02 October 2013
Buses - Parish Council Still Striving to Reinstate Our Scheduled Service

The following information was published in Cold Ashby Parish Council's Newsletter, Countrylife (September 2013 vol.7 Issue 3 p.4).

It is a reply from Northamptonshire County Council following the Public Transport Questionnaire.

"With regards to your request for a direct service to Northampton, I regret that this can’t be achieved at present. Centrebus aren’t willing to divert service 60 (Guilsborough - Northampton) via Cold Ashby without additional funding, which is not available, at least in this financial year. Cold Ashby has a direct service to both Market Harborough and Daventry by County Connect. Furthermore residents are able to travel to Northampton by bus, with one change of vehicle from County Connect onto service 60. lt would therefore be difficult to argue that, the requirements of the Bus Strategy, in terms of the needs of Cold  Ashby, are not being met.
I accept this is not the answer you wish to receive, but l trust you will understand our  perspective, bearing in mind the financial situation of the Council."

Cold Ashby Parish Council's response signals their determination to pursue this matter :

"The Parish Council does not accept the answers given by Northamptonshire County Council and has written in response to this explaining why. It has been reported that the 60 bus service has been seen in Cold Ashby on a number of occasions - why?
The County Connect system is simply not working satisfactorily making it impossible to link up with the 60 bus service to Northampton.
So what can be done to rectify this?
The Parish Council will keep the community informed of progress."

The Rambler thanks the Parish Council for their continued efforts to resolve this issue.

** See Fixmytransport for further information or to add your support.

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