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The official newsletter of Cold Ashby Parish Council, Countrylife, was available here but, regrettably, appears to have ceased publication since the retirement of the previous chairman. At present (May 2018) you can still access some back issues at the above link.

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07 March 2017Parish Council Responds to Traffic-Related Complaints

In a speedy response to 'complaints about the volume, speed and type of traffic'  Cold Ashby Parish Council have formed a sub-committee (to be known as CAPEG) 'to promote awareness in road users and decision-makers of the traffic problems affecting Cold Ashby and to bring about measures to improve them, including the provision of an alternative route for traffic to and from the A14 and 'to promote and effect general environmental improvements in the village.'

The Cold Ashby Parish Environmental Group, which at present has 3 councillors and two co-opted members of the public, will begin work at its inaugural meeting later this month.


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