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I had the good fortune to meet a venerable gentleman by the name of Jack Shewring some years ago when I needed to build an abattoir on the Isle of Islay, Scotland. That project was successfully completed; I later moved back to the mainland and from time to time work with Jack on various meat projects.

I was completely new to the red meat industry before the Islay Abattoir.  Now, several years later, I have a layman's grasp of the essentials, and more than an in-depth understanding of the vast volumes of paper which attend both the construction and operation of an abattoir and a butchery, however small.  I know exactly how anyone feels when they first realise they need a slaughter facility but know nothing about it whatsoever.

So if you need to be initiated into the mysteries of the red meat world, and could benefit from the experience of someone who has already trodden the path, contact me.  I can help you to make a practical approach to the administrative mountains which any new - or changing - meat operation needs to scale.

With the increasing pressure on Jack's time, I have also found that there are occasions when I can ease Jack's workload by:

  • undertaking preliminary scoping work
  • organising, chasing and collating tenders and quotations
  • assisting with project planning
  • preparing operational paperwork
  • developing administrative systems for the finished plant

I have now worked with Jack and other associates on a number of successful projects around the UK.  WIth my passionate interest in real meat, local food, and sustainable local development, this area of work is one which is very dear to my heart.

Me (front) with my colleague, Yardie, who is a specialist in abattoir by-products.


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