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The “AllAgents” review website
I wonder if we might also leave our honest views and heart ache regarding FirstPort’s performance on the “AllAgents” website?
The reason I ask is because I’m not sure if anyone could buy oneself good reviews there as you might be able to buy one or two somewhere else.

Posted by Betty Cahill on 18 January 2019
Betty, positive reviews could be "encouraged" but absolutely it would be good to publish a review on All Agents. The more mediums that problems can be aired, the better it is.
Indeed at a time when Firstport have been forced to "Go it alone" unless they can find a buyer, the more deserved adverse publicity they get is a major problem for them.
Posted by The Editor on 18 January 2019
Surfing the web for First Port pages I came across Northwell Place in Swaffham-a site I happen to know something about When I got to the comments section I couldn't believe my eyes - I did not know whether to laugh or cry. So many recent anonymous comments that were untrue or misleading -for instance someone claiming to have worked there for twenty years - the only dubious) possibility is the manager Lorraine Kennedy....further on a complimentary entry from "a member of staff"- there is only one staff member - that same manager! and so on and so on - any remarks attributed to a named person are tactfully restrained -I could say a lot more ,.... signed knowitall
Posted by on 17 January 2019
"Self praise is no praise at all" (Lord Byron)
Posted by Freda on 18 January 2019
Quick point of interest for those who may not know- Andrew Winstanley will be leaving the company on 7th Feb.
Straight from the horse's mouth at a meeting in Shrewsbury.
Just wondering if I should ask him to take O'Donall with him and while he's at it-take a certain DM from a development in Shrewsbury who desperately needs a course in Anger Management!!!
Posted by Poppy on 16 January 2019
Poppy, thank you.
I thought NOD had been moved to the North East after the problems he had with an AM who was supposed to have been bullied.
Is this the certain DM initialed AS, who was our DM for 5 months and was told to apply for the position at your development, after we paid circa £1,000 for his training at ABC?
Why does he now need Anger Management Training?
Is it the same DM who instructed the FP handyman to Archive all the Expenses Files from your Development at the Local Tip.
This I witnessed when I visited your development a couple of years ago, and spoke to the person removing them.
The instructions came I believe from NOD given to AW and passed on to AS who was pleased to obey not knowing their significance.
They should still be copies on the FP computer so ask to see the ones they supposed to have Archived.
If you want further help just contact me, are you still interested in RTM?
Posted by chas on 16 January 2019
Having experienced your site in Shrewsbury and the immoral activities that were put in place by Firstport during the RTM work that was going on, I totally agree with you Poppy. I knew NOD character before, but AW really showed his true colours there. And as for your DM, he has truly been brain washed into the FirstPort despicable way of handling their customers, clients or whatever they call their cash cows this year.
Posted by Elle Mentary on 17 January 2019
Loop system
Some of the residents in our development want a loop system for the hard of hearing installed in our communal lounge and are saying FirstPort should pay for it.I am doubtful they will pay,but I could be wrong. I would appreciate any info. Anybody has please.
Posted by Reeve on 16 January 2019
Non starter I am afraid. That would be a genuine charge to the service charges.
Posted by Michael Epstein on 16 January 2019
I think you would be hard pressed to have FP pay for a Loop System.
They are required at every development, for use by the Area Managers who seem unable to understand what is said to them at meetings.
Posted by chas on 16 January 2019
Michael Thank you for your reply. Would FP even consider paying for this out of S C. I Still have doubts, and would the landlord allow it to be installed?
Posted by Reeve on 16 January 2019
Probably yes,otherwise they would fall foul of Disability Discrimination legislation.
Posted by Michael Epstein on 16 January 2019
We had a loop system fitted in our development but we had a very healthy social fund who paid for it as it was regularly used for social activities (Bingo, Films, Quizzes etc)
Posted by Elle Mentary on 17 January 2019
These systems have been put in on several blocks and ones I managed as an AM. FP certainly would not pay for it and niether would the landlord.I approached the local Deaf Society and was lucky enough on 2 blocks to get it installed for free.On another block we did a coffee morning bring and buy sale and raised the money for it that way.In another block the social committee funded half of it and we did a ballot to see if the other half could be taken from the service charge the then Peverel Regional Manager agreed to it but it is not normally a service charge cost.
We were always told the buildings do not come under the Disability Act legislation because they are not public buildings and therefore are not required to cover disability .The landlord has always allowed it but would never fund it.Hope this helps
Posted by Ex employee on 17 January 2019
Safety at FirstPort
I see FirstPort have been awarded 5 stars for the third successive year by the British Safety Council.
Awarded a 99.38% success rate.
Does this mean they never gave an accident.
Is there no sign of a safety hazard anywhere.
Posted by Michael Hollands on 15 January 2019
Our site is full of trip hazards frequently complained about in vain ...how is this score awarded?
Posted by doris on 16 January 2019
I thought the only way FP would be provided 5 Stars would be if they actually did what they say, not just because it had been written.

Breaking News
Firstport Cast Adrift!
Firstport have officially been left to sink or swim and have been placed up for sale. Even with a 5 Star rating for Health & Safety?
FP was bought out of Administration by Chamonix & Electra in 2012 after the Price Fixing by Peverel Retirement from 2005 to 2009.
It seems FP had become a millstone around profitability
and something had to give.
A new regime at Electra ordered the sale of FP Parent Holding Company Knight Square.
A major hurdle was the negative value of minus £39 millions pounds trading losses. Much of the trading losses were put down to penal interest rates being charged on their borrowing plus extortinate demands of £7 million Pounds for "Investor Consultancy" work.
Debts was cleared from balance sheet by cancelling £10 million pounds worth of shares and then FP sold their interest in circa 275 of the Residential House Managers Flats (RHMF) for £31 million pounds, then giving back I believe £10 million pounds to lease the RHMF back so the existing RHM had a place to reside.
News reached About Firstport that Knight Square has subsequently been sold, as yet unnamed offshore investors for £21,000,000.
It has been posted that Electra had bled FP dry they escape with £21,000,000, having paid £22,000,000 for FP in 2012.
As for FP it is believed they no longer have financial backing from either Electra or Knights Square.
With so many residents in open revolt about their excessive charges and very poor services and going down the Right to Manage (RTM) and at the same time taking on new Developments where they have been known to arrange Management Contracts at Loss Leading Rates, to maintain market share does not bode well for their future.
Posted by chas on 16 January 2019
Let me guess - Vincent & Robert Tchenguiz?
Posted by Stinger on 17 January 2019
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