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Who the book is for?

A Fitful Life is a book that will be of interest to the philosopher. The philosopher will be interested in the psycho-spiritual experiences documented during seizure activity and will be left wanting to know how disruptions in cell voltages result in such vivid, convincing psycho-spiritual experiences. They will also be interested in reading about the author's experiences of spiritual awakenings that are related to the author's consistent meditation practice.

The psychologist will be interested in what the philosopher will be interested in as well as the reading about mental health symptom self-management. The psychologist will also be interested in how cognitive tools can be used to defuse seizure activity as well as reduce seizure frequency. The psychologist will also be interested in Chapter 29 that's about the meditation induced spiritual awakening of 2018 that led to the author becoming aware of an all shades of grey continuum that explains IQ and ability to apply intellect to practice and where you are on this continuum will determine things like how many friends you will have and your compatibility with society. It will have psychologists have to ask whether 'Personality Disorder' is instead 'High Functioning Personality'. 

The person with Complex Partial Epilepsy would benefit from reading this book so that they can learn they are not alone with their life experiences as well as with their seizure activity symptoms. They would also benefit from reading this book as the book effectively teaches the reader how the author went about preventing warnings to seizures from developing into seizures thus contributing towards the eliminating of daytime attacks from his life.

The person with Social Anxiety Disorder or the person who recognises that they have problems with their confidence in a particular social setting as well as the person who suffers from phobia will benefit from this book as the reader will read about how the author used a cognitive tool to prevent his anxiety from getting in the way of driving which is a transferable skill to the addressing of confidence issues in social settings such as going to a party where you won't know anyone, giving a presentation, starting a conversation with a group of strangers etc.

Anyone who is diagnosed with a Personality Disorder who does not agree with this diagnosis will also enjoy this book as what you will come to learn is that Personality Disorder might just mean that you are really smart and that society does not like people smarter than the ones in charge which is why it resorts to this namecalling.   

The person who is learning to drive or has a phobia of driving will benefit from reading this book for the same reason as the person with Social Anxiety Disorder.

Anyone experiencing depression as well as anger and rage will benefit from reading this book as a result of reading about the author's use of anger and rage management tools .

It is also true that the person who is in a job that gives them burnout or is living under conditions that cause burnout such as isolation, every day being the same, constantly mentally unoccupied etc will learn fromreading this book life transforming skills that will help them towards putting an end to their burnout symptoms

The book will teach those with panic disorder a very simple technique used for the defusing of panic symptoms the second they feel the onset of a panic attack.

Any person with Generalised Anxiety Disorder will also learn about the author's lifestyle choices that have led to him ridding his life of GAD without any usage of medication.

Any person who is interested in human rights and social justice, as well as, any person who is in a profession or vocation or is undergoing such professional/vocational training where epilepsy, anxiety and depression are conditions that they can be sure of coming across in the provision of their service will also find this book to be of interest to them especially when there is information in this book related to symptom management that they can pass onto their clients affected by these conditions. 

Anyone related to anyone with epilepsy, depression and anxiety will benefit from this book as it is a source of mental health promotion that they can share with their relative the information that they learn from reading this book.

The doctor and other health professional who tries to encourage holistic medical/health care as well as wants to become more holistic but recognises how much they need to learn to be able to provide holistic care will benefit from reading this book as it allows for them to put themselves in the shoes of a person with epilepsy, depression and a number of anxiety disorders and see the world through their eyes and get a good idea of what its like to live in 21st century British society as a person with a disability.

Those who believe Scotland to be a left wing culture would also benefit from reading this book as they will come to learn that Scotland is in fact a very far right wing country to live in for a person with a disability.     


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