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I live in the beautiful Eden Valley, not far from Shap.  I am surrounded by evidence of past industry and prosperity; I wish there was more activity today capable of sustaining livelihoods and nurturing the community and the land.

Those who are working in the area are doing a fine job, often against the odds, but with imagination, cheerfulness and energy.

I am very happy to bring my experience and skills to the support of any local industry - after all, I have encountered most aspects of most types of business during my varied career!

If you are struggling to balance the daily demands of your business against the need to find time to develop various aspects or meet with regulatory bureaucracy, get in touch.  It is very cost-effective to use someone with the right skills and experience for short bursts when you need to extend your own time.  You don't have to make a long term commitment, and I live locally - I am but a short step away!

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