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Do you supply bat sightings data?

Unfortunately at this time Inverness Bat Group does not supply bat sighting data. We are hoping to improve our data sets through increased surveys. But for now we do not offer this data.


Can you carry out a survey for Planning/Development Purposes?

Unfortunately we don't conduct surveys for planning or development purposes and for this you should contact a licensed bat consultant. IBG is a charity that is set up to educate people about bats and is made up of volunteers.

A list of licensed bat consultants can be found by searching the internet or look at the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management’s (CIEEM) website at bats in both the species and licences held boxes).  Not all consultants are registered with CIEEM, so it is worth doing a general  internet search. I recommend that you ask if the ecologist holds a bat licence for Scotland.  Bat surveys should be conducted in accordance with the Bat Conservation Trust’s Bat Surveys Good Practice Guidelines. 


How can I join Inverness Bat Group?

Membership is £5 a year and gives you preference on events with limited numbers, and discount on some events. It also gives you voting rights at our Annual General Meeting (next one is Monday 10th March 2014 8pm)

Payment can be made to any committee member at any event, or go to our CONTACT US page and we will send you an address to send payment to.


When is your next event?

Keep an eye on our EVENTS page as we post events there. Also CONTACT US and we will add you to our mailing list.

You can also keep up to date on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Both are InvernessBats.

But please note, paid up members have priority for all events.


Can I borrow some equipment?

Paid up members can borrow equipment, however there may be a deposit required as some equipment is quite expensive.

It may be easier to ask us to come along to a site and do a survey with you. There are always people interested.


I have found bats in my roof, what should I do?

That’s great! CONTACT US and we will come out and do a survey, you lucky so and so!

Please note BATS ARE PROTECTED BY LAW. So you can not kill the bats, disturb them or block the entrance. If you have to do work on your building then you must contact Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) for advice


I have a bat flying around my house, what do I do?

First, don’t panic! And don’t try to catch it, you may injure it or it could try to bite you in self defence (but unlikely). Close the door, dim the lights and open the windows as far as it goes. The bat will probably find its own way out, they are pretty smart.

If it is daylight, let the bat land, try to contain the bat (in a box would probably be best) – always wear gloves. Wait until dusk and release the bat.


Are bats dangerous?

Like all wild animals there is a small chance that bats may carry diseases. For this reason we recommend you always wear gloves when handling a bat. Only licensed bat workers should handle bats (unless injured – see below).

Bats do not swoop at people and do not get caught in your hair – despite what the movies try to tell us! And they do not suck your blood!!!

To be honest bats are more afraid of you than you are of them. If you come along to one of our bat handling sessions you will see they can’t wait to get away and try to yell at you “let me go” but we can’t understand bats! It’s actually pretty cute.

In fact we need bats to eat small insects like midges and mosquitoes. A single pipistrelle bat can eat thousands of midges in a night!


I have an injured bat, what should I do?

ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES WHEN HANDLING BATS. Although unlikely, there is still a small risk of a rabies type virus.

Place the bat in a box, with a tea towel or soft cloth. Also put in a shallow container (such as milk bottle top) with water.

Keep the box at room temperature, preferably somewhere quiet and dark

Call the Bat Conservation Trust helpline 0845 1300 228

If you are interested in becoming a Bat Carer, please let us know on our Contact Us page.


Need to ask anything else? CONTACT US

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