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Further Leasehold Exploitation
Kim Ishola to Robert Jenrick 07/04/2020
To Despatch Box mhclgcorrespondence@communities.gov.uk
Cc: robert.jenrick.mp@parliament.uk, best@parliament.uk
Subject: Re: Treat official correspondence (ref: 6455340)

Dear Mr Beresford,

Thank you for your email dated 6 April 2020 at 12:29.

Firstly I ask that any in further correspondence, you address me as Ms Kim Ishola.
I find it most amusing that you automatically assumed I was Male.

In addition, I ask that you state what your position is and in what capacity you represent Mr Robert Jenrick.

I found it most unprofessional that you did not do so, as you could be anybody?

The response you were asked to give to my email dated 16 March 2020 was mainly rehashed waffle. EG.

“ The government is taking forward”? “ The government had announced it will regulate Managing agents”?

With respect Mr Beresford, these are merely promises and as we know, a promise is a comfort to a fool!

In April 2018, your government stated it would regulate managing agents. This could have been done at the stroke of a pen...It wasn’t.

However your government recently saw fit to award freeholders a bumper bonanza luxury of adding 2 extra storeys on exsisting blocks without planning permission or public consultation. The same freeholders whose associated managing agent companies intimidate and extort monies from leaseholders, threatening them with forfeiture if they cannot pay.

These are the facts and I know counsel leaseholders who have developed severe depression and threaten self harm and suicide due to the behaviour of these agents and their gangster tactics.

Parliamentary time must be found without delay to implement the strict regulation of Managing Agents.

It is bandit country out there In the residential property Industry and it has not gone on unnoticed that this same industry is the Conservative party’s largest benefactor. Mr Jenrick had better straighten up, fly right, and do right by the millions of leaseholders in England and Wales.


I refer to my email sent 5 April 2020 at 16.54

Yours sincerely
Posted by chas Willis on 07 April 2020
Chas, On the 5 April 2020 I sent a further letter via email to Mr Jenrick.
In it I listed a few of the ‘ BAD PRACTICES’ employed by certain managing in.eg

. Overcharging
.Rigging Major Works Tenders
Charging on False invoices .
.Setting up and using associated companies to carry out expensive and sometimes unnecessary repairs.
.Colluding with insurance brokers in a fraudulent way.

The Conservative Party received in excess of 1 Million pounds from the Freeholders, Developers et al in the Residential property industry to help fight the last election. It seems that leasehold reform has been swept under the carpet..... Regulation of managing agents could be implemented at the stroke of a pen! Why hasn’t it been.....? Because extortionate service charges are a source of great revenue to the many unscrupulous freeholders. This government must act now. Too many lives are being made misery by the dirty, fraudulent , tactics used by freeholders and their mafia style managing agents. ENOUGH! I exhort leaseholders to email Mr Jenrick in volume demanding he

Posted by Kim on 08 April 2020
Covid 19 patient ?
Samantha Gibson heard from our Development Manager that one of our residents was taken to hospital, in the blink of an eye we then received a letter to say that ' he has Corona Virus. ' funny that !

Did our Development Manager wear a face mask, gloves, apron after she was called to his flat ? NO. Did she go into any self isolation..at all? NO
Did she stop parading around the block? NO.
Did she stop sitting in the office ? NO.

how about social distancing? NO
Did she continue to shop on the high street? YES.

In my opinion are First Port involved in the big Covid 19 government mind control experiment YES.

Posted by Mrs Vine on 04 April 2020
Mrs. Vine. Mind control ? Cynical or what ? But must be a lot of truth. Our lives are all (via Google &c.) tracked 24/7. If the gov't. and the global cognisenti have their way, the financial burden of support for the over 70-80's by their covert elimination ( the subliminal message is plain for all to see ) added to the
e-control of the indolent masses will equate to something similar to Soylent Green. Happy days !
Posted by Peter Thomas on 05 April 2020
Mrs Vine, has your DM improved or are the conditions the same?

More Happy Days
Posted by chas on 07 April 2020
Coronavirus and DM
We have a residential DM on a retirement site who has opted to stay in her flat to work. She is probably doing what she has to, but we never see her now. We have notices up to not go out and stay at home etc. All residents are doing their bit to keep safe.
Our DM leaves the site on a Friday evening and returns Sunday evening. We are scared that she will bring the virus back on site.
Is this acceptable and if not, what can we do about it?
Posted by Very worried residents on 03 April 2020
Tell FP you want her to either stay on site and not leave on a Friday or she stays off site and works from her other address she can take company laptop and phone so you can contact her during office hours.
This is what our MA has done to minimise the risk of bringing the virus in.
She can call residents and speak to contractors if required.Its a definite risk you should not be subject to.
Posted by Ralph on 03 April 2020
Very Worried Resident, the DM should not be travelling to your development.

She should stay in the flat until informed lockdown has been lifted.

You will have an emergency Careline and this is what you use of a weekend and each day she clocks of at 5pm.

A week has 168 hours, the DMs work for 35 hours, and rely on the Careline. So why is she required to travel and sit in the flat only?

Somebody may differ but this argument has helped hundreds in the past to understand the DMs input.

Some developments like our development decided to remove the position of DM as they were not fit for purpose, our was sacked for Gross Misconduct and a Residential DM was used for a time and as we have Careline why pay twice for a service.
Posted by chas on 03 April 2020
Our DM is working from her office and we phone if we Nead to speak to her. She has also cancelled all her leave.She is doing a brilliant job.
Posted by Reeve on 04 April 2020
Thanks for the replies.
I think I may have confused things by not saying clearly that she lives in a flat on site. She does not travel to the site on a daily basis. But goes off site at the weekends, and comes back Sunday night and we are concerned she is bringing the virus back on site.
Posted by Very worried residents on 04 April 2020
Posters who have said good words about their DM - you are very lucky. I am sure there are a large number of very committed ones out there. But not ours.
Our visiting DM decided to go home and stay at home. Our AM says our DM is working from home but she has not taken any files or anything with her. No good neighbour checks on residents, no fire alarm or other checks that she usually does, no invoice processing. What is she doing on full pay? The next thing we know we will be paying extra for some company to come in to do the weekly fire test etc.
If she cannot do her job from home she should not be on full pay. Where is the commitment and why are FirstPort happy with this situation?
Posted by Not happy on 04 April 2020
Reeve please inform your DM that she is considered a STAR and ABOUT FIRSTPORT support her.
Posted by chas on 04 April 2020
I believe your first posting was clear and understood so these postings are relevant to your situation.
Posted by chas on 04 April 2020
I have already posted a recent incident but just wanted to reply to this message:

We can not get rid of our DM !
We have even found her taking our mail and keeping it overnight in her flat !
I had to write to the Sorting Officer Postal Manager.

You should email Director Nigel Howell, you can get him on Linkedin, I did.
(from the editor. nigel.howell @firstport.co.uk)
We have the most sinister DM to date, she came into our block and took apart the upstairs communal heater removing the control knobs, how high or low the heat will be depends on her, she is even refusing residents the ability to open our own communal windows saying ; its in her remit ' as DM ( total control )

I am left with no choice but to sell when everything is freed up, i have endured five years of sheer hell, my experiences here would astound you .
Posted by Mrs Vine on 04 April 2020
Sorry folks:

If any of you think you can complain ( as i did ) to your landlord Proxima about the actions of First Port think again because Proxima..

IS First Port
So is the Appelo care line.
Posted by Mrs Vine on 04 April 2020
Mrs Vine, that was the case until Peverel(Firstport) holding companies collapsed into administration at which point the Proxima link to Firstport was broken.
Actually Proxima via their agents Estates & Management are quite amenable to a change of managing agent if you use one of their "favoured" companies such as Freemont Property Managers run by the former Peverel politburo or Rendell & Rittner who employ many of the former Peverel politburo.
Posted by Michael Epstein on 04 April 2020
Thank you Ralph and Mrs Vine for the advice.
Chas – I thought you had misunderstood when you wrote “ So why is she required to travel and sit in the flat only” so I tried to explain that she is not required to travel as she has her own flat on site. She chooses to travel away from the site on a Friday night and return on a Sunday night and the repercussions of this scares us.
Posted by Very worried residents on 05 April 2020
Ref. to e & m "favoured" companies.
Please - Please - Please avoid Rendall & Rittner at all costs. (see previous posts). They will destroy your Development.
Posted by Peter Thomas on 05 April 2020
Chas. Here they are

Chairman and Founder

Alongside his responsibility for the vision and strategy of Rendall & Rittner, Duncan continues to advise lessees and landlords on freehold acquisitions, RTM applications and management disputes.
Was chairman of ARMA

Founding Director
Matt founded Rendall & Rittner in 1990 along with Duncan and he still manages developments to keep close to the heart of the business. He is the driving force behind our innovative insurance offering and maintains close links with our clients to ensure we deliver what you need.
Avoid this firm at all costs. They will destroy you.
Posted by on 02 April 2020
Don't forget the Rendall& Rittner/ Simon Van Houten incident who pleaded guilty to stealing £122,000 of residents service charge funds.
Posted by Michael Epstein on 02 April 2020
Michael, was it Service Charge
Or as I believed it was from the Sinking Funds, Contingency Fund?

Peter I posted this previously Are you aware Sue Petri was a Firstport Director before she joined R&R.

She was Director of Firstport Bespoke Property Services Ltd.
Posted by chas on 03 April 2020
We know about Firstport and Rendell & Rittner now a new company has been mentioned as a real problem company.
*Residential Management Group
*Places for People
*Hertford Companies Secretary
There are c.100 companies where RMG Director as the only director and HCS are the only secretary.
Current complaints have gone unanswered and now it has been posted on Facebook "We Hate FirstPort" Operations Manager North I believe is making phone calls to residents asking what problems they had with their company.

The resident went ballistic giving many reasons why they hated RMG.
Posted by chas on 03 April 2020
This was found on LKP Website

Fraudster MA Simon van Houten, 31, when he was working for Randell & Rittner informed residents he had dismissed their caretaker … only for them to discover that the man was still on the payroll two years later.

The £32,000 in wages had been secretly paid out of their service charges.

This shambles was only one incident at Sunlight Square, which for five years was managed by Van Houten when he was an executive with Rendall and Rittner.

In July he was jailed for 30 months at the Old Bailey for stealing £122,000 out of leaseholders Service Charges.
He used a bogus decorating company to issue numerous invoices that he then authorised for payment.

He used the money to fund a luxury lifestyle in Chelsea, on the proceeds of funds he stole from leaseholders in East London.

Van Houten pleaded guilty before the trial began and as a result there was no evidence presented or cross-examination.

What was the directors doing, during this period, it does seem they didn't do a lot.
Posted by chas on 03 April 2020
Hi Everyone,
I am looking for some help in piecing together some research I have been doing. The research centers around:-(
*Places for People, *Residential Management Group *Hertford Company Secretaries

All these companies are linked with directors which link to all three and in my opinion, this arrangement is leading to unfair practices against leaseholders?

There are over 100 management companies where an RMG director is/are the only directors and Hertford Company Secretaries are the only 'secretaries'.

I currently have an open complaint with RMG which is currently stuck with one of the directors listed which should have been closed out in December but is being delayed and delayed and delayed......
The basis of my complaint is that:
1. The lease has not been followed as all the owners should have shares (none of us do)
2. The management company is listed as dormant even though the directors receive a fee/wage and the directors are not owners (against the law)
3. We have not been given the option to become directors
4. Secretaries on limited companies are not needed or required by law(i.e. this is profiteering)
5.The arrangement/relationship the freeholder and the listed secretary and director is allowing for the lease to be ignored when it comes to placement of the insurance (Justin Herbert has been taken to a number of social events including a trip to Brussels and another to Copenhagen)
Having briefly looked at the companies house pages for a number of the list it appears point 2 is relevant for most if not all of the list and appears to be the standard approach to the way they operate even though as stated this is not correct according to companies house or the law.

I need details from you if your property is on the list:
1. Which management company is yours?
2. How much do you pay for the director per year?
3. How much do you pay for secretaries per year?
4. Who is your managing agent? (is it RMG?)
5. Who is your freeholder?
6. Who carries out your insurance valuation? How much are you charged for this?
7. What does your lease say about insurance? who should place it?
8. Who places the insurance?
9. Who is the broker and/or insurance company used?
I am certain if there are commonalities to all 100+ of our situations then we can present a case with backing from MP's etc to the CMA.... that is my ultimate goal!!! It upsets me that we have to fight to be treated fairly but if it is going to take legal action from a national body that can't be ignored then it is what we will have to do!
If you are unsure about some of the details I have listed or have questions about how to find out some of the information let me know.
Thanks Craig
chas says:-

I have been trying to download the list of developments but not able to at the moment, If anyone can contact Craig ask him to contact me.
The Editor has my details
Posted by chas on 03 April 2020
Chairman and Founder
Alongside his responsibility for the vision and strategy of Rendall & Rittner.

It seems this path he mentioned had visions, (he went to Specsavers) and was actually without a strategy for helping Leaseholders but to help himself. He plays both side of the coin Heads you lose Tails I win.

Any person that was chairman of ARMA doesn't bode well for Justice for Leaseholders as the Price Fixing Scandal with Firstport Retirement.

The other director still manages developments to keep close to the heart of the business. (this allows him to treat leaseholders as he likes).

He is the driving force behind our innovative insurance offering, means (he has links to the AA) and maintains close links with clients to ensure they deliver what you need, (requested you leave the empty bottles outside for replacement).
Posted by Don Kidic on 04 April 2020
Annual accounts
We have just received our annual accounts and under the heading for communal services is an amount £134.00 council tax. Can anybody explain please?
Posted by Reeve on 02 April 2020
House Managers flat ?
Posted by ex employee on 02 April 2020
Reeve this figure of £134 can only be for Council Tax for a Development Manager if they are Residential.

Has a new DM moved in and if they have it would be part of the agreement between FP and the DM?

Otherwise it is another Nigel Howell managers ERROR, similar to thousands of other ERRORS they accidently add to Service Charge Costs.
Posted by chas on 02 April 2020
If it is for the DM's flat why have we not been informed this this was now go I g to be down to leaseholders. This was on the cards several years ago, but there was opposition and Peverel dropped the idea. Is this another case of FP being devious again and not informing us.What has happened to their openness & transparency.
Posted by Reeve on 02 April 2020
Reeve, Firstport are not renowned for providing information that can be challenged.

You say this was on the cards several years ago, but there was opposition and Peverel dropped the idea.

This is another case of Firstport Retirement Area Managers trying to gain more money.

Being devious is taught to them by the Regional Managers as they are better thought of when they are able to show the Service Charge increase year on year.

You ask what happened to Openness & Transparency, this has been Closed and made Opaque.
Posted by chas on 03 April 2020
I have now sorted the problem of council tax appearing on our Accounts. When we had a change,of DM 18 months ago the flat was empty for 2 months & council tax had to be paid.Thanks for all your help
Posted by Reeve on 03 April 2020
I believe this should be an Operational Cost and should be paid by the OWNER of the flat as if a Firstport Development the Development Manager Flats were sold off?
Posted by chas on 03 April 2020
CHAS. I Dont know who owns the flat, we have never been informed it has been sold.our landlord is Proxima
Posted by Reeve on 03 April 2020
Hi Reeve & Chas,
Check the land registry for who is the named LeaseHolder of the managers flat. In addition ask your DM to provide evidence of who pays and has paid the council tax during the year covered by the accounts.
You will no doubt find discrepancies and notice the managers flat lease has been reassigned. Probably sold off to a rental company.
Posted by FACT on 04 April 2020
It costs £3 from the Land Registry and if you are not responsible you can reclaim back
£134 for a cost of £3.00.

Posted by chas Willis on 04 April 2020
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