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"Baden" as in "Maiden"
"Powell" as in "Noel"

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...soldier, author artist, and Founder of the Boy Scout and Girl Guide / Girl Scout Movements.

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You will have seen the couplet at the top of this Page.

From The Sunday Times, Perth, Western Australia,  Sun 10 May 1931 ,  Page 10 



The Chief Scout has given the snobs a gentle rebuff. Ever since his arrival in Australia they have been wrangling over the pronunciation of his name, much to his amusement.

They wrote letters to the papers angrily contradicting each other and at the Sydney reception amused the crowd by trotting out their individual contortions.

Some said Bawden Poll, others Barden Paul, and others Baiden Pool.

"Well," said the chief when replying, "at school I was usually dubbed 'Bathing Towell,' but at home I am always called Baden Powell."

The snobs were quite disgusted.

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