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FirstPort has a new initiative entitled P Y O. Essentially FirstPort wants to communicate directly with leaseholders by website and email, rather than via than the Development Managers. You have to register with FirstPort on line. I have looked at the privacy details and there are grave concerns. It seems to have been tightly drawn by a lawyer giving FirstPort considerable powers over leaseholders with the implication that if you do not register with them, you lose their services. Am I correct in this view?
Posted by Chris Barker on 17 March 2019
Your concerns are totally justified.
Indeed by signing up you agree to your information being passed to a third party and even worse information can be held in a territory beyond the European data protection zone.
Recently having got into a complete administrative mess development accounts had to be farmed out to a company in Malaysia.
No disrespect to the good people of Malaysia, but does any Firstport customer want their details to be known by anyone in Malaysia? I think not!
Anyone using their automated systems is playing into Firstport's hands.
Posted by Michael Epstein on 17 March 2019
Have you read the Sarawak Report by Clare Rewcastle Brown about the 60 billion US dollar heist from the Malaysian people? The excuses from the former PM are instructional.
Posted by Chris Barker on 17 March 2019
Chris, is that a NEW FP initiative. They are well behind.
Most reasonably sized property management companies have been using that system for years.
You are quite right though, the Terms and Conditions need to be legally checked re data protection before committing to any such agreement.
I would expect to find it is a standard specific Data Protection agreement issued by government
Posted by Trevor Bradley on 17 March 2019
Dear Trevor

Again I do not wish to wrangle with you. I have concerns. Mere speculation confuses the issues.
Posted by Chris Barker on 17 March 2019
Chris, it is not me who is speculating though is it.
I am just letting readers know that it is not just a FP scheme, and of course I agree, before signing up to any such scheme, its prudent the terms/conditions are scrutinised by qualified people
Posted by Trevor Bradley on 17 March 2019
Financial Prudence
Direct Debit versus Bankers Order

The difference between the two is that the service provider has control of your money with direct debit, whereas you retain control of your money with bankers order provided you comply with the terms of your lease.
Posted by Chris Barker on 17 March 2019
By law, a company has to notify you in writing if they are going to change your DD charges up or even down. They cannot just do it without officially notifying you.
You then have the choice of doing nothing and letting it happen, or, just contact your bank and cancel the DD.
So DD is safe, and saves having to reinstruct bank like you do if using Bankers Order
Posted by Trevor Bradley on 17 March 2019
Dear Trevor

I do not wish to enter into a wrangle with you. I do agree with you that you are correct in what you say in normal circumstances. However financial prudence prevails.
Posted by Chris Barker on 17 March 2019
Not sure what the situation is now, but for a time Firstport outsourced their direct debit mandates as they were not financially viable enough to qualify for a direct debit originators licence.
Posted by Michael Epstein on 17 March 2019
Counter prices .
It would be interesting to know when a development went for RTM how often FirstPort came up with a counter notice ? I suspect they would do this frequently on the premise that a certain percentage would give up the RTM action . Is there anybody out there who has information regarding the frequency of FirstPort counternotices ?
Posted by Nigel Darwin on 16 March 2019
Difficult to say unless the issues were settled at a tribunal?
But their was a case many,many years ago of a group of residents wanting to conduct a RTM against Solitaire.
Peverel offered their services free of charge in exchange for the on-going management contract for the development. This is a perfectly acceptable route that many residents choose to go down.
Unfortunately for the residents they did not know that Solitaire and Peverel were effectively the same company!
Posted by Michael Epstein on 16 March 2019
Counter notices are always issued either admitting that the residents have won their RTM or giving the relevant section why they have not got RTM The reasons sometimes are absolutely ridiculous including 1 letter wrong in the post code and because the Land Registry is different.
E&M are the ones to send the counter notices not FP .E&M are a disgrace as they keep the counter notice until the very last day before it runs out and then charge residents £250 per hour for their supposed in house solicitor to knock it back .This delays a new claim being submitted which again is a costly exercise for residents.E&M delaying tactics means they can hang on to any charges they get but lose with RTM like large commissions on the insurance assignment fee and permission fees. E&M don't care if it has to go to a tribunal as if they eventually lose the residents have to pay their tribunal costs so win win for them .In the meantime the residents get very despondent and some do think about giving up which is of course what FP and E&M want.Sadly because of the age group membership can alter tremendously so a fresh claim has to be very precise .Some blocks have taken up to 3 years to get the RTM Parliament need to do something about this it should be a simple Dont be beaten !!
Posted by In the know on 17 March 2019
Re counter notices on RTM We fell foul of the 3 month's notice the first time, well the solicitor did ! so second time we gave 4 month's notice simple.
I thinks now the Tribunals over look this now as usually its a 24 hour thing , am I correct?
Posted by the holy mole on 18 March 2019
A new honour ?
I believe the Queen and her advisers should initiate a new honour . This honour would be NT standing for National Treasure . Future recipients of this new honour could be Judy Dench , Mary Berry , David Lloyd the cricket commentator known as ' Bumble 'and yes Chas Willis !I don't really understand the altercation between Chas and Trevor but I would like to commend Chas for the enjoyment his contributions give to an OAP living in York .
Posted by Old git on 15 March 2019
Thank you Old Git, to be named amongst such great people as Judy Dench and Mary Berry is an honour.
The Queens son Charles was named after me, some 18 months later.
It pleases me, you enjoy the contribution and if its helped then even better.
Bumble has been an excellent commentator and I remember when he first spoke on Test Match Special.
I have recently received Service Budget Charges from a new friend in Scotland where they do not have Leasehold.
They are in fact Freeholders who use Firstport as MA and they also are been ripped off by Firstport Scotland.
Checks are been made into Freehold Abuse by Firstport.
Posted by chas on 15 March 2019
Useful information
Please go to my facebook page Jacqueline Anne Scott Henderson for interesting information regarding First Port.
Posted by Jacqueline Henderson on 13 March 2019
Sorry, a lot of forum readers and contributors are not signed up to FBook and therefore cannot gain access.
Also not everyone wants to be connected to the FB company
Posted by Trevor Bradley on 13 March 2019
I think there are a lot more residents on FB than u may think
Posted by the holy mole on 13 March 2019
Trevor Bradley
I have been observing your comments regarding other people's posts. I have to say you are the most unhelpful person on this site. Your particular comments about Chas are pathetic. If it was not for Chas i would not have been able to have obtained thousands of pounds due to my development. You have chastised him over some of my posts in the past. I can 100% day Chas was correct. You absolutely wrong. Call me out on this and i will explain. Chas and i have put informative and helpful comments on this website with a view to helping others. What the hell are you doing?
Posted by Ms j henderson on 13 March 2019
Thanks Jacq for the information will post if you wish when you complete.
Can you confirm Chris Owens has misled you time and time again and if you go back to Solitaire 2010 was William Kenneth Proctor involved, was he a director and if so who else was involved.
Posted by chas on 13 March 2019
We learn from disagreements. Chas and Trevor have certainly had them recently. The truth is that both have made a wonderful contribution to our fight through various media outlets.
Please remember their contributions when choosing their words if seeking to be critical of either in any post.
Posted by The Editor on 13 March 2019
Jacq, from the Summary of Full Report. The Refunds are for 4 years before you purchased, have the others in small development thanked you and supported your brilliant investigations.
The Refunds to Bank Scheme Accounts are different to the Total Credit in each of the 7 years up to 2012. Were the Credits all for the same things?
When did Peverel Purchase Solitaire and were they already part of the same Ultimate Owner?
Posted by chas on 13 March 2019
Hi Jacq, can you please explain how I have been unhelpful to people who read and contribute to this forum, thank you
Posted by Trevor Bradley on 13 March 2019
The past 11 years have gone quick and help is not always at hand. We require positive postings that show the way forward and open up the unfair contract conditions that the Freeholder/Landlord believe they had sown up in our leases.
The Taxman has decided we are now facing VAT payments for services.
What next the Postman, Doctor, nurse, Taxman, Soldiers. Why should we pay VAT for the postman or for the road sweeper, all provide a service.
We pay Relief Deputy Managers their holiday pay & pension & National Insurance.
So why has the Taxman come after us is it because we are old and infirmed and again easy pickings.
Ask your MPs who need your vote why have they again allowed the Taxman to pick on us the elderly, is it because we have a history of doing nothing to stop them, maybe that is why we have been picked on again.
Posted by chas on 14 March 2019
I agree with Trevor about sending posters to other sites to read something an About FirstPort poster has posted on another site. I am not, and never will, be a member of FaceBook so I will never know this interesting information which Jacq has. Why not just post it here and do what Chas wants us to do – to highlight FirstPort concerns to all posters on this site? I certainly do not see any reason why Jacq has responded to Trevors request in such an aggressive manner. Perhaps I will receive the same?

Trevor / Chas – Much as I didn’t want to post again about VAT (because I honestly believe we are all on the same side – we just explain it differently) I do believe that important parts of posts have been overlooked, and some confusion is still in existence.
Chas latest post states:
“The Taxman has decided we are now facing VAT payments for services.”
As stated in one of my previous posts, this is not the case. As Chas has rightfully highlighted, there has been confusion in the past about who should pay VAT. The recent letter from HMRC to all Managing Agents was an attempt to clarify the situation. VAT is payable on all services provided by Managing Agents, and in fact always has been. The taxman has not come after us because we are old as Chas alleges. We should all have been paying VAT for many years.
Trevor has stated he has seen a letter from the Chief Executive of HMRC explaining the situation. Chas says this can be challenged. Both are correct, as everything can be challenged. There are many things that both Trevor and Chas and other posters have highlighted in the past that should be challenged. But – is there a poster on this site who is willing to spend thousands of pounds in legal fees to challenge HMRC? We know Chas is a fighter – but I don’t think even Chas would take this on.
Chas has advised that we all write to our MP’s and ask them why have they again allowed the Taxman to pick on us the elderly. I don’t criticise Chas for trying, and, for what its worth, I don’t feel that Trevor does either. Please take Chas’s advice if you feel it will help. Hopefully Chas will post his reply when he gets it from his MP, on this site and not on FaceBook. But my guess is that the reply will be that we have not been picked on again.
I wrote to my MP back in November when our Managing Agent told us we would be paying VAT on our DM’s salary. I challenged it. I didn’t think this was right – being an RTM company. The MP took this up with HMRC. They clarified that there has been no change in Government Policy in this area. and they confirmed that, as a RTM company, we do not have to pay VAT.
I really hope this has clarified the situation on VAT to all posters.
Posted by Elle Mentary on 14 March 2019
Hi Chas
Unfortunately the other 9 flats haven't been involved as most are rented out and letters i have sent have been ignored. However i got one flat leaseholder who bought his flat in 2002 to sign a document i prepared giving me authorisation to receive all information on his behalf. So they then had to send me everything for last 6 years before ownership. So glad i did. From last 9 years experience the strange thing is solitaire and om property were alot more clear at presenting accounts and making fewer mistakes.First Port absolutely a thieving company from the property manager who is under pressure to make money to Nigel Howell. One fantastic thing that Solitaire did was to keep reserve funds in separate bank account. You can see exactly what went i and where the money was spent. With FP they take it whenever and no mention of it.
Posted by Jacqueline Henderson on 14 March 2019
Sorry never heard of William Proctor.
Can absolutely confirm Chris Owens has received emails from me advising him of monies that needs to be repaid to other developments in certain areas and the scams on tenders. I have emails back from him dissmissing my information. He himself is up to date on this website as he sent me an email regarding regarding my comments on Gary Cox. At that time the only site i was writing on was this one.
Posted by MISS JAS HENDERSON on 14 March 2019
I have said this numerous times in the past - Let me be clear one more & last time, I support chas, he has done excellent work to help many people, I don't know how he does it, remarkable. But, in order to get the correct facts out to readers we do have the need to debate at times which some may interpret incorrectly. Right, back on track to my post.
Chas, I have been thinking about this vat that was introd in Nov 18. Do you think the vat man actually realises what he has done by putting a blanket vat payment on supplied outworkers.
If you look at samples vat man gives it is for the likes of say a Concierge in a hotel. If a HR supplier supplies the hotel HR now invc the hotel the Concierge costs plus vat. But the hotel can claim this vat back from HMRC whereas in the case of a retirement complex the residents cannot claim the vat back their MA is now obliged to charge.
So if a hotel gets charged £4k vat for the Concierge they claim it back, but this is not possible for residents as they are not a company and cannot be registered for vat.
I do not live in, or manage leasehold so cannot do much.
What I think needs to happen is for someone with a bit of clout to write to the vat man explaining the need to exclude vat being charged for retirement complex HMs.
It may be worth a resident, or even a group of, contacting their local MP, explain the situation and ask the MP to e mail HMRC (vat man), explain the extra financial burdens added to residents cost with a request to make HMs in retirement complexes exempt from vat costs. Far better HMRC be approached by an MP and the more residents that ask more than one MP to intervene, the better.
Posted by Trevor Bradley on 14 March 2019
Both you and Chas have in the past held some heated debates, united in the common cause. This and other sites needs both of you.The knowledge you have and the way both of you share that knowledge to others is to all our benefit.
Posted by Michael Epstein on 14 March 2019
William Proctor was a Director at McCarthy and Stone now listed as a director at Estates and Management
Posted by ex employee on 14 March 2019
Re. Development VAT. Can the Residents in the Development form a "trading company" assets say £1 per flat and charge out for say a service / newsletter. Then voluntarily register for VAT and add. (yes, I do understand about the mandatory £85,000 pa) enabling claim back of VAT. So they would have to make quarterly returns - little effiort.
Posted by Peter Thomas on 14 March 2019
Sorry Peter, I am not qualified to give a factual legal answer on your question.
My opinion would be a NO.
As far as I am aware you have to go/be RTM (Right To Manage) and even then, the RTM Co also has to employ the HM, NOT the MA that the RTM Co have instructed to manage
Posted by Trevor Bradley on 15 March 2019
Ex Employee thank you for the information regarding William Kenneth Proctor, posting he was a Director at McCarthy & Stone of old and now listed as a director at Estates & Management.
William Procter's name has been popping up a lot lately as a previous director of both our recent landlords from Meridian Retirement Housing Services Ltd and Flatlaunch Limited.
He also was a director at the infamous Peverel Retirement and Cirrus Communications Services Ltd, during the Price Fixing Era from 2005 to 2009, which they pleaded guilty.

His name appears along side other directors such as:-
*Christopher McGill
*Nigel Howell
*Ouda Saleh
*Philip Cummings
*Janet Entwistle
*Nigel Bannister
*Andrew Davy
*Lee Middleburgh
*Keith Edgar
*Michael Gaston

All these directors have links to each other and therefore to the Ultimate Controlling Party who are:-(
The Tchenguiz Family trust and our old friend Vincent
Posted by chas on 15 March 2019
Jacq. Have send a FB Friend Request , initials G E. Very interested in what you have achieved
Posted by M alcap on 15 March 2019
Has Freemont Bubble Burst?
Precede from NEWS Section
Peverel Group Ltd (trading now as Firstport Property Services Ltd) collapsed into administration in 2011. The ultimate owner was Vincent Tchenguiz (VT) of the Tchenguiz Family Trust, (TFT).
VT fully expected to purchase Peverel out of administration and re-connect his companies using revenue raised to support Tchenguiz company loans.
Fate was unkind to VT after being wrongly arrested, he sued the SFO for two hundred million pounds (£200,000,000) that he hoped for in compensation, but settled for around £2,500,000, meaning he could no longer buy back Peverel.
It had been previously mentioned, on websites, (Peverel Directors) Nigel Bannister and Keith Edgar along with others contributed to dubious practices that are still being used by Firstport today, including the 2005/09 Price-Fixing Scandal.
On leaving Peverel with their appalling reputation, they set up on their own company assisted by a few other members of the Peverel Group old guard, Freemont Property Management Ltd was born.
Initial success aided by the close relationship they had maintained with Estates & Management (e&m) and connections with other freeholding companies.
After 2015 Peverel Management Services Ltd, trading as Peverel Retirement changed their name to Firstport Property Services Ltd, hoping to cast off the appalling reputation Peverel had earned. It was often the case that residents unhappy with Firstport were directed by E&M to select Freemont.
About Firstport have now received information suggesting that Freemont is up for sale.
Posted by chas on 15 March 2019
Posted on 13 March 2019
Opt out of major works
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Hydra the many headed serpent !
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VAT on Development Manager Salary
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Tower Block cladding
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Emergency call upgrade
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Right To Manage. Can a DM manage
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Warner Courts old furniture .
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Nicola Frith, Warner Court.
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Thx W. de la Mare Esq
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Law Society
Posted on 15 February 2019
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