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More costs being passed down to us residents
In First Port's quest for money they appear to have found a novel way to pass costs of recruiting staff on to residents. The latest scam is an employment agency called Response set up by First Port to handle all recruitment. They handle job applications, select potential candidates and arrange interviews with the relevant line manager. So basically do what the Human Resources department used to do which was paid for by the management fee. Here's the catch "If Response place a candidate with you we charge an introduction fee of 10% of annual salary." You can bet your life First Port will pass this cost on to the development. Tidy sum coming in to service the interest on their loans, especially when you consider the high staff turnover levels!

Posted by Mac on 05 July 2022
Whether recruitment is via an internal HR department or external independent or connected recruitment agency, that is a clear cost to Firstport incurred in order to procure management contracts and should be allowed for in their management fee tender documents. Recruitment costs are not the responsibility of residents. If Firstport cannot recruit enough staff, they should quit from the contracts they cannot service.
Posted by The Editor on 05 July 2022
How Do You Do It, Firstport?
The mess Firstport create for themselves is beyond belief?
A simple routine matter of serving a Section 20 Notice for forthcoming development decorations has already attracted controversy in that only 12 of the 13 blocks have received the Section 20 Notice.
It may be that Firstport have decided one block does not require decorating? That being the case decorating charges will be levied on the remaining 12 blocks not spread over the 13.
Clearly the residents of one block will not be liable for charges as they will not have been served a Section 20 Notice.
Unfortunately for Firstport, the lease is explicit in the terms of proportionality with regard to charges.
As ever Firstport simply make things up as they go along.
Posted by The Editor on 04 July 2022
I'm back !!
Hello Michael Epstein , Chas and all the other contributors . I'm out of prison and I'm back ready to offer my trenchant
observations about Vincent and First Port . Old Git .
Posted by Old git on 01 July 2022
Welcome back Old Git. About Firstport has been limping for the last few weeks, for which we apologise. At an already bad time, we have had to turn our attention to fighting a defamation claim, not from Firstport but from a fellow campaigning group. About Firstport raised legitimate concerns about their financial probity and conduct that could be said to be racist.
Unfortunately, whilst you were away we lost a great friend and true supporter in Chas. Nothing can ever be the same without him.
Posted by The Editor on 02 July 2022
AOV Servicing & Repair charges
The AOV (Automatic Opening Vents) tender result from last year has not been implemented by FirstPort�s procurement team yet, some 8 months later. This means Residents are paying the exorbitant service and repair costs from existing service providers rather than the new agreed rates.
Posted by Will Davenport on 24 June 2022
Important to know if they all tested regularly and functional?
Posted by FACT on 29 June 2022
Hi FACT , When the fire alarm is tested once a week by the DM they should open and if any one of them should not they should be reported by said DM TO WHOEVER IS THE FIRE ALARM CONTRACTOR ?
Posted by the holy mole on 02 July 2022
A Short Break!
The Editor is going to have some well earned R&R.
Please keep posting, any comments will be published in a few days!
Posted by The Editor on 28 May 2022
Swindon, The Great Escape!
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Energy Costs
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Late Payment Charges
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LKP Publish Accounts!
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Well,Who Would Have Guessed?
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Where Did The Money Come From?
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We Are Back!
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Nigel Howell
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No Title
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Fire Risk Assessment
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Financial Inducements
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Ensure You Insure!
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FP Staff Departures
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Firstport Sold Again!
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Laptop upgrade
Posted on 27 March 2022
Management Pack
Posted on 21 March 2022
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