport) to increase income.

This was at the root of all the scandals that beset Peverel/Firstport.

This is why service levels fell and why needless work was ordered to be done at vastly inflated prices and why undisclosed insurance commissions of up to 40% were the oreder of the day.

It was also the key driver in the price fixing fraud. 

So bad did it get that a few years ago McCarthy & Stone sacked Peverel/Firstport from all the developments that they had not sold the freehold off and appointed their in house property management company to manage their developments.

Whilst welcoming the sacking of Peverel/Firstport About Firstport warned that should McCarthy & Stone ever be put under any financial pressure, the temptation to fleece McCarthy & Stone residents would be all too tempting as revenues could be enhanced via their property management division.

McCarthy & Stone are finding it much more difficult to sell their developments.

And no, it is nothing to do with Brexit!

Basically they can no longer hide away from the fact that purchasing a flat in a retirement development is extremely poor value for money.

No longer can they disguise the true costs of maintenance charges, the ground rent (which is money for absolutely nothing except to increase McCarthy & Stone profits)

Nor can they deny the catastrophic falls in re-sale prices.

For a company eager to improve their reputation which had been tarnished by their association with Peverel/Firstport, it did seem strange that they appointed Paul Lestor, the former CEO of the Peverel/Firstport parent company as a director?

Everything for a reason though? And that reason should alarm every McCarthy & Stone resident!

About Firstport has discovered that a new holding company Appello Holdings has been set up with Paul Lestor as a director.

Now there is a direct link between Appello and McCarthy & Stone

Under the Equistone arrangement Appello has been hived off from Firstport with Firstport holding all the liabilities.

So in the event of a Firstport default, Appello will be free from any liability.

Currently Appello warden call/alarm systems attract a profit margin of 61%

In the last year as trading became more difficult for McCarthy & Stone profits at their property management arm doubled!

Many McCarthy & Stone developments are starting to notice that charges are increasing whilst services are getting worse.

As was the case with Peverel/Firstport residents are beginning to excercise their rights to appoint a managing agent of their choice and dismiss McCarthy & Stone a managers.

This has so alarmed McCarthy & Stone that About Firstport has heard of a case where a senior manager took a plane from Bournemouth( it may have been Southampton?) to Manchester to try to thwart a right to manage action.

His journey north proved to be fruitless as the residents completed their RTM and are much happier as a result.

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