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Horse Passport Regulations

Important Notice

I would like to draw your attention to the requirements for carrying passports when travelling with your horse. From August 2009, horses MUST be accompanied by their passports at all times - with the following exceptions:

  • stabled or on pasture and the passport can be produced without delay;
  • moved temporarily on foot in the vicinity of the holding and the passport can be produced within 3 hours;
  • moved on foot between summer and winter grazing;
  • unweaned and accompanied by their dam or foster mare;
  • participating in a training or test of an equestrian competition which requires them to leave the event venue or
  • moved or transported under emergency conditions.

Trading Standards have been carrying out regular spot checks on horse transporters and private individuals as they travel and have the power to impose fines of between £2,000 and £5,000 for any and each horse travelling without a valid passport associated to that horse.

You have been warned! So remember to carry your passport with you whenever you travel to go training or to a competition.

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