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We were delighted with the arrival of Ruby's litter by Blaze on the 18th June (the day of Royal Ascot) as this was the happy result of a plan made some time ago.  Naturally-reared Bearded Collie stud dogs are still quite a rarity, especially second-generation ones, and we tentatively hoped that Blaze would be an asset to our NR breeding plans, reproducing the good health and vigour which is his trademark.  Ruby carries some of the precious old Wellknowe lines which are increasingly hard to find, and this is her second and final litter, a unique pairing. 

         Ruby's five sons and three daughters aged one day

The Five Boys
The Five Boys
Aged three days. The one on top has his father's trademark blaze marking. He was the last to arrive and gave us a couple of anxious moments!
Three Girls Together
Three Girls Together
From quite flashy to very plain but all with the same lovely head
Photo at nine days old
Ten Days Old
Ten Days Old
When they snuggle up like this is is hard to tell when one pup ends and another begins!
All Eight at 13 Days Old
All Eight at 13 Days Old
Spread out a bit so we can see them better- two boys in front have almost identical markings and can only be told apart by their current size difference!
One of Ruby's daughters soundly asleep and looking very comfortable!
The one to stay?
The one to stay?
This is the one we all seem to have our eye on - very pretty and just a tiny bit spoilt! Here aged five weeks
Ruby's Smallest Son...
Ruby's Smallest Son...
...and also the cuddliest! This sweet boy endears himself to all with his gentle ways
Blaze Junior
Blaze Junior
Now to be called Bertie, and uncannily like his father at the same age!


 HER FIVE SONS........

Talraz Hotly Fancied



 Talraz Photo Finish



Talraz Blazing Saddles



 Talraz Royal Ascot


Talraz Starter's Orders




 Talraz Hot Favourite



Talraz Stride For Stride



 Talraz Full Gallop




FHEARCHAIR aka FERRIE - (T.  Photo Finish) aged seven months

 Our own BEATTIE (T. Hot Favourite) aged ten months

BLAKE (T. Royal Ascot) aged eleven months







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