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Visiting house managers salary package
When your current V.H.M. leaves can the residents vote on a change in the weekly hours of work a replacement should do. Also at our development for many years people have found trying to sell a flat for any reason is proving extremely difficult..To promote more interest would a reduction in the age limit to 55/50 be possible by a lease change.
Posted by Scar on 14 June 2019
You don't have to have a lease change when I worked at FP then Peverel we allowed younger people to move in to flats to help the situation
You can check with the local council to see if they have any objection.
7th Schedule 2 says not to occupy or permit and person under the age etc however th e sweeping up clause can be used 7th Schedule 21"the tenant will comply with such further rules and regulations as th Landlord shall reasonably make for the good management,et of he building and benefits of the tenants" therefore if it helps sell the flats use this clause.
Posted by Ex employee on 14 June 2019
Just an observation - all leases are not identical - read what it says in your own lease.
Posted by Trevor Bradley on 15 June 2019
Ex Employee this is interesting and useful.

How much younger and was both sexes allowed and or minimum age was?

Can you say which area this was and is it still the same?

Age of 60 was minimum for one of a couple was this a Planning Regulation as the requirement of a Residential Warden was also a requirement which has now been superseded.
Posted by chas on 15 June 2019
Data protection Help needed
Just been informed by Housing Association invoices for works carried out cannot be shown as it's Data protection and would divulge who had what works done. Sounds so wrong to me any comments please
Posted by David Buckland on 14 June 2019
David, I think any comments you get will be as wide open and as variable as were the dozens of opinions on Bank Statements that we had a while back
Posted by Trevor Bradley on 15 June 2019
Data Protection Help Needed.

Housing Associations are the Governments Social Housing and therefore come under the Freedom of Information Act

This DPA is used by Managers to hide the corruption that can be carried out by these Managers who could not be trusted To Run a Bath.
Posted by chas on 15 June 2019
"Housing Associations are the Governments Social Housing and therefore come under the Freedom of Information Act"
Yes, but, if the invoices refer to specific information disclosing individuals/tenants, then they themselves are protected under the DPA
Posted by Trevor Bradley on 15 June 2019
My late mother 40 Hart Dene court bagshot
This company's customer service is appalling. My mother died last August living in a Firstport flat. I called them,sent a letter and a cheque to cover six months service charges and sent death certificate They cashed the cheque and then started sending bills from March this year. I sent another letter and death certificate, saying once sorted, further charges will be paid from estate. I now have received a threatening letter from solicitors saying they are taking my late mother to court and have added on 366 pounds! This is causing me great stress and sadness as I am still grieving the loss of my beloved mother. What an awful company and what a way to treat people absolutely appalling any help greatly appreciated.
Posted by Jane Gulston on 09 June 2019
Even after all this years a post comes along that leaves me in a state of despair that someone can be treated so badly at such a difficult time.
Whilst I realise I should have asked your permission, I was so moved by your plight I have taken the liberty of emailing the CEO of Firstport asking him to intervene.
My sympathies to you and your family.
Posted by Michael Epstein on 09 June 2019
Jane so sorry for what has happened, we know Firstport's Customer Services is appalling.

Who did you first send letter to do you have a name or department?

Can you inform this site who was the headed letter from was it Estates & Management e&m?

This can be done off site and reported if you wish?
Posted by chas on 09 June 2019
Michael well done.
Posted by chas on 09 June 2019
Jane, I have received an email from Luke Couper informing me that your case is being looked into. Let's hope!
Posted by Michael Epstein on 14 June 2019
The Editor is in for maintenance next week(sorry Firstport it's very trivial!)
Please keep posting and all comments will be published by the end of the week.
Posted by The Editor on 09 June 2019
When does it begin?
Posted by chas on 10 June 2019
When does it begin Chas asks?
It's already finished replies The Editor!
Posted by The Editor on 14 June 2019
Welcome back About Firstport and it seems plenty has been happening.

Whilst this site has been about Leasehold Flats and Peverel/Firstport it now has appeared that Firstport have been found as:
* Estate Managers on Freehold Developments and Mixed Developments of Leasehold.

Firstport Property Services have been given contracts by the developers to carryout the functions once carried out by the Local Authority who used to adopt the completed Estate:
*Grass Cutting and Weeding
*Trees, Hedge, Shrub
Firstport see the Estate Management as another Cash Cow, where they have been found at FTT to be not carrying out the agreements to manage that were contracted in the Estate Transfer. They have also have charged for items not included in the Transfer.
Posted by chas on 14 June 2019
Firstport Complexity of Developments
Firstport and The Complexity of Developments.
I believe Firstport Property Services Ltd is now the Managing Agent.
Laing Homes Ltd was purchased by Taylor Wimpey Group of Companies who no longer have any involvement in this Development.

08/10/2003 a Lease was granted to Peverel OM Limited (Estate Manager) for Communal Areas and Facilities of the Leasehold Interest

The Freehold is held by Fairhold Atlas Limited of Molteno House, 302 Regents Park Road, Finchley London.

The front garden of your property is your responsibility under the Transfer not that of Peverel OM Limited. Your legal boundary to the front of the property is coextensive with the back edge of the footpath.

The Transfer allows for both Freeholders and Leaseholders to change the Management Company, should they wish to do so.
Provision clause 14.8.3 and 14.8.4 of the Transfer and suggest that you seek independent legal advice as to how you and the other interested parties can bring about the changes you seek.

The ability to change the Estate Manager can be undertaken 3 years after the last house and apartment on the Development have been sold, which has long passed.
Posted by chas on 09 June 2019
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