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First Aid

It makes good sense to carry a first aid kit when doing any endurance / trail riding. It is also a requirement under the rules of SERC to have one with you on all SERC rides:

6.5 A First Aid Kit, with the following minimum contents must be carried either by the Rider or Horse at ALL rides.

  • Triangular Bandage
  • Whistle
  • Vet Wrap
  • Glucose Tablets
  • Wound Bandage
  • Rider Medical Card
  • Space Blanket

This is the minimum. Here are few other items that are worth including from experience:

  • wide sticky medical tape or a roll end of gaffer tape (flattened) - good for holding wound bandage / vet  wrap in place.
  • quick plasters for small cuts etc.
  • small folding pen knife, string and bungee - good for temporary tack / clothing repairs to get home
  • sun cream factor 30 (non-greasy) / lip cream
  • name and mobile phone number of crew on waterproof card

Be sure that you carry what is required on all SERC rides. Do not be caught out by a random inspection by the Chief Steward or any person appointed by them ...

7.1The Chief Steward on the day, or any person appointed by the chief Steward, has the authority to carry out random inspections on tack, rider’s dress, equipment to check compliance to rules 5 to 6 inclusive.
7.2 If in the opinion of the Chief Steward any item of tack is ill fitting, unsafe, likely to cause damage or excluded from the rules or the first aid kit is incomplete, the competitor will be required to rectify or replace it before being permitted to start.

... you have been warned!


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