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New Firstport MD
According to Firstport's website, Martin King is heading up the Leadership team as MD.
He appears to have joined Firstport in 2016 as Director Business Development, marketing and Comms having left CBRE Asset Services and Rating where he was Head of Business Development.
Posted by Chris on 25 February 2024
Whilst the other Martin King had a dream this Martin King must have had a nightmare.
And if you are reading this Mr King, it is not one of those nightmares you can wake up from!
Posted by Michael Epstein on 25 February 2024
2nd only to fraud by previous Chief Financial Officer would be the consistent communications failings, says it all given he was head for 7 years
Posted by Fact on 25 February 2024
Michael E
FP describe themselves as leading Residential Property Management Specialists . Not much hope for the future then if Martin King was one of them since 2016!
Posted by RUTH on 25 February 2024

I find Mr Kings appointment quite a telling choice. Promotion from within has benefits and potential pit falls. In my experience If Firstport want to continue with business as usual they have probably made the right choice.

If a firm genuinely want to bring about cultural change they will almost certainly fill the vacancy with a external candidate.

I wish Mr King well in his new role and hope is able to deliver a perceived quality service on time and at the price to his customers satisfaction.

A useful KPI is a freeze or measurable reduction in service charge cost year on year?

Posted by Stephen Burns on 25 February 2024
It looks like all news and blog items on the FP website relating to Kully Sahra have been removed. But the comms staff have gone further and may have replaced a photo of Kully with the new MD Martin King in a Blog headed "FirstPort is on an exciting journey of growth – here’s why you should join us" with his name at the bottom of the item and MD at Firstport. However the blog is dated 18 Aug 2022 when Martin was not employed by FP!
Does Firstport want us to forget Kully was MD?!
Posted by Chris on 27 February 2024
Fair Fields To Become A Fairer Fields!
Fairfields are a Barratt new build development in Milton Keynes. Unfortunately the managing agent is Firstport.
The Milton Keynes Citizen the local newspaper has highlighted the issues faced by the residents who have hit out at rising service charges, which have in some cases risen by over 50% in the last 5 years. A £909 demand in 2018 became £1,444 by early 2023.
That would be bad enough if at least they were receiving some kind of service for their money, but residents are not. The grass has not been cut for months and are full of weeds, plants and trees have died. The communal garden is piled high with litter and an abandoned tyre has been left for over a year.
The resident went on to slam the Firstport customer services as being the worst he had ever come across. He said that the estate manager was "impossible to deal with" and that Firstport had admitted that "They were woefully understaffed" The resident then expressed the view that residents were being taken advantage by a firm we have been forced into using by Barratt.
Barratt issued a statement in which they said that they are taking immediate steps to retender the management contract. Firstport will no longer have the contract to manage a process that is being repeated all over the country.
Posted by The Editor on 18 February 2024

Barratt are a leading property developer with a hard earned reputation.

The last thing any firm of good standing needs is a business relationship with others who do not deliver a quality service on time and at the right price.

Posted by Stephen Burns on 18 February 2024
Which is precisely why they are urgently reviewing their Firstport management contracts. It is not the first time Barratts have sacked Firstport(then called Peverel). They set up their own managing agent company BRAM which unfortunately Firstport bought out. the loss of the Barratt management contracts will deal a severe blow to Firstport's already slim survival chances.
Posted by The Editor on 18 February 2024

I understand why Barratt made the logical decision to concentrate on their core business, and to permit others to Manage developments.

With the benefit of hindsight Barratt might of made an error of judgement. If my assumption has merit I am confident they will take corrective action to put matters right.
Posted by Stephen Burns on 18 February 2024
Stephen, you are absolutely correct. This is not what Barratt intended.
Posted by The Editor on 19 February 2024
Dear Mr Editor ,
Having read all that has been posted on AF, it seems to me that right now, that
other developments wanting to escape from FP, should take advantage of what is happening with Barratt, a reputable company, and jump on the band wagon while it is all in the news. FP is very vulnerable at present, with low numbers of staff etc a good time to go ahead and stick the knife in .
Posted by RUTH on 19 February 2024
Denham Council Challenge Firstport
Thanks to Denham Council for standing up for local residents living at Kempton a David Wilson(part of Barratts)/Firstport managed new development.
The council acted after a 300 signature petition was sent to the council highlighting concerns over Firstport's style of management.
Speaking at a recent full council meeting a councillor said " I also reported that I had raised an official complaint with the CEO of Barratt Developments. Following this two directors representing the group were charged with arranging a meeting involving the larges managing agent Firstport.
I met with directors from DWH and managers from Firstport. Zoey Essen the new property manager was at the meeting and she and other attendees were fully briefed by me with many examples of the issues residents have to face by poor service, almost non existent communication and charges that a) are not properly explained or b) are so eye wateringly high that they cannot be justified.
I genuinely think that Barratt's and DWH had never seen such a raw detail of what residents were being charged and have vowed to look at some of these charges"
Posted by The Editor on 18 February 2024
Dear Mr Editor,
WOW ! Things are getting really exiting. I just read the Council Report on line, and can't wait to see what happens next. I am so pleased for you too, hoping that all your hard work will be rewarded by the downfall of FP. However, I am sure that you must be sad that Chas is not here to enjoy it with you.
Posted by RUTH on 18 February 2024
Firstport's position becomes ever more calamitous as their management contracts are falling like dominoes.
We all miss Chas, but I did manage to catch up with his widow this week and she likes to keep up to date with events.
Posted by The Editor on 18 February 2024
Well Done Barratt!
A magnificent campaign has been fought for several years by Freeholder in North West London. For many of those years he was ably supported by the very much missed Chas.
Part of the claim was that not all of the development land was owned by Proxima GR Properties and therefore they could not have appointed Peverel/Firstport as the property manager for land they didn't own.
Literally hours before the tribunal took place Firstport backed down and agreed to repay Freeholder in North West London.
When fellow residents followed up with their own claims Firstport decided to fight.
Barratt who built the development recently sent Freeholder in North West London a bombshell email stating that the whole land had not been transferred to Proxima GR Properties until December 2023 many years after the development was built. It had been their intention to transfer the land but it hadn't been done. This is crucial, because it means that every single service charge imposed since the development was built becomes invalid. Every penny charged must be repaid in full as must every "administration" charge.
About Firstport understands that Barratt are furious about what has happened and have gone up to board level to have senior Firstport management "explain" themselves.
What is very encouraging is that a senior Barratt executive has promised to support the residents and has said that Barratt were in the process of sacking Firstport from many of their developments.
If any resident reading this post finds that they live on a Barratt built Firstport managed development, get in touch with Barratt and if they can they will help get rid of Firstport.
Posted by The Editor on 15 February 2024
Freeholder in North West London,

Congratulations, I admire all that you have achieved so far. I wish there were more like you, Michael and the late Chas Willis.

Chas was an inspiration to me and no doubt countless others
Posted by Stephen Burns on 15 February 2024
Dear Mr Editor,

WHOA! Shut the front door!!!!!!

“ Every single Penny must be repaid in full” . Sweet baby Jesus and the wee donkey! Don’t forget that 8% interest that would have accrued… Oh man , that is sweet. 🍭🍬🍫

Btw, didn’t LKP refuse to write up about the travails of this block several years ago despite saying it would publicise the issues?
Posted by Kim on 15 February 2024
Who owned the Estate Rentcharge set out in the estates TP1? The TP1 sets out who has the power to appoint a management company. Or have I misunderstood the issue here.
Posted by Zocco on 16 February 2024
Dear Mr Editor,
What wonderful news. you must be very pleased about what HAS happened and even more so about the possible end result. Thanks also to you for all the hard work you have put in to keep the ball rolling all these years. You are much appreciated by the many , including our development who have experienced FP'S evil ways and are now enjoying our new managers. I would encourage all developments still in the grip of these evil managers, whether Barratt built or not, to consider moving on. before FP perishes!!

Posted by RUTH on 16 February 2024
Kim, we were in FTT on same day as Liam Spender and this was acknowledged by LKP. I told them of the problems we suffered and that FP did not turn up. I reminded twice of their offer to publicise our case (which we won). No response has been received to date.
Zocco, the TP1 states Proxima GR as holder of the rent charge. Despite this FP have said that Proxima collect this on behalf of Barratts. We are speaking to our MP regarding reporting a fraud on the residents
Posted by Freeholder in NW London on 16 February 2024
Hey Freeholder in NW. Respect!

You are going to be instrumental in bringing FT down.Bravo 👏🏽👏🏽

Re LKP. A plague on its house. It does not deserve charitable status.

I am currently doing battle with WESTBURY RESIDENTIAL LTD ,( WR) A management company which director who was a senior employee of PEVEREL now Firsport for the years 2000-2011. LKP seemingly support WR and mentioned the ex PEVEREL regional manager Alison Mooney in what can only be described as glowing terms in a full page feature about THE GRAND in Folkestone……Funny ole world ain’t it…..

I will be as relentless and determined in unmasking Westbury Residential Ltd as you have been with FP. I am owed thousands of pounds and just recently a FTT ordered that I be refunded the SC for year 2017. That amounts to £7000 + interest. I hope to get the other £16,000 refunded on appeal. This was all down to Westbury incompetence re S20B (2) legislation. Once again. Congratulations. You are an inspiration.
Posted by Kim on 16 February 2024
Of course over hundreds of developments genuine errors can occur in transferring land titles. It is when those errors are discovered and instead of being remedied a company hides the error and does everything within their power backed by their legal representatives to hide the truth that becomes a clear case of fraud. And this is no a one off either. Firstport are still hiding the truth of land ownership and their appointments from many residents.
Posted by Michael Epstein on 16 February 2024
Mony owed by FIRSTPORT
Dear Mr Editor
This morning we have had a long meeting with our new Managing Agent , who you know took us over from FirstPort in early November. They are still struggling to get paid what we are owed after 3 months. No indication as to when they will forward
the money. Many routine building inspections were not carried out. A warning to developments who are still in their clutches, and an encouragement to them to get out !

Posted by RUTH on 15 February 2024
Dear Mr Editor,
What wonderful news. you must be very pleased about what HAS happened and even more so about the possible end result. Thanks also to you for all the hard work you have put in to keep the ball rolling all these years. You are much appreciated by the many , including our development who have experienced FP'S evil ways and are now enjoying our new managers. I would encourage all developments still in the grip of these evil managers, whether Barratt built or not, to consider moving on. before FP perishes!!
Posted by RUTH on 15 February 2024
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