Named Recreational Paths Near Cold Ashby

Please, before attempting any of these walks read The Rambler's advice HERE

Several  named ‘Long Distance’  or ‘Recreational Paths’  are within easy reach of Cold Ashby.

I have listed these below in order of their proximity to the village.

Click on the walk titles for links to further information.

The Jurassic Way  ( about  I mile)

Grand Union Canal  (towpath  leading to the official Grand Union Canal Way - about 3 miles).

Shakespeare’s Avon Way ( about  3 miles)

Macmillan Way (about 5 miles)


TFC Northamptonshire Round (about 7 miles)

Brampton Valley Way ( about 8 miles)


Midshires  Way  ( about 8 miles).


**Details of other long distance paths which pass through Northamptonshire are available here




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