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Nevsky Vocal Ensemble

Nevsky Style is a vocal ensemble founded in 1997 consisting of graduates and students of the St.Petersburg State Conservatory. Nevsky Style sings a capella, performing both in classical and «unique style.

Nevsky Style continues Russian traditions of ensemble singing for its programs what is best in Russian early and modern music. Its Repertoire includes sacred and secular music by Bortnyansky; Chesnokov; Rakhmaninov, Taneev, Arkhangelsky, Dargomyzhsky and other composers, as well as music by St.Petersburg modern composers and interpretations of Russian folk songs and romances.

Nevsky Style means a refined choral singing, a high standard of performance, for most of its members are professional singers with a considerable experience of solo proformance.

The ensemble conducts the wide concert activity as in Russia and abroad acting in such halls as the Academic State Chapel named of Glinka, the Big Hall of the Philarmonic, the Concert Halls of Smolny and Usoupoff Palace in Saint-Petersburg, the Big Cathedral in city Shartr, Churches and Cathedrals of city Lyons, Bordeaux, Nantes, Toulouse, Vichy, also in the Concert halls of the Philarmonic named Rakhmaninov in Paris and other concert halls of France, Germany, Switzerland and Spain

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