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Quiz answer?
I cannot see the answer to the post from Nov asking what was the name of Firstport briefly in 1986. In terms of names registered with Companies House I guess the correct answer must have been Second High as posted by Chas but that doesn't explain the history of the company.

Firstport is like a river with two main tributaries.

The one stream started life c. 1983 as the inhouse property management arm of builder McCarthy & Stone in Christchurch, run by the infamous Nigel Bannister and chums (now trading as Freemont, are they still going?) and when split off it became Peverel Retirement until they let slip they thought we were all a bunch of dribbling geriatrics.

The other stream was an adjunct I think to Barratt's with companies called Owners Management (the OM in OM Peverel) based in Bedfordshire formed by David Billson in 1991, his son Andy went on to run the operation before escaping back to head Barratt's inhouse division when he could no longer survive the scandal of Countey Estates, Solitaire, Peverel charging 43% commission on insurances while being utterly hopeless at block management.

I have no idea why the company (a predecessor of Firstport Services or Firstport Property Management Services ?) might have officially been called Second High briefly in 1986, it has no significant meaning. There were several corporate transactions involving changing names, all very confusing and some of the names relate to the title given to off-the-shelf company formations. Most of the skulduggery was designed to avoid giving you the leaseholder the right to buy your own freehold, as intended by parliament.

Anyway this is why Firstport operates out of Christchurch and Luton today.

Carlex once had a terrific family tree of all the companies in the Tchenguiz empire used by Martin Boyd in the famous Charter Quay case described by the judge as "quasi-biblical". Tracing the names, how they are related and what they mean is, rather like some passages in the bible, not something necessarily meant to be understood by normal people.
Posted by Mark on 11 December 2019
Mark, CARLEX was set up by residents family after they noticed the exploitation that had been going on at Gibson Court.

It was found that since 2005 where Peverel Retirement now Firstport Retirement were Rigging Tenders along with 3 in-house Subcontractors and Price Fixing with Cirrus Communications now Appello.

Peverel Retirements intention was to update any Retirement that was coming up to being 20 years of age.

Peverel/Firstport Retirement would instruct the Area Managers to inform all the residents that the Warden Call & Fire Systems were OBSOLETE when in fact they were ok.

Peverel/Firstport Retirement made huge profits of £1.4 million in 5 years by lying to residents of 65 Retirement Developments into updating the systems because they needed more profits.

Names of the 65 Retirement Developments are available if posters provide their Post -Codes and wish to check if they were Price-Fixed?

Peverel/Firstport Retirement colluded with their Sister Company Cirrus to always provide the lowest tender as they knew the other tenderer was providing a much higher tender and may also have provided both tenders, just adding a percentage.

Peverel/Firstport would after winning the contrived tender employ the same loosing tenderer to subcontract the replacing of the systems at a lower cost.

Peverel/Firstport as Main Contractor could also charge the bogus tenders a 2.5% subcontract charge.

Checkout the Tchenguiz Family Trust from 2011/12 highlighted by the brilliant Martin Boyd in the famous Charter Quay case described by the judge as "quasi-biblical".

Check out Charter Quay Residents Association.
Posted by chas on 12 December 2019
What great news the Wind of Change in The Willows and the Toad - Firstport Property Services Ltd has been forced to Hop Off.

It was reported that after a 4 year battle Stockport based The Willows have finally won their battle for a Right to Manage (RTM).

During the process their Development Manager (a former Police Officer) recruited by Area Manager - Stephen Cooper who was as reported, also a former Police Officer.

This DM it was reported would sit in a corridor listening to and reporting back private residents conversations to his AM.

Firstport Property Services Ltd having failed to retain the management and refused to provided a transfer to another development the former Police Officer/Development Manager was not retained by Firstport.

The new Managing Agent to be awarded the contract is Select Retirement Service (SRS) and represents "word of mouth" recommendation from other nearby former Firstport Developments.
Posted by chas on 12 December 2019
Can we do a "where are they now", top prize to the most interesting new job.

For example, Ian Rapley of "dribbling geriatrics" fame reinvented himself as a skincare expert. Products for both sides of the face perhaps!

For another example, Richard Silva who securitised Tchenguiz's freehold interests by selling their future income potential from "nice little earners" like insurance commissions, admin fees and all the other scams now Director at Long Harbour. Hang on, didn't LH buy a chunk of Tchenguiz's portfolio?

Plus c'est la meme chose. Or mangetout, as another cowboy used to say.

Anyone spotted where the other rogues have got to?

Posted by Stroof on 12 December 2019
Lift breakdowns
There seems to be increasing problem with lift breakdowns - especially critical in retirement blocks .
Apart from First port nightmare lack of management / maintenance ; old lifts make life really difficult due to obsolete parts etc . I am not sure you can even insure when old parts replaced as lift still liable to breakdown due to incompatibility of mixing old and new parts ?? Has anyone had a completely new lift fitted into old lift shaft ! A huge section 20 surely . Also what about the flats on either side of lift shaft - structural works ? Any comments and advice regarding lifts welcome
Posted by Emma on 08 December 2019
Emma, Regarding Lift breakdowns?
The problem has always been because the MA decides who will maintain them.

If you have: say four lift companies fighting for the
contract then FP would require payments for them to be put on a list of Engineers.

If they do not pay they are not put on the list and cheaper companies are used.

Has anyone thought the possibility that the more breakdowns the more money the MA make?

Lifts do have a finite life but if the MA refuse to award the contract to the company that installed it then the parts to repair may be different and add to the problem.
Posted by chas on 09 December 2019
Our lifts are 30 yrs old now, and breakdown at least twice a year. The original company that fitted them is no longer trading, and all spares have to come from Germany! To replace the 4 lifts it’s going to cost us 240k !! Hope I die before I have to contribute to this expense!
Posted by Malcolm on 09 December 2019
Hi Emma,
You’ve raised a valid issue here very similar to that which exists with the long running debacle of unsafe cladding, I.e. who pays, landlords or leaseholders?
Maintenance of lifts in retirement developments is just as critical as the rest of the blocks structure, one of the reasons why ground floor flats carry an increased premium on a deminishing asset value. Raise the issue with your Area Manager if they are competent in your opinion. If not, then request a management’s plan of works required. Subsequently taking this to the landlord if agreement can’t be reached.
Posted by FACT on 12 December 2019
Lift breakdowns increase as the years go by if the wrong maintenance contractors are chosen then this will add to the continued breakdowns.

It seems from the amount of complaints over the past 10 years on websites that have monitored Solitaire-Peverel- Firstport, a common factor has been the lack of creditable maintenance which has resulted in parts having to be sent from Europe.

We have the similar problems as with Warden Call/Fire Systems the Area Managers need time to undertake the many other maintenance problems which seem to have been due to continued lack of Proper Management & Maintenance.

Firstport continue to blame old lifts and claim the problem is down to:
OBSOLETE PARTS as they do with Warden Call/Fire Systems.

I believe some developments have replaced the lifts and the Landlords/Managing Agents have contributed to the costs?

If your lifts are 30 yrs old and breakdown at least twice a year the MA will has been stated be responsible and should be charged by those not able to climb for compensation if they have to move?

The lift is an integral part of the structural design in flats and whilst Leaseholders pay for the maintenance it should be the landlords/Freeholder who pays for the replacement.

How do Ground Floor Flats carry an increased premium on a deminishing asset value?

By all means raise the issue with your AM if they are competent, even request a management’s plan of works for the next 5 years which is one of the responsibilities they have?
Posted by chas on 12 December 2019
Water leak - emergency
Hi all
We have an emergency
Water leak from flat ( new owner) from toilet cistern and hot water tank . This was paid for !! Under our instance many months ago but the resolution as the flat was for sale was to turn the water off and NOT to fix the problem !!
New owner just arrived turned water on today , left and cannot be contacted !! Water flooding through ceiling into reception from this flat .
Careline contacted to call out an emergency plumber to access flat and turn off water BUT unbelievably first port will not agree to cover cost ! Any suggestions please as surely this obstruction by first port to mitigate the damage is actually damaging the landlords property and is a risk ??
Posted by Ni on 07 December 2019
Would this problem not be covered by insurance We had a resident who left a tsp running in their bathroom during the night and the plug was in the basin. This Caused a massive flood and resulted in New carpets being needed in the corridor below.All was covered by insurance.Or is this situation not quite the same?..
Posted by Reeve on 07 December 2019
Not necessarily gospel, but water leaks from a flat above are the bane of flat living lives.
In this instance I believe Firstport are correct in not agreeing to fund the cost.
that said they have the right and indeed duty to effect an entry to the flat to shut off the water to prevent further damage.
As Reeve has stated this will be the subject of an insurance claim quite possibly against the new flat owner.
Posted by Michael Epstein on 07 December 2019
This problem seems to be a very grey area.My next door neighbour had water in her flat from a leaky tank above.She had her flat decorated on FP insurance and money to buy a new bed.I think there should be a hard & fast rule regarding this issue.
Posted by Reeve on 07 December 2019
Michael if Firstport were aware of the situation they have contributed if not created the situation as the original leak was known about?

This should be the subject of an insurance claim quite possibly against the old flat owner for leaving the problem to others?
Posted by chas on 07 December 2019
Sorry it’s not about who is paying for it or insurance claim ,but that first port won’t allow an emergency contractor out to turn off the water !! We cannot access flat as access to master key in safe has to be authorised careline who need authorisation by first port who refuse !
Posted by Ni on 07 December 2019
Ni, this has happened time and time again as Careline consider themselves as Saviours but in fact re Serious Failures as Sorry it’s not about who is paying for it or insurance claim ,but that first port won’t allow an emergency contractor out to turn off the water !! We cannot access flat as access to master key in safe has to be authorised careline who need authorisation by first port who refuse ! times like this the System Fails because of Jobsworth and employees who have no direct link to developments and fail to understand the implications of refusing access.

It would not surprise me if the insurance gets to know this they may refuse the claim as they have done in the past, especially if its AJ Gallagher

The real problem is if they did give the numbers for the lock they could then change them as soon as the access has been provided.

Unless as at ABC the AM changed the numbers and forgot to inform Careline who refused for half hour to release the numbers only for them to finally agree and gave the old numbers which of course failed to open.

By this time the elderly lady had been locked in her flat unable to move and was left in that way for circa 45 minutes.
Posted by chas on 07 December 2019
Hi Ni....contact your landlord by email Informing them of the detail and take your own action to cut off the water supply.
Regards for a timely conclusion
Posted by FACT on 08 December 2019
If a water leak is caused fro the flat above it is the responsibility of the flat owner to get a plumber and sort the problem .It is not an insurance claim.If there is damage to the flat underneath the FP Buildings insurance will cover the cost of damage to the walls ceilings and fixtures and fittings.It will NOT cover the cost the damage to any contents which has to be claimed on th residents own insurance so carpets ,furniture etc If the owner of the flat has a conscience and they caused the leak then they should really pay for the damage to the contents of the person affected.Appello Careline will not let anyone not authorised which is totally correct.It is the responsibility of the new owner to notify Appello Careline through the DM of their contact numbers in case of emergency Appello Carelne could then have called them out.Water damage used to be subject to £500 excess this may now have changed of course but the above is how it works.You cannot have residents accessing the master key I have seen this cause many problems.Usually Careline will call out the nearest DM if there is an Emergency this may have changed but this has been the correct procedure.
Posted by ex employee on 08 December 2019
Ni - If FirstPort has 'completed the circle' Careline will know the name of the new Leaseholder. Why are they not contacting them to return to turn the water off again or to give someone access to turn it off? There has to be a reason and you should insist on knowing that reason. Careline should be telling the new owner that any damage could be their responsibility.
Posted by This is not right on 08 December 2019
There will be a stop tap in the ceiling tile in the corridor outside the property which will shut off the water
Posted by hmmm on 08 December 2019
I myself had this issue, (ground floor/water from upstairs flat from hw. tank) resolved after 2 years by a proper plumber. However, we now have a written declaration from e&m/landlord that all bathroom fittings and fixtures, pipes and tanks (and equally so re. kitchen) are the property of the landlord regardless of age, updates, refurbs., renewals, spends &c., therefore "communal" for cost. Our lease dictates allowing the landlord/reps./ workforce &c. access at all times as necessary, for repair &c. This is now finally accepted by Appello, M.A &c. and no more arguments re. responsibility and response.
Posted by Peter Thomas on 09 December 2019
Please can u explain, does the flat that caused the leak not have to pay?
Posted by the holy mole on 10 December 2019
Holy Mole. No.in this case, the flat upstairs was not "responsible" for the water flooding down through my ceiling - involving the ceiling rose for the emergency pull cord - and on to a bed. Appello / Careline / MA repeatedly said it was my responsibility - the water was in my premises ! Eventually a proper, dedicated plumber turned up and traced the problem to the upstairs flat HW. cylinder float and ballcock not closing fully and when the water heated up at night during E7 hours, the water expanded and as the overflow pipe was not patent, the water flowed down to me. After a lot of "discussion" the landlord/e&m, in response to a "left field" query, made the declaration I referred to previously and which has not been refuted.
Posted by Peter Thomas on 10 December 2019
Hi Peter , we are now RTM and have in place if the leak can be traced to a flat the flat owner where the leak came from pays for the leak to be fixed, and pays for the flat below if identified it came from the flat above he pays the plumber and the ins excess which is currently £350
Posted by the holy mole on 11 December 2019
Oh! holy mole, you are so fortunate to have achieved RTM. Unfortunately and, this is not criticism - just a fact of life - our demographic does not make that practical. I fully understand that as an RTM Development, you can set your own agenda. We cannot and so have to battle with an MA. The point about our water issue was that everybody, MA., Appello, Adiuvo &c. were adamant it was my problem (ground floor!) and did their very best to confuse us. Nevertheless we eventually reached a conclusion satisfactory for everone here. Many thanks.
Posted by Peter Thomas on 11 December 2019
Hi Peter glad u got it sorted, I have been in the building trade on an off for over 60 years and am still working as a City and Guilds plumber as well as other skills , , we are lucky as on the top floor so if any leaks from above the service charge pays.
Posted by the holy mole on 11 December 2019
Hi Holy Mole,
You still pay a %? (Of Service Charge
Surely that means you could pay twice for the same repairs/ maintenance as a leak from the roof above should be paid for by a buildings insurance claim for which you have already paid a premium through your SC?
Yet another potential scam to increase revenues by FP.
Posted by FACT on 12 December 2019
Yes FACT I agree, but our ins excess for water damage is £350, maybe I did not make this clear, I would end up paying £8.53 p as my contribution to ins excess and we are RTM ,we looked at all the ins company's b4 we picked this one and saved about 5000 over FP quote 2 years ago ,
Posted by the holy mole on 12 December 2019
Holly Mole,
Very pleased you have RTM and well done over the years as an excellent contributor.

I agree if the leak can be traced to a flat the leaseholder where the leak came from should pay, that is what Home Insurance Covers.

A RTM Development can set their own agenda so set up a Residents Association and go for RTM.
Posted by chas on 12 December 2019
FirstPort Watch
Re: www.firstportwatch.co.uk

Thanks for all the encouraging comments. I wasn't sure how it would go down.

I intend putting a "Contact Page" on the site probably after Xmas. This will obviously not be for giving advice but for reporting other complaints -- especially in cases where FP are breaking the law.

BTW : Not sure what point ANOTHER WATCHER 2 was making on 04 December 2019. Everything that ANOTHER WATCHER 2 wrote was taken from the official FirstPort website. Or was ANOTHER WATCHER 2 some kind of FirstPort troll? If not, I appologise.

But to the rest of you, THANK YOU

Posted by deezi on 05 December 2019
Desai, Don't let it bother you "they are watching" you have a fantastic website they won't like and will sabotage your efforts in any way. Rest assured you are getting attention for these terrible deeds being done by firtport. Congratulations on a real professional website.
Posted by David Buckland on 06 December 2019
We have a disabled resident living on the 2nd floor,on returning from a hospital visit found the lift was out of order and was unable to access her flat which meant her family had to house her for 5xdays can the resident claime compensation from FirstPort for non-access to the flat.
Posted by Gravedigger on 04 December 2019
Our lift,was out of order for three weeks one Christmas.one of our residents contacted our local paper who in turn contacted FP who said all they,could do was,apologise to the residents I was,appalled that,we had to get our apology through the local paper,but that is FP for you..
Posted by Reeve on 04 December 2019
Gravedigger I bet that didn't go down well?

Did this development have a Guest Room they could have used?

I would ask for a reduction of Service Charges for the period they were unable to get to the room and apply for compensation and then post their reply.
Posted by chas on 04 December 2019
The problem was that the lift didn't go down well?
Posted by Michael Epstein on 04 December 2019
Hi Gravedigger.....the family involved should email retirement help and if no positive response take legal advice on a no win no fee basis! Sounds like a case for breach of contract on service levels with lift contractors that FP don’t deal with competently.
Posted by FACT on 05 December 2019
FACT you say the family involved should email retirement help and if no positive response take legal advice on a no win no fee basis.

Are you aware this had been carried out on previous Firstport Developments?

Is a breach of contract on service levels with lift contractors a usual problem as it seems?

Firstport Retirement are renowned for incompetence and poor levels of accepted maintenance since they made the technicians redundant so to save money for themselves.
Posted by chas on 05 December 2019
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